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byBonito Designs December 12, 2023 In Blog Interior Colour Decoration Ideas And Tips Interior Design Vastu


Vastu Colours for full home

In the intricate world of Vastu Shastra, where energies converge and spaces breathe, the selection of colours becomes a profound decision, influencing the atmosphere and harmony of your home. Join us on a journey through each section of your abode as we decode Vastu-approved colours and their unique significance. 

Understanding the Essence of Vastu Colours: 

Vastu philosophy aligns colours with the five elements, infusing each hue with distinct energies. This careful selection aims to create a living space where positive vibrations thrive, contributing to overall well-being. 

The Palette for the Full House: 

Entrance and Living Room:  

Colours: Warm hues like yellow, beige, or light green.  

The entrance and living room are the heart of social interactions. Warm colours foster a welcoming environment, encouraging lively conversations and promoting positive interactions among family and guests.  


Colours: Soothing tones like light blue, green, or lavender.  

Tranquillity is paramount in the bedroom. Cool and soothing colours create a serene atmosphere, promoting relaxation and facilitating restful sleep, essential for rejuvenation. 


Colours: Shades of red, orange, or yellow.

As the culinary hub, the kitchen benefits from vibrant colours associated with the fire element. These hues stimulate energy, enhance appetite, and contribute to the warmth of this busy space. 

vastu colour for Kitchen


Colours: White, light blue, or aqua.  

The bathroom, a space of cleansing, aligns with colours reflecting cleanliness and purity. White and light blues contribute to a refreshing atmosphere, emphasising the importance of hygiene. 

vastu colour for bathroom

Study or Home Office:  

Colours: Earthy tones like brown, green, or muted yellow.

Concentration and stability are crucial in workspaces. Earthy tones create a grounded environment, fostering focus and stability for optimal productivity. 

vastu colour for Study or Home Office

Significance Across Home Sections: 

North-facing Rooms:  

Colours: Cool tones like green and blue.  

The north is associated with prosperity and growth. Cool colours stimulate positive energy flow, encouraging abundance and fostering a harmonious living space. 

East-facing Rooms:  

Colours: Light shades of green and blue.  

Mimicking the hues of sunrise, these colours symbolise new beginnings, positivity, and growth. East-facing rooms bathed in these tones embrace the dawn of possibilities. 

South-facing Rooms:  

Colours: Warm hues like red and orange.  

Linked with fame and recognition, south-facing rooms benefit from vibrant, warm colours that enhance dynamism and energetic qualities, fostering a lively atmosphere. 

West-facing Rooms:  

Colours: Earthy tones like beige and light brown.  

Stability and support characterise the west. Earthy colours create a grounded ambiance, promoting balance and resilience within the living spaces facing this direction. 

Bringing it All Together: 

In crafting your home’s colour palette, consider the nuanced impact each hue can have on the energy flow of your living space. While Vastu colour principles offer insightful guidance, it’s crucial to strike a personal balance that resonates with your preferences, creating a home that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but feels like a harmonious sanctuary of positive energies.