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How to decorate the Guest Room

In India, guests are treated as equal as Gods. But how many houses have a separate room solely allocated for guests?

While furnishing the house or remodeling it, many of us actually forget that there should be a closed space dedicated for the visitors, so that they can feel at home, and take fond memories with them when they leave.

Decorating the guest room

Even if you do not have too many guests coming over to visit, it is still a good practice to keep a separate room in the house. This decreases the fuss, when you do have an unexpected visitor, and you have to jeopardize your cupboard and stores trying to find extra pillows, blankets and cot to accommodate them.

Ponder over the practicality of this idea, and you would see that many of us live in nuclear families, out of our hometowns. And we do have our friends and relatives, in-laws, and colleagues visiting us all the time.

Give them comfort

Having a well-furnished guest room interiors in the house that would make them comfortable is important. But what is more essential is the fact that a cozy little guest room would take out the unnecessary trouble out of your life.

It would not only help you lead your own normal life, but would also make the guest easy and happy.

Now, you must be thinking that this is an extra expense that you might want to invest for your guest bedroom decorating ideas, but we give you some very inexpensive innovative tips that is easy on your pocket and also guest friendly :P

You obviously do not need to build a hotel like room for your guests, but do make sure that it matches up to the home décor. Your guests should feel like they are welcome and are a part of your family.

Take into consideration a medium sized room that can accommodate at least a double bed and some basic furniture. Also make sure there is an attached bathroom.

Basic necessities:

  • Do make sure that this room is neither too close nor too far from the rooms you live in.
  • You must add in a queen sized bed, a chest of drawers or a cupboard, a mirror, as part of the basic necessities.

Make sure that they are good to look at, and not old and worn out. Even if you have old furniture that you wish to accommodate in this room, as you do not have a lot of visitors, do revamp and remodel them. Do it yourself or get your local carpenter to do the work.

Adding a hint of color to the walls, the sheets, and decorating the guest room with warmth will make the guest enjoy his/her stay in your house. If you worry about the cleanliness we suggest cover up the furniture with sheets to keep the dust at bay.

There should always be ample amount of light in the guestroom. Make use of natural light and fresh air to keep the room lively. Windows with curtains, and a fresh smelling room will make your visitors happy.

Just because they are not always there, doesn’t mean you shove them up in some corner. Treat them with love, and generosity.

While decorating guest room:

A very important thing to keep in mind is that you must fix a budget before even thinking of decorating or redecorating the guest room. It is but very obvious that this room won’t be used too often. Therefore, it is better to keep it simple yet elegant.

Make use of beige, brown and cream. These are colors that appeal to all, irrespective of age. Also, do keep in mind for how long the guests could be visiting.

If you have guests who stay on for long, introduce a balcony, tables and chairs in the room.

Take care not to make the room dingy. There must always be ample space to walk and roam around. Keep the furniture well organized. We do have our in-laws or our parents visiting us, and many of us in the city, even choose to keep our relative’s child with us, who can study and stay with us like home.

Depending on the member who is going to use the guest room, try to make the environment amicable and useful. There should definitely be a study table, if it is meant for a student. And there should be adequate furniture to make your in-laws feel at home.

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Give them a warm ‘WEL’come

Your personality and taste reflect not just from the way you design your living area, but also from the way you design your guest room.

“A warm, comfortable experience, would make your guests feel the affection.”

Remember, that they won’t be there for long. Thus, make sure they carry with them the friendly, inviting feel that you welcomed them with.