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by Sravani Padmanabhuni May 2, 2014 In How to Uncategorized

Choose a Living Room Layout According to Your Personal Needs

A living room is one room which can be considered as the most important room in a home. It is the space where guests are entertained, it is the place where the family gets together and it is definitely the room where the family spends most of its time.


It can also be called as the welcoming room because it is the room that separates the home from the remaining part.

Living room grabs the guests 1st impression most often, and one can tell a lot about the inmates of the house just by analyzing its interior decoration and it is this room that can tell visitors how the other rooms might be or how clean or unclean; organized or disorganized the owners of the room are.

Thus it is important that living room interiors should be designed in an attractive way. At the same time, remember the living room is a part of your house and life. While designing it to impress visitors, it is also necessary to maintain it as per your personal needs. After all, it is you who would be spending most of your time here.

Here are some  suggestions and tips to create a living room layout as per your personal needs and comforts:

Study the area:

Before you plan any layout for the living area, first study the space. That is measure the total area of the room, the window space and the space of each corner. Then do a rough layout in a paper.


Do a mental planning on what furniture will be used, what colors they will be and also what decorative materials or wall hangings will be used in the room. Though what you have put in the paper might not be the actual plan of the room, this exercise will help you plan things and organize your furniture and other materials in the room.

Start with a focal point:

Identify a focal point in the house and arrange your seating furniture around it. It can be a fireplace or a TV. Today we find most of the homes have TV as their focal point.

But if you do not wish the same, you can choose anything else as a focal point, a music system, the fireplace or even a wall where your family photographs are displayed. A window offering a good view of the outside or a bookshelf too can be the focal point.

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Arrange the sofa, chairs, bean bags or the tea table around this focal point. But remember to keep the TV unit at an appropriate distance.

Make the living room children friendly:

It is important to keep some space in the living room for children. It could be a colorful rug in front of the sofa or at a distance, where children can play and do their things while you are busy in your conversation.


The room should be arranged in such a way that kids have enough space to move about and the furniture arrangement should be in such a way that it doesn’t come in the way of children or in anyways, hurt them.

As per your space in the living room, you can maintain the kids’ space in the room.

Enough empty spaces:

Ensure that there is enough leg room between furniture and also there are some spaces to move about. Do not make the living room cluttered with unnecessary furniture and design elements.

Ana Antunes home styling blog cococozy blue grey white living room

Living room interiors should have enough space to allow it to breathe and crowding it would make the living room uncomfortable. Thus it is necessary to plan furniture that is user-friendly, high in utility but at the same time, that which won’t take up much space and crowd the room.

There are umpteen ways through which one can go while planning a layout for the living room. It is up to each individual as to how he or she wants the living space to be. Follow the above suggestions as to the focal point and arrange the living room layout.

Let it be friendly, comfortable, and let it bring out the warmth that you have inside you. Let it be simple but functional and let it bring out a positive vibe.