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byBonito Designs January 2, 2024 In Blog Vastu


Staircases for East-Facing Homes

A home is a sanctuary where harmony flourishes and good energy flows, it’s more than just a place to live. An ancient Indian discipline called Vastu Shastra offers instructions on how to build houses that resonate with these good vibrations. Every little detail counts when it comes to an east-facing home; in particular, the orientation and location of stairs play a big part in attracting good energy.

We shall discuss the significance of adhering to Vastu rules for exterior staircases in east-facing homes in this blog post. Vastu principles dictate the optimal position, orientation, and number of steps; for a fresh viewpoint, we’ll also incorporate our thoughts in it.

Staircase for East Facing House – An Insight into Vastu Principles: 

According to Vastu Shastra, maximising positive energy in a house requires aligning different elements with the cardinal directions. The location of the staircase and its orientation become especially important for a home facing east. An east-facing home’s external staircase requires careful consideration of its orientation and location. 

Staircase Position as Per Vastu: 

Staircase design for home interiors

The importance of the staircase’s location in the field of Vastu Shastra cannot be emphasised. Placing the staircase in the southeast or northwest corner of an east-facing home is not just a matter of design; it’s a calculated strategic decision to guarantee that good energy may flow freely. The southeast orientation of the staircase lets in abundant morning sunshine from the east, which brightens the inside and gives it a lively feeling.   

However, placing it in the northwest corner will benefit from the sinking sun, which brings with it a soothing effect as the day ends and the night begins. In addition to honouring the cardinal directions, this complex understanding of Vastu staircase layout also uses the elemental forces to 

Staircase Direction as Per Vastu: 

For residences facing east, the direction of a staircase’s ascent is very important in Vastu. Vastu principles dictate that the staircase in such dwellings should run either north to south or east to west. By ensuring that the flow of energy harmonises with the natural flow, this meticulous alignment helps to create a balanced and positive atmosphere in the home. Going up from east to west enables the house to take in the revitalising energy of the rising sun, giving the area a feeling of life.   

As an alternative, moving from north to south guarantees a constant energy flow that is in line with Earth’s magnetic forces. By following these Vastu recommendations about the orientation of staircases, inhabitants can create an atmosphere that is in harmony with positive energy. 

Number of Steps in Staircase as Per Vastu: 

A staircase’s step count is a small but crucial component in the complex web of Vastu principles. For an east-facing home to remain balanced and have a harmonic energy flow, Vastu suggests adding an odd number of steps. The universe’s basic order and cosmic cycles are said to be in harmony with the odd number selection.   

This deliberate strangeness resonates with the idea of stability and balance in addition to adhering to traditional wisdom. By adhering to this Vastu principle, the staircase becomes more than just a useful component; rather, it becomes a subdued yet effective booster of positive energies in the house. The odd number of steps represents a link to cosmic forces, fostering an atmosphere that is favourable for the harmonious flow of energy, promoting spiritual serenity, and inviting prosperity into your living space.

External Staircase Vastu for East Facing House:

External Staircase Vastu for East Facing House

Using the skills of well-known designer, for an east-facing home’s exterior staircase Vastu can improve both form and function. A high priority for Bonito creations is the smooth integration of Vastu principles into their creative creations. Their understanding of exterior staircase Vastu transcends conventional wisdom, embracing aesthetic elements without sacrificing the core principles of Vastu.   

Bonito Designs guarantees that external staircases not only follow Vastu Shastra but also become a visual joy that enhances the overall architectural concept of the property by fusing practicality with design aesthetics. Their dedication to creating rooms that are manifestations of good energy demonstrates a sophisticated knowledge of Vastu; they turn exterior staircases into elegant transitions that uplift an east-facing home’s atmosphere in its entirety. Selecting 


Using Vastu principles can greatly increase the positive energy in your home, particularly with regard to the outdoor staircase in an east-facing property. In addition to creating a peaceful living environment, you can also attract success and well-being by relating to the natural flow of energy and taking into account elements like position, direction, and the number of steps. Your house can become a haven of harmony and beauty with the help of Bonito Designs‘ design experience and Vastu’s insights.