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by Sravani Padmanabhuni October 25, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog KITCHEN Uncategorized

Arranged and Clean kitchen interiors leads to easy cooking” as someone said is extremely true only when we maintain our kitchen interiors in a clean way.

Kitchens are extremely important parts of any household. This is the biggest source of positive energy for the whole family. If a kitchen is clean and organized well, it is a big sign of health and hygiene.


If a kitchen is a mess and cluttered it shows loads of confusion and cannot be utilized in best of the manner. This will lead to unhygienic practices and it may hurt the health of the family members.

For this, one needs to arrange and organize the kitchen in a manner that is easy to operate. This proper arrangement should help the user, rather than confusing so that one can cook properly.

Here are few important kitchen arrangement tips that could help you to arrange the kitchen:

Keep Different Jars

The very first task is to keep different ingredients in different jars.

Another important thing is that, they should be properly labeled, so that there is no confusion at all regarding the things stored in the jar.

Assign Proper Drawers or cupboards

You should allot the most convenient cupboards or drawers to different things. For example you can keep the everyday usable utensils in the nearest cupboards and the other utensils in distant ones.

Similarly you can keep most prominent spices in nearest drawers and specials sauces in the extra drawer.

Plan it Well for kitchen

While arranging your kitchen, you should be careful and arrange it in a safe and very comfortable manner.

Once you have arranged, the next step is to keep it clean and uncluttered. This is one of the most important yet tiring parts of the activity.

Be regular – You should not be lenient about it. Fix a day and make it a point to clean each and every part of your kitchen. If you cannot clean it in one go, then plan your cleaning in parts. Some parts of the kitchen can be cleaned on one day and the rest of the parts on the other day.

Remove the unused or waste – Do not clutter your kitchen at all. If you do not require anything then please throw it off.

If there is any kind of wastage then make no excuses to dispose them away.

Clean once a day – Make it a point to clean your kitchen at least once a day. Sweep the floor and also wipe off the platform.

These kitchen organizing ideas will surely help you to arrange your kitchen in a better and more suitable manner. By the way, you can read our blog on vastu tips to design your kitchen.