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byBonito Designs October 3, 2011 In Blog Home decoration ideas & Tips Project Writeups Villa Interior Design in Bangalore

Client Name: Geetha Rengarajan
Current Residence: Kasturi Nagar
Type of Residence: 4BHK Penthouse
Residence To Be Occupied: Skyline Apartment, Horamavu
Project Commence: Aug 2011
Project Completion: Oct 2011

Requirements Given by Mrs. Geetha:

Apartments in North Bangalore are usually well planned and the flats on the higher floors enjoy the panoramic view of the city.  This view usually isn’t blocked by any adjacent apartment. So interior designing for an apartment in north Bangalore involves focusing on and utilizing the ample amount of natural light received from the windows. With client’s site facing east, the house doesn’t have a dark corner. Hence she needed a design that can stand out during the mid-afternoon.

They decided to go for modular kitchen cabinets and kitchen worktops. so we didn’t take that up.

Ground Floor Requirements

Foyer: Client needed sleek storage near the foyer area and also the sitting area. The storage had to accommodate various monsoon and winter wear along with the various footwear. This particular foyer storage unit also had to consume the archive of the newspaper. Apart from that, the same unit was required to be extended into a crockery unit overlooking the living hall. This was one of the key units that added a highlight to the interior designing of this flat.

Living Room:

Living room in this flat had a cramped up staircase to the terrace which needed to be completely removed and replaced with a spiral staircase which would recover a good amount of real estate. The huge wall adjacent to the french window was to be converted into a mammoth sized TV unit having ample storage space. Considering the fact that it would remain lit throughout the day, the colors and shapes had to complement the same.

The living room also had to contain a tall and narrow pooja unit made of glass doors and containing two storage units underneath.

Parents Bedroom:

The client’s requirement for the interior designing of the parent’s bedroom was very simple. They needed a wardrobe with modular cabinets and shelves (modular wardrobe unit) with a glossy finish. They also needed a customized cot with storage, and also a simple TV unit that comprised storage cabinets underneath.

Daughter’s Bedroom:

Client’s daughter turned out to be a little artist. Her favorite colors were quite vibrant and she insisted on having those colors painted across the wall. Thus we had to work over the design keeping in mind the orange, green and white (No, its not our National flag). A designer storage rack was needed with a study corner with storage where client’s daughter can keep all her books and study materials.

Master Bedroom:

Mrs. Geetha insisted on having the design done in black/white shade. They also needed a customized cut with a sleek TV unit mounted on a back panel.

1st Floor Requirements

Son’s Bedroom:

Here too the requirements were quite simple. Client’s son needed a spacious wardrobe and an additional storage to store books and study items.


The passage area on the first floor had to have a spacious library unit which could store up to 3000 books. A full-length book rack needed to be designed which was supposed to be easily accessible.


This penthouse house in North Bangalore seems to have the biggest of the terrace. The client needed every sq. ft of this space to be utilized innovatively and creatively. They needed a sit out, landscaping, pavement, water body, terrace furniture space to be planned out.

Our Initial Analysis Challenges Faced By Us

The major problem we had was, Mr. Rengarajan is a fan of minimalist interior and aesthetic designs and is 100%, green lover. Whereas, Mrs. Rengarajan is a die hard fan of form and function. She would only go with 0 maintenance furniture and every unit had to be 100% usable and worth the effort. Thus we had provided multiple options in terms of design which would equally satisfy both of these diverse tastes. We thought, Interior Designing in Bangalore just got challenging.

Terrace needed a truss work which had to withstand strong winds and downpour of Bangalore and had to be supported on the pillars placed on the parapet.

Spiral staircase proposed to the client took much more efforts than we thought was needed and turned out to be the most challenging part as far as the execution is concerned.

Innovation Added

Space planning done for the entire house is an innovation in itself.  Terrace space planning for the landscaping had to be carried out meticulously in order to provide different slopes and to make wet and dry areas and keep them separate that way, and also to make the separation invisible.

TV unit along with a study unit was designed keeping in mind, a trader’s view. Just to mention, Mrs. Geetha Rengarajan happens to be an active Futures trader, and she always opts to sit in front of stock channels and trade in real time. Thus we had to design the movable study counter which would face the TV in the living room. At the same time, the unit should be collapsible so that it didn’t hamper the normal traffic.

Final Delivery

  • 20+ Site visits, 3+ Design revision is what our client was delivered with.
  • 3D views along with detailed drawings were delivered in time to Mr & Mrs. Rengarajan and were also explained to the sub-contractor.
  • We turned out to be a good friend for this family instead of just being interior designers in Bangalore.

What Mr & Mrs. Rengarajan Had To Say

Mr. Rengarajan says that the TV unit has turned to be army grade work, and they say it can withstand heavy artillery. We have started to believe it. Madam is happy that she can now get back to her trading and not have anything else in mind other than trading? She has suggested us to turn the interior designing process into a simpler one.. (like the trading madam 🙂 ?) and we have promised to get our process refined.