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byBonito Designs May 4, 2023 In Reading Time : 6 mins read

It’s not always necessary to completely redesign a kitchen’s cabinet or layout to refresh the design. Even changing the hardware alone might bring about a lot of happiness. A change in the kitchen hardware can completely change how a kitchen or bathroom cabinet feels, unlike any kitchen style. With the appropriate handle or knob, plain can become fashionable, standard can become special.

kitchen hardware

When it comes to the latest kitchen design trends, it’s important to know what’s trendy and what isn’t. Understanding what looks antiquated or worn out is the simple part. It’s difficult to know what the other component is. It’s important to keep in mind the design tenets that never go out of style: sleek is still sleek, and chic is still chic. Make the following your guiding principle when it comes to kitchen hardware design and style: less is more.

This indicates that the ultra-modern, flat-surfaced, pared-down aesthetic is still in vogue. It’s only a smart design strategy to stick with simple, timeless shapes; doing so will guarantee that you’re giving your clients the choices they want and expect.

kitchen hardware

A flawless kitchen can also look imperfect due to careless cabinet hardware selection. Flat or curved handles, knobs or pulls, stainless steel or bronze finishes- there’s so much more to select from the hardware options for the kitchen interior design. If you have trouble visualising your kitchen design, the options you have to make could seem overwhelming. Even though selecting the right kitchen hardware may seem like a simple step, it can significantly improve the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Select the right kitchen hardware with these ideas

How do you choose the proper kitchen hardware for your space? This article will walk you through the many types and designs of hardware available to you, as well as the questions you should be asking yourself as you make your decision.

  • Check the textures

Hardware textures can be the game changer in the kitchen. Matte black kitchen hardware is quite fashionable right now since most people want to move up from silver and it has a really sleek, elegant aesthetic. These stylish, modern faucets are in high demand. If black isn’t your style, your kitchen cabinets or kitchen drawers could have a rich, warm tone thanks to gold and copper. This is yet another intriguing trend that has recently become more popular, particularly when combined with brushed gold.

kitchen hardware

These accents may quickly give your kitchen a new-looking ambiance by complementing both light and dark wood tones. You can mix and match metallic finishes to create your own distinctive style because mixing various metals is a trendy interior design trend as well.

  • What to choose: knobs or pulls?

Your kitchen’s appearance and functionality may be affected by the style you choose. Pulls or lengthy handles are more practical for heavy-duty drawers because they help disperse the effort required to open a shutter or a drawer. Knobs are typically ineffective for wide and heavy kitchen drawers because they concentrate the force of the “pull” in one place.

white kitchen hardware interiors

  • Go for seamless look

With integrated or concealed handles that feature a bevelled or recessed space where your fingers can go and pull, sleek modern cabinets look fantastic. This recessed gap can be accented with a metal band or a different colour to give it a slight variation.

kitchen hardware seamless look

Recessed pulls are uncomplicated and functional kitchen hardware that is incorporated into the cabinet shutter, either as a sculpted depression in the same material or as a contrast metal fitting like the one below. They function well in busy kitchens because they are simple to open but do not protrude from the shutter.

kitchen hardware interior designs

  • Where to place the handles?

The simplest choice you will have to make when adding your kitchen drawer handle is placement. The middle is where everything always goes!

kitchen interior designs

Place the knob for pulls and knobs both vertically and horizontally in the exact centre of the drawer. Extra-long drawers could be an exception to this rule, in which case you might decide to use two knobs. Divide the drawer into thirds as a general rule for this. When installing kitchen hardware on cabinet doors, resist the urge to place it in the corners by spacing it evenly from the vertical and horizontal edges.

  • Opt for non metal hardware too!

Knobs and pulls made of ceramic, wood, and glass are examples of non metal kitchen hardware (including tinted and mirrored glass).

kitchen interior - non metal hardware

For some old aesthetics, glass and ceramic are perfect.
Your classic kitchen might benefit from the handiwork of handles made of intricately carved wood or leather. To add vibrant colourful accents to kitchens, some designers turn to nonmetal finishes, like glass and ceramic.

kitchen interior - non metal hardware

The perfect kitchen cabinet handles that complement the decor of your home takes effort. If you select handles that go well with the surrounding area’s colour scheme and design aesthetic, it can look fantastic. Even a small error in handle design or kitchen sink can throw off the entire aesthetic of the kitchen and dining room. It can be simple to determine which kitchen cabinet handles will go best with the room’s overall design when there are several different types, colours, and sizes available.

kitchen hardware

Low-quality handles and knobs will cause kitchen cabinets and cupboards to decay. The wear and tear of the cabinets is accelerated by handles of poor quality. Everyday use means that kitchen cabinet handles should be built of materials that are sturdy and long-lasting. Always go for materials that are rust-free, durable, and waterproof. Best-quality handles and knobs require minimal maintenance and are simple to clean. You can select a material with a modern appearance and ease of handling.

Bonito Designs assures quality and hassle free interiors which reflects your personality and style. If you’re thinking of giving a chic look to your kitchen space, connect with us and get started!


What is kitchen hardware?

Ans: The many parts and accessories used in kitchen cabinets and drawers to make opening and closing them easier are referred to as kitchen hardware. Hardware components including handles, knobs, hinges, drawer slides, and more are included.

Which substances are utilised to make kitchen hardware?

Ans: Metal, wood, acrylic, and glass are just a few of the materials that can be used to create kitchen hardware. While wood hardware can give a kitchen warmth and character, metal hardware such as stainless steel or brushed nickel is strong and simple to clean. Hardware made of plastic and glass is more affordable and can give a modern kitchen design a special touch.

How do I choose the appropriate hardware for my kitchen?

Ans: Take into account your own preferences, the design of your kitchen, the size and colour of your cabinets, and other factors when selecting kitchen hardware. Look for hardware that blends in with the style of your kitchen, is comfortable to hold, and is strong enough to survive frequent usage.

How often should I update the hardware in my kitchen?

Ans: As it depends on the hardware’s quality and usage frequency, there is no set period of time for replacing kitchen hardware. It’s time to repair your hardware, though, if it has been damaged or is no longer operating correctly. Additionally, if you are redesigning your kitchen, changing the hardware can be a quick and inexpensive way to give your cabinets and drawers a new look.