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Now that you know what the characteristics of using minimalist interior design are, it is time to give your home the revamp it needs. Here is how you can get started with revamping your adobe to shine in all its minimalist glory. So let us get started on your very own home makeover.


Sofa for minimalist design

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Minimalist style makes the place feel like a warm and welcoming gallery that you would feel at home in. Represented through clean lines and contrasting colors of a concise palette. It creates silhouettes that fit into the ambiance of the place.
Going minimal does not mean modifying the original architecture of the place. Minimalist design works by embracing the skeleton of the space rather than hiding it.
Since simplicity and need of the inhabitants are the main focus, the aesthetics of the design maintains a fair balance between both. Each element of the model gets its place only after it satisfies the reason for its existence. This method continues even in the future to justify bringing in new items.
While the minimalist design doesn’t need you to throw out all your worldly possessions, consider decluttering. Invest in smart storage solutions with quick cleaning routes for daily maintenance.


living room in minimalist home design

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Choosing a color palette: Stick to a trio of hues per room that runs elegantly through all rooms in a tight edit. Focusing on the vibe of the place, you can create a stark contrast by using the basic neutral shades of whites, cream, blacks, and grays. The color palette can depend on the resident of the place, but it is advisable to not go for more than three hues of the chosen color palette.
Opt for smart furniture: A collection of thoughtful furniture will help in creating a well-balanced space that you will not want to leave. Invest in minimalist home decor that brings out the very best of the place. Purchase pieces that stand out on its own. They should not look out of place due to the inferior construction of the space. Keep in mind to judge every piece of furniture that you bring into your abode based on its functionality and necessity within your home.
Know your textiles: We do not have anything against your favorite pair of sequinned pillow-covers. But buying textiles for a minimalist house should include an array of tonal textiles. These play a subtle role in adding warmth and richness to an otherwise sparsely furnished room. Buying statement textile pieces that are of stark contrast yet, not too blinding to overshadow the style of the room is advisable. Textiles with complementary hues or graphics made out of the concise color scheme of the room are the best choices to start with.
Accessorize your space: From the smallest of potted plants to the most prominent superhero poster you own. Accessorizing one’s space with personalized items makes it even more livable and unique. Make that empty wall in your living room a personal gallery by putting up images in frames contrasting the wall color. The style of lighting can also accessorize the place to further elevate the mood. Swap out these accessories to avoid the feeling of overcrowding the space. And to get with the season.


minimalist design for living room

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Living room: Set off the tone of this room with stunning pieces of furniture or with great designs on the wall. Big open windows or a dedicated small veranda make the living room look bigger and, more importantly, lounge able. Marking the area with a statement wall or floor makes the space look spectacular. Placement of simplistic furniture makes the space complete in contrast to the bold colors on the wall or the floors.
minimalist design for Kitchen

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Kitchen: The mood maker of the house, the kitchen, requires the most attention when designing. The catch of a simplistic kitchen lies in the complexity of its appliances. With proper hardware in place for a functional kitchen space, emphasize the simplicity of the design. Keep the color palette toned down in the monochromatic shades and follow it even when buying utensils. With the smart cabinetry, keeping the kitchen counter clutter-free and organized will be no big deal.
minimalist design for Dining room
Dining room: The mood of the kitchen can flow into the dining area. In smaller apartments or in a large house – the dining area’s designing can uplift the quality of the meal and the atmosphere of large dinners. Kitchen and dining are the two spaces that require the most amount of light to open up. Give it an aura of laid-back culture that will not bore your guests or yourself.
minimalist design for Bedroom
Bedroom: The only place where your mind will reside most of the time. So why not make this place a beautiful one, with classic pieces of decor and a little bit of personalized touch of nature and modern architecture? Like the living room, the bedroom can portray one whole offset wall or flooring that contrasts with the rest of the room. Include minimalism in the bedding of the mattress with clean designs of the duvets and statement pillows arranged like on Tumblr. Further personalization of the room can be done using one’s favorite kind of lighting. It can be done by adding a bookshelf, hanging favorite pieces of art on the walls, or by creating a reading corner.
minimalist design for bathroom

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Bathroom: Just like the kitchen, the bathroom requires smart storage systems and a clean route of usage. Good lighting in the bathroom is evident, along with proper ventilation. With only three hues in the color palette, the entire bathroom can complement the rest of the space even with its minimal design. The bathroom is one place where minimal functionality and design come together to form the perfect space.
Using the tactic of less is more, the key to getting the minimalist interior design right for your place. Keep personal items that give the bare spaces warmth and a sense of individuality. This is what will set your abode apart from other minimalist homes. Choosing quality over quantity is the first step towards building that perfect space for your comfort.
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