4 Balcony Designs to Redecorate Your Additional Space

4 Balcony Designs to Redecorate with this Season

Indian homes are incomplete without balconies. These small or big additional spaces are a remarkable part of the floor plan. For centuries they have been part of the sculptural shape of buildings to allow irregular facades without the cost of changing up the internal structures. And for modern homeowners, they have become an extension of their luxurious interiors and are expected to be designed with only the best balcony designs.
During this extended period of staying indoors, the only place we can step out safely is to our balconies. So curating them to look and feel like a place where you can unwind after work or for the entire day requires quite the planning. So here are some design ideas to make your balcony look nothing less than a portal to a different world.
4 Creative Balcony Designs ideas are:

  1. The Bookworm’s Corner
  2. The Gardener’s Paradise
  3. A Walk Around the Park
  4. A Romantic Getaway

1. The Bookworm’s Corner

Balcony Design - With Trolley For Bookworms
The perfect location for a quiet afternoon reading session is out on the balcony, cozied up in your favorite chair. Make the space more attuned to the outdoors with plants – all over the walls and on the railings! These delicate green creepers known as the Devil’s Ivy or the Money Plant is the perfect match. This plant is known to filter out pollutants in the air and requires water only once a week. As you snuggle in with your book, how about a hot cup of tea (or coffee for caffeinated souls like me) and deep-fried goodies to keep you company on those rainy afternoons? Bring them out all at once with a multifunctional food trolley like Bonito’s very own El Carro.

2. The Gardener’s Paradise

Plant Garden Balcony Design
Show off your green thumb with a wide variety of plants in your balcony. With colorful decorative pots in different shapes and sizes, the view from this balcony is a happy one. If your house plan has a true balcony that can accommodate a few armchairs and still have some space left for a vertical garden – then why not seize the opportunity? With wooden crates serving as shelves for the potted plants, our interior designer has made sure to include almost all plants suitable for a home garden. A set of patio chairs and a coffee table is enough to comfortably enjoy the stunning view.
Balconies have been prominent in many pieces of literature down the ages also – like the one that has been used in numerous traditional staging of the play to portray the courting between Romeo and Juliet. Such was the effect of this literature on architecture that henceforth balconies that were of a similar structure were renamed as “Juliet balcony”. Some other significant balconies are the one at the St Peter’s Basilica at Rome named the Loggia delle Benedizioni – where every newly appointed Pope since the 17th century has stepped out of the conclave for the first time to give his blessings to the millions of the faith. Or the iconic balcony of the Buckingham Palace which has seen marriages and crowning anniversaries of the British royal family for centuries.

3. A Walk Around the Park

Balcony Design - With Artificial Grass Carpented Park
If your balcony is on the XL side and wraps around the exterior of the building, then the best way to style these spaces is like a park. Install artificial grass carpeting all over the flooring for a nicer feel. Add some oversized plants that one might usually see in a park and even put in a long park bench. An antique chest or a wooden cupboard like the one in the picture above can store all your gardening supplies and keep the space clean. An early morning walk on this balcony with clear fresh air and a stunning view of the sunrise all from the comfort of your own house sounds lovely in these days of staying home.

4. A Romantic Getaway

Unique Balcony Designs To Stay With Trend
And you would not even have to step out! If you have an open balcony that overlooks stunning sunsets every evening – transform it into a cozy spot for date nights with your partner or throw in a barbeque grill for BBQ with family and friends. An L-shaped sofa with numerous cushions and surrounded with softly glowing lights can elevate your spirits and enjoy your time at home. The center tables here are in the contemporary style and adds a rustic charm to the setting. A carpet is added in the space between the sofa for comfort in walking around the area.
We are reinventing balcony designs for many of our customers as the setting of the space depends on how it will be utilized. But we have seen it all – from serious home gardening setup to laid-back afternoon vibes and even a protected play area for the little one in the house. So depending on how you want this extra space of yours to look like you can decide on the type of balcony design that will suit your needs. For more information on how to design the perfect home interiors for your new address talk to our Design Experts today and let’s start creating your bespoke home together.




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    5 Sep, 2020



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