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byBonito Designs May 15, 2024 In Blog


India is known for a mix of tradition and modernity. In this respect, the phenomenon of personalized spaces incorporated into homes to reflect individuals’ hobbies is emerging. Country’s homeowners are increasingly paying attention to incorporating these spaces into their homes designed for a wide range of activities. 

On the one hand, these spaces can be dedicated to traditional Indian arts, such as classical music, dance, and plays or contemplative hobbies, such as yoga and meditation. On the other hand, one may target a personalized gaming room or a cinema. By creating spacious sections devoted to home-owner hobbies, broadening interest within categories, country’s residents follow a global trend of living in a space that is shared only with one’s family members. 

These spaces can be a critical point in the property value in Indian Real estate market, which is dynamic. If all these spaces contribute to the quality of life, they also can significantly increase the property’s value.  

This is true because the country’s real estate market is booming, and overpaying attention to those characteristics is not possible. On the one hand, a person who cares about his own comfort will certainly appreciate these spaces built into his house. On the other hand, the trend of more time spent at home following work-from-home systems and a deteriorated contemporary reality will increase future demands for such properties. In this light, emerging industry of interior design fields, and the following emerging jobs pose a significant opportunity for vacant young people today. 

home design for Hobbies and Interests

The Home Gym: Designing for Fitness Enthusiasts 

Caring about gym-goers’ needs who seek to establish their gyms at their homes, this post is designed to provide broad assistance in the area. Taking into account limited available guidance while providing guidance suited to different locations, I would like to encourage designing of fitness enthusiasts’ gyms with a focus on location, lighting and motivating elements, flooring, size, and equipment. 

This post highlights that even small areas can be assigned to home gyms, and homeowners can efficiently use them by selecting multi-functional and flexible fitness equipment. The guide incorporates alternative fitness tips that traditional guides often omit, such as considering equipment with versatile options for small spaces. At the end of the day, one conclusively establishes that owning a gym at home is beneficial and enriches indoor and overall quality of life. 

The Music Studio: Harmonising Space and Sound in India 

In India, crafting a home music studio involves careful attention to several key aspects to ensure both functionality and a creative atmosphere. A paramount concern is soundproofing to block external noise interruptions during recording sessions and to prevent disturbing neighbours or household members. This can be achieved through the installation of specialized acoustic panels, double-glazed windows, and heavy insulation materials to seal off the studio. 

The studio’s acoustics also demand meticulous planning. The geometry of the room and the materials used on surfaces should be chosen to enhance sound clarity. To reduce echo, it’s best to avoid parallel walls, and the strategic placement of sound diffusers and absorbers can help manage sound reflections, optimizing the studio’s acoustics for recording and mixing. 

The layout of equipment is crucial for maintaining an efficient workspace. Arrange all equipment to ensure easy access and movement within the studio. Consider the ergonomic positioning of instruments and digital interfaces to streamline your creative process. It’s important to manage cables carefully to avoid clutter and reduce hazards. 

For a touch of personal inspiration, the studio’s design should mirror your aesthetic preferences while staying orderly. Introduce soft lighting to foster a calm environment and decorate with personal items like musical memorabilia or artwork, which can spark creativity and make the space feel more personal and inviting. 

Home Theater design for home

The Home Theater: Immersive Entertainment Experiences 

Moving to home theaters, creating an immersive cinema experience at home transcends merely installing a large screen. The screen size should be appropriate for the viewing distance to fully appreciate the visual details. For optimal viewing, consider tiered seating and plush, reclining chairs to enhance comfort. 

The audio experience is central to a home theater, requiring a high-quality surround sound setup that mirrors the immersive audio of a commercial cinema. Arrange speakers throughout the room to achieve balanced sound coverage, with sub woofers to enhance bass and satellite speakers to capture the full range of sounds. 

For the ultimate movie-watching ambiance, lighting and soundproofing are essential. Adjustable LED lighting can set the right mood, while blackout curtains ensure no external light disrupts the viewing. Proper sound insulation keeps the theater sound contained and blocks outside noise, ensuring an uninterrupted cinematic experience. 

Comfortable seating is the final touch, with quality sofas or theatre recliners designed for long movie sessions. Adding soft blankets and pillows can make the space cozier, inviting relaxation and enjoyment for you, your family, and guests. 

How Can We Help: 

Let’s chat about making the most out of every nook in your home with some clever design tweaks that keep up with our buzzing lifestyles. Ever thought about how a simple guest room could also be your secret creative corner? Just throw in some foldable furniture, and voila! You’ve got yourself a crafting space when there are no guests around. 

Or consider this: your home office, which you probably see day in and day out, could magically transform into a serene yoga studio with just a few moves. Swap out those fixed desks for something mobile, pull up a couple of room dividers, and there’s your peaceful retreat right in the middle of your busy life. 

The garage, often forgotten, can be more than just a parking space. With the right kind of flooring and some smart storage solutions, it could be your new fitness studio without missing a beat. 

The trick is all about choosing furniture and setups that are as flexible as our daily routines. Whether it’s a room that switches from work mode to workout mode, or a living area that doubles as a movie night spot, the possibilities are endless. 

And if you’re wondering who can help you pull this off, let me introduce you to Bonito Designs. These folks are pros at turning your home into a dynamic space that changes as often as your needs do. With a team of over 300 creative minds, they tailor every inch of your place to reflect your style and meet your everyday demands. 

So, if you’re dreaming of a home that adapts to your hobbies and busy schedules, give Bonito Designs a shout. We promise to sprinkle a little bit of magic in every corner, making sure your place isn’t just where you live, but where you love to spend every moment.