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by Sravani Padmanabhuni August 5, 2014 In Bedroom Interior Design in Bangalore Blog Uncategorized

Prepare Guest Room – The Drills before the guests arrives!

Each of us remembers being made to toe the line when guests arrive and now we make others toe the line for the very same reason.

Guests are boon and bane but unfortunately, the bane comes before they do, yes I mean the cleaning and speaking and spanning of guest-rooms, perfecting the house interiors, and the overhaul of everyday life.

Then, out comes the curtains and the cherished china from the fort Knox of a china cabinet. Well, the mayhem is delectable and rightly so. It is said that an organization can solve all troubles.

Let’s deal with is a particular issue in a few steps that will make you a star with the guests and none of the family members would want to strangle you in the process

Show off the interiors in style while preparing the guest room

Begin with this, trust me…! :)

First step is “unclutter”. This means to remove the excess everything from the house. The less stuff you have, less is the likely mess that happens in guest bedroom interiors. Unclutter also means keeping things in their right places.

Thus the keys go in the key-stand or the bowl, the remote goes around the TV and well, you get the gist. Now comes the part where we will take down the curtains and the bare room is what has to be spruced up.

The main focus on Guest Room

The decision of ‘which room should I start with ‘has a simple answer, the place where the guests will spend their maximum time, (guestroom, living room) etc. That guest-room is the focus and will get the military-grade cleaning.

With the curtains and the mattresses out, the next step would be the speaking and spanning. The bathrooms are the major issue where you are likely to fail for it is this place that determines the level of comfort the guests share. This is the win-it area and cleaning it up will be a major task.

Add a Dollop of Hominess.

With the gleaming guest rooms, the bareness has to be filled to make it homey and cheerful. Add the curtains (hope you soaked it, washed it and dried it during the cleaning of the room). Put them on, same goes for the mattress and other covers as well.

The dusting of the furniture has happened before the dressing up of the room. The interior decoration of the guest room is important. Now that we have a foundation and the basics in place, let us decorate it. It is all about making them feel at home.

Watch-out for these pitfalls while you prepare your home for guests.

The linens that are put out should either be new of thoroughly washed. They have to be set out at strategic locations so that the guests feel comfortable.
The bathroom should be stacked with the toiletries as the story of the ‘missing shampoo ‘will be more than embarrassing for the rest of your life.

The bed has to be comfy of course but adding a million pillows with the bedsheet, bed sheet cover, duvet, etc. will have the gest scrambling with a hotel-like feel. Keep it simple, nothing more than two pillows in the pillow dept.

Make sure there is a place for their suitcases and enough of the wardrobe is empty for them to either unpack or have the option of doing that.

For the rest of the House…

With the main area settled, let’s move on to the rest of the house. If feasible, a plant by the window will give the wholesome feeling or maybe a vase of flowers.

The warmth would always be appreciated. This goes for the guest room as well. See that they are in sync with house interiors.

A rangoli outside won’t hurt nor will the wind chime adoring the door, they give vibes of a happy place. The sitting area should be clean, spacy and comfortable, adding too many decorative stuff will result in disaster…

The Kitchen has to be clean. This means that the military precision in cleaning the guest room has to use in the Kitchen as well. The Allergies of the guests and the requirements should be found beforehand and appropriate arrangements must be made.

Make the sink stink-free..! :P ;)

Make sure that the sink is stink-free as is every other area. The Dining table with a shiny bowl of fruits is enough to complete the picture.

Now for the basic checklist that will tell you are ready to play host/hostess

  • Check all the electric appliances of the house to make sure they work, especially the TV.
  • Make sure the fridge is fully loaded
  • The water facility has to be good, so just for good luck, check it again
  • Keep mobile chargers, laptop charger, and multi-purpose chargers at hand
  • Newspapers magazines are a must and if you know the choice of your guests, just go all out.
  • Wi-Fi connection!
  • If there are kids coming, be prepared to entertain.
  • Keep first-aid at hand.

Even with the pointers, there may be issues and the last moment hustle but then when they arrive with their million-dollar smiles, the efforts are paid off.

Plus eating in the fancy chinaware, using fancy soap with fancy guest towels is kind of fun!

Guests bring stories, so prep up the backstage so that you can put up one heck of a show!