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5 Colourful choices for Master bedroom and kids bedroom

Master bedroom is the biggest asset in any house. After all it is retreating, a stress buster at the end of the busy day. It is very important to create the atmosphere and feeling where they can relax the way they want. The most important factor in the master bedroom being the color one chooses based on the way they want it to look.


Master bedroom colors can be chosen; based on the theme one wants for their room. For a romantic look they might go for subtle or pastel colors in the shades of reds, pinks, whites. For a playful look they might go for more bold or solid colors with the texture effect.

The three basic factors to be considered on to get the right color in the master bedroom are:

1. Contrast with bedroom furniture design

Choose the colors by having a look at the various object shades if already bought. Based on that choose the color which contrasts these shades the best.


Again their contrasting shades of the color you choose for the wall can be used on the ceilings, floor coverings, accessories if any.

2. Bedroom Lighting – Light patterns in Master bedroom

By observing the lighting patterns of various lights used in the room and their positioning you can decide which color goes on which wall.


Make a test call by painting a small part and seeing its effect in the light before buying the whole color.

3. Architectural bedroom design

By looking at the layout of the room, one can decide which color to go for master bedroom designs. If the room is smaller, then choose the light and dark shed to make it look bigger and spacious.


If the room is bigger make use of dark shades to make it look compact.

The kids bedrooms are the best place in the house to experiment and play around with colors. Children always love bright, bold colors which create liveliness. The kids color choice can also be taken into consideration. After all, it’s their room and different shades of the color they choose can be worked upon.

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Some factors that can be considered for colors in the kids room are:

1. The most common colors that parents go with are pinks for baby girl and blues for baby a boy which has become cliché. However, shades of red, orange, green and yellow as well as subtle shades can be potential colors for their rooms.


A combination of bold and subtle colors can be used for kid’s room for the kid to be lively the whole day and relax at night peacefully as well.

2. Kid’s room can be made to look more creative and funky by having some words written or some cartoon characters painted on one wall. The texture effect on one wall like stars on the ceiling can also look great.


At the end, the key to choosing the right color in the children’s bedroom is by choosing those colors which reflect their personalities.

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