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by Sravani Padmanabhuni November 19, 2013 In 2BHK Home Designs | 2BHK Flat Designs Project Writeups Uncategorized

Home interior@Mr. Ashwin’s apartment is a masterpiece which has been designed incredibly. The couple living in the adobe have made it their heaven.

Interiors design in each and every area of this house has been portrayed, keeping in mind the refined tastes of the inhabitants. The entry point is a passage which connects the living room with the dining area and the kitchen. The house also has a master bedroom.

Interiors Design in Living area

Very first part of the house which is worth a mention is the living area. The room exudes creativity and utmost imagination. A four feet designer wall initially captures the attention of the visitors. Dark blue wall paneling embossed with LED spot lights is adorned with a television and a clock.
Beneath the wall, three white hued cabinets are provided to keep CD’s, remote control and other accessories. On the “L” shaped seating lounge, designer cushions have been placed.
Based on the color theme we chose the dark colored wall paper to embellish the look.

Partition That Lets Light in But Stops People:

Just opposite to the television one can spot a cabinet cum bar which acts as a partition between living and dining room. Bar counter resembles to have a dual face. It acts as a show case when seen from the TV unit. Seasoned zig-zag panels are mounted on the wall fitted with small squares, which don’t serve any functional aspect but if you can notice; this is the one thing that breaks monotony and acts as a focal point for the entire living room.

The living room false ceiling design has ledges, which have spotlights emitting exuberant radiance. The ceiling design is not a conventional one but has double inverted U-shaped structures.
Special emphasis has been laid on selecting appropriate color spotlights. To spot this shape, cove lighting was provided throughout the U shapes which in turn gave soothing pleasure.
Many people complain that since their ceiling height is quite low; they don’t want to go for false ceiling. False ceiling don’t have to be quite huge in the height; every other false ceiling design done by us are done within the tolerance of just 6″; even if they are multi-layered. This not only preserves the height of the floor but by adding cove light beneath the ceiling; the depth is further enhanced.

Dining Room: Hub of the house

Having dimensions of 10 by 15, the Dining Room is very spacious and acts as an essential ingredient of the house. This is the place where the family gathers the most, and entertains one another.
So we thought of adding an extra pleasing look for this place by drawing a nice false ceiling concept. Another dimension of this Tangled U concept.

Floating squares: One of the best false ceiling concepts we did..!!

We know that you all loved the false ceiling which we had done for the other projects too. Coming to this project, the real rock star of this entire house is the false ceiling in dining room. The ceiling consists of square shaped floating units, illuminated with amazing yellow lights.
Each free standing square unit is lined up with cove lighting, which reflects on the other floating unit. The reflection of the floating units on the floor is an amazing visual delight. The center of this dining room is occupied by a dining table. The biggest virtue is that there is no constriction of space.
Check out the concept of this home interior in the image below.

                                                      Gorgeous right ? 😉 😉
We know 🙂 In fact a lot of our clients fell in love with this.
Well, coming to the other side of partition facing the dining hall, it serves as a bar cum cum storage/ showcase unit/ crockery unit. Hence the partition has multi utility. The bar counter is at a very appropriate height.

Two cabinets have been provided underneath, to facilitate storage of accessories. One amongst the two cabinets also serves as the crockery unit. Special focus has been laid on choosing the best crafting material for the cabinets.
On the right, a passage leads into the master bedroom.

Master Bedroom in this Home Interior

Bedroom has been designed keeping in mind the existing bed pattern. The bed which was zeroed in by the couple has circular and parallel shapes at the head. The bed has 2 oval shaped blue lights on either side of the head part which is lined with parabolic shape.
Therefore to attain a synchrony in the room, the false ceiling was designed with spiral, parallel and circular patterns. Three spotlights pitched the glamour to the ceiling.

The spotlight selection was also partially based on the light embedded on the head of the bed. On the left side one can encounter uniquely designed slider modular wardrobe topped with 2 openable doors. The space cannot be an issue with regard to this 7 feet high wardrobe. The false ceiling and the modular sliding wardrobes they themselves acted as the bedroom interior.
You can check out the full snap of this Blue false ceiling.
An attached bathroom has also been designed to delight. Just to the right of  the wash room, one can visualize themselves courtesy a mirror. Just above the mirror there is a loft to provision storage. On the right side just beneath the cabinets there is transparent storage facility.
A separate chest drawer has also been facilitated. The western seating has been provided in the washroom and a sink along with cabinets, at the bottom is also present.

Lets Talk about Indian Modular Kitchen

Kitchen has been designed adopting contrasting hues of Shangrila and white to provide a bit of exciting flavor to the kitchen. At the bottom numerous cabinets have been provided. A separate cabinet is allotted for water cooler and for the magic corner.

These modular kitchen cabinets serve various purposes for instance grain basket cabinets, trash cabinet, water storage cabinets and others. Three storage units have been provided at the top right corner.
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We know you all loved the concepts we injected in this project.

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