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byBonito Designs December 22, 2023 In Blog KITCHEN


The kitchen is the heart of a home, and its cabinets play a pivotal role in shaping both its functionality and aesthetics. If you’re yearning for a modern kitchen that seamlessly blends style and uniqueness, delve into the art of crafting contemporary cabinets.

In this guide, we explore various materials, designs, and details that can transform your kitchen into a culinary haven. Join us on this journey, where stainless steel, wood, and high gloss acrylic converge in a symphony of design, with a touch of inspiration from the experts at Bonito Designs. 

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets 

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel has emerged as a chic and durable choice for modern kitchen cabinets. Its sleek, industrial look adds a touch of sophistication while ensuring longevity. Opt for seamless stainless steel cabinets to achieve a minimalist aesthetic, and pair them with stainless steel handles for a cohesive and contemporary appearance. 

Pro Tip: To avoid a sterile look, balance the coolness of stainless steel with warm tones in other elements of the kitchen, such as wooden accents or colourful accessories.* 

Wood Kitchen Cabinets 

Wood Kitchen Cabinets 

The timeless charm of wood never goes out of style. Choose wood  cabinets for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Bonito Designs, with their expertise in full home interiors, can guide you in selecting the right wood finish that complements your overall kitchen design. From rich mahogany to light oak, the options are vast. 

Pro Tip: Experiment with textured finishes for a modern twist on classic wood cabinets, such as a distressed or wire-brushed surface. 

High Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets 

For those craving a touch of glamour, high gloss acrylic cabinets are the epitome of modern sophistication. The reflective surface not only adds a luxurious sheen but also amplifies the sense of space. Bonito Designs can help you integrate high gloss acrylic cabinets seamlessly into your kitchen design for a contemporary and visually striking effect. 

Pro Tip: Combine high gloss cabinets with matte finishes to create a balanced and visually appealing contrast. 

Kitchen Cabinet Handles 

Kitchen Cabinet Handles 

The handles you choose can elevate the entire look of your cabinets. Stainless steel kitchen cabinet handles complement a modern aesthetic, while intricate designs can add a touch of elegance to wood cabinets. Bonito Designs can assist in selecting handles that not only align with your cabinet material but also enhance the overall design theme. 

Pro Tip: Mix and match handles within the same colour palette or style to create an eclectic and personalised look. 

Kitchen Wall Cabinets 

Kitchen Wall Cabinets 

Maximise storage and visual appeal by incorporating kitchen wall cabinets. These not only provide ample storage space but also serve as an opportunity to showcase your design sensibility. Bonito Designs can create custom wall cabinets that seamlessly blend with the rest of your kitchen design, ensuring a harmonious and functional space. 

Pro Tip: Use glass-fronted cabinets to display stylish dishware or decorative items, adding a personal touch to your kitchen. 

Ready Made Kitchen Cabinets: 

For those seeking a quick transformation, ready-made cabinets offer convenience without compromising style. Bonito Designs offers a curated selection of ready-made options, ensuring a hassle-free yet stylish upgrade to your kitchen. 

Pro Tip: Personalise ready-made cabinets with unique hardware or a bold colour choice to make them distinctly yours. 


Crafting stylish and unique modern cabinets is an art that blends materials, design, and personal expression. Bonito Designs brings your vision to life, whether it’s sleek stainless steel, warm wood, or glamorous high gloss acrylic.

With their guidance, your cabinets can be transformed into not just functional storage but also pieces of art that reflect your unique style and culinary passion. Embrace the journey of designing your dream kitchen, where every cabinet tells a story of elegance and innovation.