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byBonito Designs September 9, 2023 In Blog

Sliding Doors and Barn Doors: Space-Saving Alternatives to Traditional Swinging Doors

Living in the city, every square foot or rather a square centimetre is precious… 

Having enough space is always our highest priority. Gone are the days of compromising spaces. Modern homes demand spacious layouts and save every functional inch with smart hacks. The replacement of traditional swinging doors with clever space-saving solutions is one of the many design tricks.

As the cities are growing bigger, homes are becoming smaller. This leads to space constraints that demand solutions like sliding doors, pocket doors, and many more to conserve functional space and make the rooms look bigger. 

Let’s learn more about the alternatives for traditional swinging doors to give your home a stylish and extremely practical transformation. 

The Top 8 Alternatives for Traditional Swinging Doors 

1. Barn Doors 

Barn Doors

Barn doors are the ultimate game-changer that is both stylish and adept at the functionality of space. The design follows the visual appeal of the traditional swinging doors with a bar attached to the top. One of the major advantages of using barn doors is that they are free of complicated gears and exude a simple and rustic appeal.  

Whether it’s an interior design for a small living room or a bathroom design, barn doors can be very useful in any of the interior spaces. Apart from their space-saving perks, their robust wood composition also adds character to the space. 

Pro-tip: For kitchen cabinets with limited space, opt for barn doors as shutters to ease out the space.  

2. Pocket Doors 

Pocket Doors 

How about doors that magically disappear when not in use? Pocket doors are one of the most space-efficient replacements to traditional swinging doors. As you slide the doors open, these fit into the pocket constructed in the adjacent walls. 

Luxury interior designers in Mumbai and other cities opt for pocket doors in minimalist and modern homes. For homes where every inch needs to be used strategically, these doors are the ultimate choice, saving the shutter space of traditional swinging doors.

3. Slide and Swing Doors 

Slide and Swing Doors 

A door that slides and swings? Yes, slide and swing doors are convenient for every compact space that gets cramped up with swinging doors. The heavy-duty track for these doors ensures a smooth mechanism and maximises its efficiency.  

4. Pivot Doors 

Pivot Doors 

The design of pivot doors is specially crafted for spaces that don’t have enough room to accommodate traditional swinging doors. With its swing split from the centre, the clearance remains in between without consuming much space.

The latest interior design for living rooms is embracing pivot doors as it imparts a modern look to the design. The design of a pivot door makes a unique statement and eases the operation.

5. Out swing Exterior Door 

Out swing Exterior Door 

Don’t want your swinging door to take up the interior space? Don’t worry! You can opt for the outswing exterior door. These save your interior space while also keeping your homes safe during extreme weather conditions. 

6. Bifold Doors 

Bifold Doors 

Bifold doors are known for their visual appeal while enhancing the functionality of the space. Designed with the ability to slide and fold on themselves, these consume less space as compared to the traditional swinging doors. 

These doors are especially handy for compact spaces like closets, kitchen cabinets, and restrooms. The flexibility in this design of doors helps in scaling down the size as per space.

Pro-tip: If you’re looking for doors in a restoration project, it’s best to pick bifold doors over swinging doors for a fresher look and maximised space.

7. Sliding Doors 

Sliding Doors 

Aren’t we all familiar with the sleek and stylish sliding doors? These are some of the most popular picks over the traditional swinging doors owing to their modern look and space-efficient qualities.

Their versatility makes them a perfect fit for home interiors as well as exteriors. A top and bottom sliding track keeps it durable and cuts down the need for a swing. Sliding doors are perfect for both large and small spaces. 

Pro-tip: For small living rooms, opt for glass sliding doors to ensure passage of natural light that will make the room look bigger and brighter. 

8. French Door 

French Door 

French doors are another alternative to traditional swinging doors. From French barn doors to pivot doors, there are endless designs to pick from. A glass and wooden frame in these designs ensures natural light to make even the most compact space appear larger.

French sliding doors in the interiors can make tiny areas feel spacious by eliminating the need to swing the door. The style has paved its way into the closets as it makes them more functional and adds to the elegance.  

Types of Doors and their Style Statement 

Types of Doors and their Style Statement

An Indian home interior design is a mix of style and functionality. While saving every inch of space in a room is the primary concern in urban living, so is finding the right style.  

Let’s look at the alternatives to traditional swinging doors and the interior design style that they belong to.  

Door Type 

Interior Design Style 

French Sliding Doors 

A dramatic touch to both modern and traditional interior design styles.  

Pocket Door 

Best for spaces that rarely close the door. The best replacement for traditional swinging doors in modern, contemporary, or traditional interiors.  

Double Swinging Doors 

Amp up the aesthetics and go well with any interior design style. 

Barn Doors 

Unique charm with rustic visual appeal hinting at vintage design. 

Bi-fold Doors 

A streamlined look for modern and contemporary home interiors. 

5 Pro Tips to Pick the Perfect Door 

Pro Tips to Pick the Perfect Door

1. Define the Function of Space 

As you consider the idea of picking the right door, always evaluate the function of the space. Are you looking for a closet door or balcony door? Based on the space, the choice of opting for traditional swinging doors or sliding doors can be made.  

While swinging doors are an ideal choice for bedrooms, you can opt for sliding doors in compact spaces and closets. 

2. Let Material Be the Guide 

Confused about which door to pick? Let the interior design style guide you to pick the best match. Ensure that the chosen door complements the rest of the decor and binds the look of the space together.  

3. The Scale of the Door 

While traditional swinging doors are the best pick for spacious rooms, sliding doors fit well in compact spaces. During the process of choosing the right door, consider the size of the room. The chosen proportions of the door shouldn’t dominate or look undersized.  

4. Opt for Familiar Fitting 

One of the most significant factors in selecting the type of door is its fitting. Always opt for familiar fittings that help in maintenance and durability. 

5. Consider the Security and Privacy 

Privacy is one of the major concerns when it comes to selecting doors. While common spaces like living rooms, courtyards, etc. can have glass sliding doors, always opt for swinging doors or solid shutters for private spaces like bedrooms. 

How to Pick the Best Barn Doors? 

How to Pick the Best Barn Doors? 

Consider the Size:

As you opt to replace the traditional swinging doors with barn doors, make sure to get the measurement right. Being space-efficient openings, knowing the precise width of the door is important. Apart from the width of the shutter, make sure that the door gets ample space adjacent to the opening for easy and unobstructed sliding. 

Consider the Type of Barn Door:

Does a single-door configuration suit you the best or are you looking for a double-door design? Pick the door type that caters to your functional needs. 

Look into the Craft:

Do you want to have a traditional interior design with typical barn doors or are you aiming at a modern twist? Selecting the rightly crafted barn door is important to establish harmony in design. 

Pick the preferred Finish:

Just like the traditional swinging doors, barn doors come in plenty of colours and finishes. Opt for the tone that complements the rest of the interior design.  

Premium Quality within Budget:

It’s important to consider the budget while replacing traditional swinging doors with barn doors. As per the set budget, ensure to get premium quality doors that promise longevity.  

An Expert Guide on Selecting the Best Sliding Door 

Selecting the Best Sliding Door

Determine the Look 

Does your design taste lie within modern designs or is it more towards traditional? Based on the design style you’re trying to introduce, choose the right door materials. While a metal frame with glass imparts a modern look, wooden shutters are all about introducing rustic aesthetics. 

Open Up Towards Views 

While picking the sliding doors, make sure that the glass doors open up toward natural light and views for maximised utility. 

Space Deciding the Design 

As you replace traditional swinging doors to save space, there might be considerations with the sliding door type as well. For example, with restricted wall space, you might consider the idea of two doors on different tracks. 

The Right Glass 

Opting for the right glass based on design and privacy requirements is crucial. Ensure to keep the private spaces safe with frosted glass whereas sliding doors in balconies could be crafted in clear glass for maximised views. 

Professional Installation  

Once you’ve decided to replace traditional swinging doors with sliding doors, seek professional help for the installation. Our team of experts at Bonito Designs knows how to save every inch with the appropriate and robust door designs. 

Welcome Big Ideas to Small Spaces 

Welcome Big Ideas to Small Spaces

Gone are the days of each room having traditional swinging doors. Modern designs and lifestyles drift towards strategic, functional, and aesthetic solutions in the home interiors. Analyse your space and requirements and find the best space-saver alternative for traditional swinging doors.

At Bonito Designs, we know how much functionality and personality in a space means. If you are looking for the best interior design company in Bangalore or Mumbai, contact us for the most efficient and stylish solutions to give your homes a refreshing makeover.  

Picking the Less Common! 

Which type of door is best for small spaces?

A pocket door is one of the most practical choices for small spaces. 

What are the alternatives to traditional swinging doors?

A few of the best replacements for traditional swinging doors in compact spaces are sliding barn and pocket doors. 

Which closet door can be opted for a small room?

A clever choice for closet shutters in small rooms is sliding doors. They offer smooth functioning without consuming much space.  

What is a barn door?

Barn doors are a good replacement for traditional swinging doors with roller tracks attached to their tops and flat against their adjacent wall when opened.  

What are the advantages of sliding doors?

Sliding doors are known for their space-saving properties. Apart from that, they offer a more stylish appeal to the spaces as compared to traditional swinging doors