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by Sanchari B September 18, 2015 In 3BHK Home Designs | 3BHK Flat Designs Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Foyer Designs | Entryway design ideas Home decoration ideas & Tips Interiors Decoded KITCHEN Project Writeups

We recently finished working on Mr. Vinod’s 3BHK apartment in Salarpruia Greenage. Since we have already done many projects in this township, it was pretty much a cakewalk for us. But then, no project gets completed without any difficulty.
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Since we offer end to end interior solutions, we have to deal with everything by ourselves. That itself is a herculean task. But as always, we passed with flying colours. Let’s take a walk through Mr. Vinod’s interiors. Don’t worry, we have already taken permission.

Entrance interiors in Salarpuria greenage apartment

Bonito Designs has now made quite a name for making foyer areas the most welcoming space in their designs. In Mr. Vinod’s house we have used a beautiful stone cladding on the wall and to highlight the texture we have added a panel right above with spotlights in it.
The shoe cabinet that we have installed in fairly simple. But we have used a three stepped structure so that a couple of the steps can be used as display areas if the homeowner wants.
The dark brown laminate of the shoe cabinet has been used in the panel above the stone cladded wall as well as on the paneling used at the entrance. The whole design creates a sense of warmth and coziness all around.

Salarpuria Greenage Living room designs

We have given the living area a simple but classy false ceiling with both cove lights and spotlights. The TV unit is spacious with two closed cabinets, two big drawers and open ledges made according to the colour combination of the laminates used for the cabinets.
We have also used a tall unit on the right for display and given glass on both sides so that everything kept within it can be visible from both sides.
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To highlight the entertainment area, especially the TV unit, we have installed a panel right above it with spotlights. The effect is divine.

Salapuria modular Kitchen interiors concept

At the entrance of the kitchen as well, we have given our characteristic wall paneling with spotlights. We have given a small counter at the entrance which can act as both a bar counter and a breakfast counter.
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To enhance its beauty, we have used Korean material with backlighting. On the back of the counter we have added storage facilities as well. There is a bottle storage as well as a drawer in there.
Just like every other Salarpuria Greenage project we have given the kitchen a lot of storage options in the form of tandem boxes, bottle units and even open storage for easy access.
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Instead of the usual handles, we have used G-profiles for style as well as smooth open-close. The top cabinets have frosted glass shutters to add some drama to the overall uniformity of the design.

Kids’ bedroom designs in Salarpuria apartmen

The kids bedroom has a two door sliding wardrobe with a loft ahead. For both the wardrobe and the loft, we have used the same dark-coloured textured laminate. But it is unique in character because it is not only textured but also has a combination of matte and glossy finish.
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The dressing table is also a simple one with a big mirror. We have used the same dark coloured laminate that we have used for the wardrobe and loft. The G-profile that we have used for the dresser unit storage looks sleek and is easy to use.

Guest bedroom concepts in Salarpuria greenage apartments

The guest bedroom has a big slider wardrobe as well. The dark brown laminate has glossy finish which looks striking, especially when combined with the light coloured laminate sandwiched between it.
In designing the dresser we have used a simple mirror and two stepped drawers. The space below the top drawer can also be used for open storage. The laminate here has the same combination as the wardrobe which creates a thematic unity and looks beautiful.

Master bedroom designs in Salarpuria

The Master bedroom is huge in size and hence we got a great scope for experimenting with designs. We have used the whole wall of one side to create a complete storage unit in all its forms. Near the entrance is a closed cabinet meant for storing all the mess away. Right after that we have installed a full dressing table attached to the wardrobe and the closed cabinet on either of its sides.
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The dresser has a few open shelves on the left and two drawers below for storage. We have gone for a little difference in terms of the master bedroom wardrobe design.
We have used full sheets of ply to form each door of the slider wardrobe. Unlike other projects, the loft here is internal and can be seen only when the doors are slid open. The wardrobe is kingly in size. So to break the monotony of its continuous ply and laminate surface we have used shiny SS strips in a grid.
We have used G-profiles for easy open close which have blended very well with the overall SS strip grid motif. The laminate that has been used here is also a little different and looks very rich with its chocolate coloured glossy finish.

The big storage bed as well as the two side tables consist of the same laminate as the wardrobe and hence the whole set together has a royal look. We have also provided a beautiful seating space by the window for a romantic getaway right within the privacy of the bedroom. To make it useful as well, we have used the seating space as a storage unit where books or magazines can be stored easily.
Next to the seat-out area we have installed a chest of cabinets which can very well double as a study table and even as a shelf. Books, laptop or even lamps can be kept here. We have left it to the owner’s preference.
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So that is how we transformed the bare interiors of Mr. Vinod’s 3BHK into a beautiful home. It took a lot of thought, it took a lot of effort, it took a lot of creativity as well. But that’s okay. When we see a happy customer, every bit of hard work seems worth it.
If you have been struggling with beautifying your home, do give us a nudge. Who knows, maybe Bonito Designs would be the one to make your dream home come true.
So contact us right away if you are looking for some unique and head turning designs. Just reach us at https://bonito.in/contact/