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by Sravani Padmanabhuni November 27, 2014 In Blog Home theater Uncategorized

The seating that matters to make the home theater perfect

A home theater, the name itself conjures up images of comfort and elegance. There are many essentials to a home theater. A good wide screen, modern sound system, efficient wiring system are just a few requirements. But not many pay much attention to the most important factor for a home theater and that is the seating arrangement.

What use is the great viewing experience if the seats are not comfortable?

So, do give more thought to the seating arrangements of a theatre room. It is not just elegance, style and beauty that matter when it comes to a home theater seating arrangement but also the comfort.

Consider various factors such as the space available for the seating arrangement, what material you want for the covering of the seats, what style would you prefer or go with the remaining décor, and of course your budget.

The space and the seats:

You can decide on how many chairs or sofas you will like for your home theatre once you measure the seating area of the room.



Considering there will be multiple seats, do leave enough space between chairs, at least 18”-24” space is a must. A sofa too is a great option if you want to accommodate more people.

If you want the home theater to look and feel like a mall theater, you can go for chairs with drink holders.

The material to consider:

A leather sofa or seats would be great in terms of look and durability. If leather is not what you prefer, then go for any other fabric. You also get covers, especially cloth covers that you can use to cover the sofas and seats. The problem with these covers is that it might stain too soon or fade as time passes by.


You can rectify the situation by getting different covers and changing it from time to time.

Affordability – The prime factor:

Fix a budget for the home theater seating and stick to it. You can choose the kind of seats and fabrics depending upon your budget. If your budget is high, then go for leather seating and if not, then opt for other fabrics. You will also get a mix of leather and other fabrics also for the seating arrangement.

The seats that match the décor:

Consider the décor before you go for seats. If you have given a fun look to your home theater, consider some funky styles in seating too.


If you have opted for the more formal look, then let the seats be of the same feel.

Add special features to the seating:

Now-a-days, you also get a special feature aided seating for theater. You can opt for a seating that provides an armrest and also a holder to hold your glass, the same way as in the regular theaters. You can also choose from recliners, both manual and power recliner seats are available. If you want some light to avoid stepping on anyone’s feet, then opt for lighted chair bases.

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