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Investing in interior designing your home is a big decision. Hence, it is quite obvious that you will ask questions. Actually, everyone who indulges in hiring a professional for interior design services tends to ask endless questions. The experts are aware of this situation and they need to stay ready with their answers. Some questions can be obvious while some of them can be unique. Whatever is the situation, it is the right of the customers to get answers to their questions so that they can make their minds of whether they wish to hire a particular service provider for the task or not. Here are some of the questions that interior designers face.

How do you know which design is best for my home?

The designers do not know in advance whether a particular design will suit your home interiors or not. The designers scan through the entire home and they evaluate a few things to suggest a few of the designs that they get in their mind according to your home interiors. But this is not the final design that will get incorporated into your home interiors. You can make changes in the design or can ask for some more designs if you are satisfied with the one that the designer suggests. The best way is to check out the design through a 3D virtual view. We offer a 3D virtual view of the design that is finalised so that you can have a look at how your home interiors will look after the design is completed. This way, you and the designer can confidently come up with a design on which the work has to begin.

Can I incorporate my ideas in the design?

Yes, Bonito Designs offer customization options where the customers can talk about their ideas and the designer incorporates those ideas in the design. Offering a customized design to all the clients is our main aim at Bonito. Hence, we welcome ideas and changes offered by the clients during the planning phase of the project. You can ask for a particular theme that you wish to have or a particular colour that is your favourite. There are so many clients who wish to highlight their art forms such as paintings or even recognitions such as certifications and awards. The designers make sure to respect these ideas and design the entire home interiors accordingly.

How much will the whole design cost?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person and project to project. The cost of a particular design depends upon a number of factors and these are:
The size of the home that has to be designed plays a significant role while budgeting for the interior design cost. It is quite obvious that a 2 storey house is going to cost much higher than a 2bhk apartment that you own.
The second factor is whether you wish to design your home interior or wish to decorate it. You need to understand the difference between the two. When you are decorating the house, it is all about the shades of the wall, the way you are decorating the home interiors with furniture, and other stuff. But when you go for designing, it also means making changes on the architectural changes of the interiors. So, it is quite obvious that home designing is pricier than home decorating.
The next quite obvious factor is the design that you are selecting for your home interior design. If you are going for an option such as a minimalist design, this might cost you much less than some other designs such as the Bohemian or Traditional designs.
Also, the service provider whom you are choosing plays a major role in getting a budget quote for your home interior design. Among several interior designers in Bangalore, Bonito Designs happen to offer a much affordable cost for designing your home interiors in a quality way.

Can I not have wall shades of my choice in my room?

Once again this depends upon the space and the features of the room and the colour that you are choosing for the walls. Suppose, if you have a small bedroom and you wish to apply the colour dark blue in here, this will not be a great choice. The dark shade will make the room look even smaller and may even make it look congested. In such a situation, you should choose bright shades such as white that will reflect the light and will make the room look bigger than its actual size and also will make it look much more spacious.
Similarly, if you have got a huge living room, you can make use of dark shades on one wall to decorate it and highlight your TV unit or any other items on this wall.
Thus, it is not always that your favourite colour can get space on the walls. Now, the designers of Bonito Designs try their best not to disappoint you when you say that you wish to see your favourite colour in your room. There are different tricks that they might use so that the feature of the room is not disturbed and also you can incorporate the colour in the same room too.

Can you help in buying furniture?

It is quite obvious that everyone is so busy today that they do not have the time to explore and research things to design their home interiors. This is the reason they tend to take help from professionals for the home designing activity. But just getting the home designed is not enough. When the home is designed with new ideas and designs, the old furniture and the old elements may fall out of place. Hence, you may wish to change them and get something that matches and compliments the new design that you have got.
But once again the same trouble comes up: you do not have time to explore the city to find the right furniture. Luckily, our designers at Bonito Designs understand this issue and so they help you in getting the right furniture and upholstery for your newly designed home interiors. These designers are aware of the correct places where you can get high-quality items that will perfectly suit your home interiors. They will also help you in installing the furniture and the artifacts in the right places so that the interiors look absolutely complete after this.

Can rugs change the look of a space?

A lot of people love the idea of having rugs and carpets installed on the floor to make the interiors look great. But whether you should install a rug or a carpet in the room depends upon several factors and mostly the size of the room. Designers suggest not to use a rug or a carpet in a smaller room as it will make the room look smaller. You can make use of the carpets in the living room beneath your seating area that adds aesthetics to your living space. Thus, yes, rugs and carpets do change the look of a space. It is important to understand whether you should use it for your room or not. Also, you should be aware of the fact that what type of rug or carpet that is going to suit your space.

How can I make my entire house full of colours?

While some people choose to have a simple design such as the minimalist and contemporary option, there are many others who wish to see splashes of colours here and there in the room interiors. If you are also searching for such an option where you can make use of a lot of colours in the room, there are several designs that you can come up with. One of the most common and the most vibrant ones is the Bohemian design. It is filled with colours that offer a warm look to space. Apart from this design, there are also many other designs to go for such as the coastal design, art deco design, traditional design, and many others.

Why are mirrors used for home interior designing?

You might see that we have used mirrors in many of our projects. There are many reasons why designers tend to use mirrors while designing an interior. One of the prime reasons is to make space look bigger than it actually is. When two huge mirrors are placed on two adjacent walls or even on a single wall, it tends to offer a spacious look to the area. Apart from this, installing mirror designs on the bar counter or similar others offers a sophisticated look to the area.
Thus, there is an endless number of questions that the clients may ask the interior designers before getting their home interior designed. There is no harm in asking questions as it will help you in enhancing your knowledge about interior design. Also, as you question more, the chances of understanding a service provider better increase. Thus, you are able to make the right decision and hire the right one for your home interiors.

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