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by Sanchari B August 17, 2015 In Balcony Design in Bangalore Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Uncategorized

Most of us who have a house, rented or owned, always look for easy ways to make every part of it look beautiful. But in our rush in making the interiors look picture perfect, we often neglect the balcony. Especially if it’s small, it ends up in being the space where we dry our clothes or the space where we dump old furniture.

But if we put a little thought into it, your balcony, no matter how small, can be decorated perfectly taking full advantage of its design. Let us check out a few ways in which you can add a beautiful yet cozy touch to your small balcony area.

Green balcony is peace

Plants indeed have life. You will realize this more deeply if you decide to decorate your balcony with an assortment of plants. Not only will they provide fresh air full of oxygen to rejuvenate your lungs but they will also beautify your cute little balcony, effortlessly. There are quite a few options if you want to go for plants as decorative agents.

Open balconies are perfect for a mini garden in your balcony. if you have lots of potted plants, you can arrange them side by side along the rim of the balcony so that they get enough of natural light and air to flourish. Living things need breathing space.

In fact, if you love potted plants and have too many of them, you can actually go for hanging a few of the pots as well. That will save floor space and also add a quaint style to your balcony.

If you want, you can go for flowery plants as well so as to add some natural colour to your balcony décor. Just make a rough idea before about what colour will look good along with your overall balcony interiors and pick the flowers accordingly. It might also be a soothing white to calm your senses.

If you have a really small balcony with no space to keep potted plants or even hang them, try out creepers. Creepers, as we all know, love to creep and will hence crawl beautifully around your balcony railings if you guide them a bit.

A small table for Small Balconies

You never know how much your balcony can actually accommodate until you have placed a table there. These days there are a number of options available for space saving small tables. Choose a design that will go best with your balcony size for the best result.

Just grab a chair and it will look straight out of a Hollywood classic. You can read on that table, take your morning tea there while sunbathing or even have a romantic little dinner, bistro-style. Your call.

For a closed balcony, this kind of arrangement will be even more perfect.

Table decoration ideas in balcony

Floating tables are a craze these days and you could actually try installing one at your balcony that will turn heads without wasting any extra space.


You can also go for balkonzept designs when it comes to choosing a table for small balconies. It is widely popular in the Western countries and are available everywhere.


Set a benchmark

Benches are spacious and can make for amazing seating in your balcony. Be it rough and rugged or be it coloured and polished, benches have their own way of introducing a country-style décor in your balcony. Just add some colourful cushions to get the perfect look.

If you want to use space more effectively go for storage benches. Not only will these provide a nice cozy seating space but will also help in storing surplus bedding or other goods.


Decorate Small Balconies with Chair magic

There are different types of chairs as well which you can use for both decoration and use in your balconies. Spruce them up with a funky cushion or a small colourful rug to make it look all the more striking and engaging.

  • Wicker chairs look really graceful in a balcony setting.
  • Instead of going for colourful cushions you can also get a colourful chair. That will also have a wonderful effect in improving your balcony interiors.
  • Reclining chairs are also a good idea. They have a fabulous but eccentric appearance and can set the mood of your balcony space by their mere presence.
  • If you are up for a little playfulness then go for a rocking chair.

Swing it all the way

If you are willing to take it up a notch then go for a swing in your balcony. A cute and comfy swing can light up the whole space without anything else in tow. You can curl inside the swing and read a book, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, and if there are any kids in the house, they will start loving this space no matter how small.


However, in the end it’s entirely your decision how you want your balcony to appear. Some even like an empty minimalist look since it goes with the style of their home. You have to figure out the feel you want and take a step accordingly. Feel free to drop a comment or query if you need any help regarding ideas to spice up your own balcony space effectively.