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byBonito Designs January 23, 2024 In Blog


The world of fashion and interior design have long since been intertwined. The trends, colours, and textures that we first see on the runway often trickle down into everyday trends in interior design, making it an ever-evolving niche.  

The concept of “home couture” has thus taken a hold in recent years, inspired form some of the most well-known designers in the world of fashion. If you’ve ever thought of your home as being a runway of sorts, showcasing the latest trends in the world of interior design, then this guide is for you. We show you how you can turn your home into a reflection of the latest trends, along with a few key examples of runway-inspired designs for living spaces. 

Runway-Inspired Interior Design

Creating A Runway-Inspired Interior Design for Your Living Space  

When turning your living space into a showcase of runway-inspired interior designs, there are several things to keep in mind. In this section, we explore some of the key ways in which you can pick styles off the runway and add them to your living space.

Carefully Selecting Colour Palettes  

Just like every fashion designer carefully selects the colours used in their collections, the same holds true for home interiors as well. Whether you’re choosing colour options for your kitchen cabinet design or your sofa design in your living room, making the right choice is key to setting the right mood and ambience in your house.  

One of the key elements that fashion designers often take inspiration from is the Pantone Colour of the Year. For 2024, this colour is Peach Fuzz, and its warm and versatile nature make it the ideal colour to incorporate in your interior design. For instance, you can use this colour on the headboard of your bed in a lovely velvet, or even lay out a peach throw over your plush sofa sets.  

Other than Peach Fuzz, some of the colours that you’ll often find dominating the runways include jewel tones, emeralds, deep reds, sapphire blue, and so on. Each of these make for luxurious colour options to liven up your living space.  

Selecting Colour Palettes 

Play Around with Textures  

While colours offer you a universe of options to choose from, you can always experiment with textures to a great extent. After all, fashion is a lot about touch and feel, and the same holds true for interior designs as well. The textures on a surface along with how they feel to the touch add a luxury quotient to your home.  

If you want to go for a texture that evokes a sense of luxury, you can choose between options like velvet, silk, or even faux fur to your decor. You can incorporate these textures in the form of curtains, blinds, or even a statement rug in your living room to break the monotony of the flooring. Imagine a plush velvet sofa set in your living room with a set of silk throw cushions. You sit on this sofa set, only to soak your feet into the warm depth of a plush rug. Doesn’t that sound like luxury?  

The textures you choose, however, don’t have to be limited to soft furnishings. Materials like wood, granite, and marble also go a long way in creating a runway-inspired interior design and in setting the right mood.  

interior design

From Accessorising in Fashion to Accessorising Interiors 

A quick glance at models on a runway, or even a quick chat with your friend will tell you that accessorising is key to how you dress up. From choosing a statement watch, to elegant earrings or even a bracelet, the list of accessories you can use to elevate your outfit is limitless. The same holds just as true for interiors.  

The right choice of accessories in terms of colour, texture, size, and even placement can transform your home into an opulent and tastefully decorated space. Some examples of accessories you can use across your living room or even your bedrooms include mirrors with intricate frames, vases, sculpted art, or even a painting that matches the theme of your space.  

Lighting is yet another aspect you can experiment with. A living room pendant light, for example, can be a great way to add ambient lighting to your space while giving it a lot of character. You can also use lighting to shift the focus to modern wall art on your walls, turning your living room into a visual experience of sort for yourself or anyone else.  

Your kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, can have concealed lighting. This can be a great way of making your kitchen design look less busy, whole evenly illuminating every part of it for a modern and luxurious appeal.  

beautiful interior design

Experiment With DIY Decor  

Fashion is often a lot of experimenting with different styles and designs, and the same holds true for interiors as well. While you can always scour the market for interesting and unique pieces that you can decorate your home with, chances are you won’t find some of the options you have in mind.  

This is when it can be a great idea to put your creative hat on and make some interesting artwork yourself. Whether it’s a painting, a piece of sculpted art, or even some pottery, you have plenty of options to consider if you want you go down the DIY route and create runway-inspired interior designs.  

Incorporate Statement Furniture Pieces  

Just like couture has statement pieces across every design label, your home too can have statement furniture that truly stands out and makes the best possible impression. Whether you’re someone who prefer clean lines and minimal furniture or would rather go for more extravagant pieces, there are plenty of options to choose from.  

The best part is that you can also choose to have these pieces custom-made to suit your preferences, so your home truly becomes a reflection of your taste and personality. Getting custom furniture can also be a great way for you to mix different cultural influences in your design to make something that truly stand out in your living space.  

In Conclusion  

Creating a home that features runway-inspired interior design elements might seem like a challenge, but with the right set of ideas, you can achieve this. From experimenting with colours, textures, materials, and paying close attention to your home’s lighting and art, you can truly make your home seem like it represents the latest trends in the world of design.  

For years, Bonito Designs has been at forefront of creating truly opulent homes that incorporate the highest-quality materials with a truly unique design language. If you’re looking to create a living space that inspires and relaxes you with its opulent flair, reach out to us for a consultation today!