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by Sravani Padmanabhuni November 10, 2014 In 3BHK Home Designs | 3BHK Flat Designs Blog Project Writeups Uncategorized

Amit’s house is a 3 BHK flat in Adarsh Palm retreat, which is a plush society apartment. We have designed the house in a way to enhance the elegance and make it look sophisticated.

Here is How We have Designed It:

Though this particular flat has no specific allocated foyer, we put our complete efforts to make a virtual one as per the client’s requirement.

Virtual Foyer area:

As we enter the house, we can see the foyer design with an artistic arrangement of equal sized squares along with a seating cabinet provided. These square cabinets don’t just look good, but they can also be used for storage; this ensures utilization of space for storage purpose as well.

2 (1)

The contrast colored wallpaper creates an illusion of stone cladding used in the foyer and the dash of mirrors added a glamour touch to this space.

Interiors in Living room:

Once we move ahead, we enter the living area which is positioned in one of the cozy corners of the house. The TV unit embellished with a mix of wooden paneling and the Stone cladding is nothing but a conversation starter for the entire house.

3 (1)

Following the color concept scheme, we used the same wallpaper for the TV unit which we used in the foyer. Apart from that, there is an open wooden cabinet for placing their CDs, DVDs, remote control, etc.

False ceiling in the living area is an intersection of wooden rafters that are continuing from the foyer to the living.

Kitchen interiors:

Being it’s an open kitchen, we kept the kitchen designs very minimal. The breakfast counter can also be used as a cutting counter to chop their veggies.


On either side of the chimney we have put glass cabinets, which is suitable for storing crockery and other items of utility.

Kid’s bedroom designs:

The next part of the house, which also happens to be one of the most interesting parts is the kids bedroom. We used only 2 contrasting colors for the entire room furniture.

unnamed (1)

Keeping the idea in mind that it is for a baby boy, we have used funky laminates for the wardrobe to liven up this room. It has a sleek study table and on top of that there is an ‘S’ shaped wall mountable to store their stationary.

Guest Bedroom decor:

Parents’ bedroom was designed with suave. It has a simple TV area, below which are wooden cabinets for storage purpose.


Beside them the wardrobe with slider doors has been installed. Above the wardrobe there is again a series of wooden top cabinets.

Parent’s Bedroom

The last part of the house that is the spare bedroom or the ‘guest bedroom’ has end to end slider wardrobe. To avoid the boring look of using single color laminate for this wardrobe, we used a complementary color laminate on the top of it in the form of horizontal and vertical lines running throughout.


The bed was designed with a simple headboard sided with a side wooden lamp table.

Hope you love the way we have filled this small space with beautiful interior designs. :) Check out our home interiors on our YouTube channel and to see our latest designs on Facebook