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While designing your home interiors, the living room undoubtedly gains most of the attention. Anyone will wish to have a super glorious living room to invite the guests, just after the foyer area. But often designing the living room without any planning can also lead to disastrous results. Hence, it is quite essential to have proper planning for your living room interior design or rather get in touch with an expert to save time and money.

Steps involved in Living Room Interior Design

So, how do you actually design your living room in the most appropriate way?
Here are some of the steps that you need to follow.
Living Room Interior Design

The Dimension of the Room:

The very first thing that you need to pay attention to is the dimension of the living room. Usually, in an apartment, the living room is the biggest area. If it is your own house, you must have surely developed a huge living room, planning a lot of things.
The area measurement of a room plays a major role in getting it designed. If the area is small, introducing elements such as full-size floor rugs or dark wall shades can make the room even smaller. Hence, it is essential to check the dimensions first and then plan the designs of the room accordingly to get the right look.

The Budget:

After analyzing the area of the room, it is also very essential to have a proper estimate of the budget that you can comfortably invest in the designing of the living room. There is an endless number of things that an individual can implement to make a living room cherishable. But there is no point in inviting extra burden in doing so. A much better way is to have an estimated budget and then plan the design according to the budget and stick to it.

The Elements to Introduce:

Having a budget can help you a lot in deciding the right design for the living room. Of course, there are some basics that you need to decide upon first such as the shade of the walls, furniture, lighting, and upholstery. But apart from this also, there are many other elements that can help in transforming the look of your room such as a fascinating TV unit, an eye-catching chandelier, or simple artifacts here and there. When you have a fixed budget and you have a clear vision, you can always negotiate upon the ones that are not a priority at the moment while choosing all your essential elements in a much smarter way.

How to Choose Living Room Interior Design Colors?

Okay! So, the very first task that you need to achieve in living room interior design is the color that you wish to have on the walls. While choosing the right shades can help you in offering your living room a lavish touch, selecting random colors can create a complete mess. Hence, while choosing the colors for the living room interior, it is a great idea to check out these eminent points.
How to Choose Living Room Interior Design Colours

Check for Vastu:

In India, there are so many homeowners, who strictly follow the Vastu rules while designing their home interiors. If you are also among such people, there are several such Vastu-approved colors that also enhance the look of the living room. One of the most common colors according to Vastu is green, which is known to welcome harmony in the house. Apart from green, there are also many other colors that are perfect for the living room as per Vastu such as a relaxing white, warm muted pink, optimistic orange, grounded brown, and tranquil blue.

Check for Efficiency:

Just choosing a color based on the Vastu will not be a great decision. It is also essential to understand which color will efficiently enhance the look of the living room. If the living room is within a closure with no balconies or so, then it is essential to bring brighter elements to the room. In such a case, offering the walls a neutral shade such as beige, off-white, and others can be a great help. Similarly, if you wish to bring greenery home but there are the lesser provisions for doing so, paint the walls green that can provide a bit of the green effect surely.

Add Drama:

If you are lucky enough to have a huge living room with proper natural lighting, you can always include drama elements in the room. For such cases, you can confidently choose the color black for the walls. Again, selecting the color gray can also allow you to add a lot of color pops on the wall that can stand out in an attractive way.

How Should You Layout Living Room Furniture?

Furniture is the most important element in any living room. It is only after you have installed the right furniture that you can introduce any other decorative elements complementing the furniture. But in order to add up the decoratives and other elements and to make the living room look comfortable, it is essential to install the furniture in the right way.
How Should You Layout Living Room Furniture?

A Focal Point:

Decide upon a focal point where you wish to install your seating set up. Quite obvious, the seating area has to be somewhere that is the largest and spacious area of the living room. Also, this should be the area from where the TV can be easily accessed and watched.

Conversational Areas:

Do not forget that when guests arrive, they will want to sit together at a single place for having conversations. Even for the family members, you require a proper setup to have a warm conversation on a rainy day over a cup of ginger tea. Hence, the layout of the furniture should be such that it can allow everyone to sit at a single place and have comfortable conversations facing each other.

Traffic Flow:

Not just the seating set up, but there can be many other furniture that you might wish to introduce in your living room. While doing so, you should surely make sure to leave sufficient space for walking. Also, make sure to leave sufficient space between the furniture and the walls of the living room for cleaning purposes.

Wallpaper or paint for your Living Room Design?

A lot of people get stuck between choosing wallpaper or paint while deciding on their living rooms. The selection depends upon a number of factors such as cost, durability, and others.
Wallpaper or paint for your Living Room Design


Today, wall paints are available in several types such as smooth finish, velvet finish, and others. Also, the wallpapers are available in different varieties, but when it comes to customization, wall paints always win over wallpapers. You have the option of customizing the wall paints in your own way while you have selected the right one from the already manufactured wallpapers.

The Application:

When it comes to ease of application, it may seem that applying wallpaper is quite easy, but the reality is much different. You will require professional assistance in order to install wallpapers even if it is just a peel-off and paste task. But such difficulty is not there in the case of wall paints. Of course, if you are doing it yourself, you will require a bit of knowledge about how to apply the paint properly on the walls to get the best results.


Wallpapers are much more durable than wall paints. On average, very good wall paint can last for 5 to 6 years and after that, it starts fading out. But wallpapers on the contrary are known to last much longer. But again, this happens only when the wallpapers are pasted on walls that are away from heat or humidity. This is the reason why wallpapers are not a good idea for places such as the kitchen or the bathroom. They started getting damaged much easier.


Expense plays a major role in deciding whether you should get your walls painted or paste wallpapers on them. Wallpapers are no doubt expensive when compared to the average wall paints. But if you decide to choose the high-end high-quality wall paints available now, then the expense might be similar to that of the wallpapers.


There can be a number of times when you might have applied the wall paints without planning and you end up realizing that it is not at all suiting your interiors. To undo the wall paint can be a treacherous task and is equally time-consuming in nature. But this is not in the case of wallpapers. As the wallpapers are all about pasting them on the walls, they can easily come out when you peel them off. Do not worry about the walls as these wallpapers are designed in such a way that does not damage your walls even if you peel them off.[/vc_column_text]


It is also important to check out the durability and maintenance of the flooring type that you are selecting for your living room. Usually, hardwood flooring may require a higher amount of maintenance and care when compared to other options such as ceramic, linoleum, and others.

The Atmosphere:

While selecting the flooring, the most common thing that is checked out is the comfort zone of the people who are living in the house. Usually, in tropical countries such as India, it is ideal to have marble, stone, concrete, or tile flooring to keep the floor cool during the hot summers. In the case of winters, there are always the ideas of installing carpets and rugs on the floor to stay warm.

How to Plan Your Living Room Storage Solutions?

Though the living room is the place to invite your guests, being the biggest area of the room, it can also house a number of storage solutions. It is quite understood that you do not wish to mess with the look of the living room but there are several ideas that can include storage solutions without even damaging the glamour of the room.
How to Plan Your Living Room Storage Solutions

The TV Unit:

The TV unit can be a great option where you can have several small or even at times spacious drawers and pull-outs for storage purposes. If not within the TV unit, then even having a sleek wardrobe beside the TV unit is a great idea of having a storage solution without hampering the look.

The Center Table:

There are several heavy wooden center tables available now that come with drawers and other storage solutions. Or go for a full glass top one if you don’t want to overwhelm the area.

The Ottomans:

Having ottoman seats along with the sofa seat definitely introduces even more comfort and trendiness to the room. Having these ottomans does not just increase the seating capacity of the room but also offers storage capacity too

Cabinets and Cupboards:

Apart from specific areas such as the TV units and the seating areas, several cabinets and cupboards can be also installed with beautiful handles and knobs, if space in the living room permits. If you have a vision that you require a good amount of storage solutions in your living room in advance, then you can plan better.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

All your efforts in decorating your living room can go in vain if you do not have proper lighting in there. Of course, there are the basic lights to lighten up the room, but when you have invested so much in offering your living room a look, you will also require to make it brighten up in a better way. Here are some of the living room lighting ideas that can surely help in such a case.
Living Room Lighting Ideas

Focus Lights:

If you have a special artifact or something to which you wish to draw the attention of the guests, then you should surely have focus lights installed. These focus lights can be from the ceiling or can be also installed as statement lights.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Color Changing Lights:

The living room is not just for inviting and welcoming guests with bright lights. It is also a perfect destination for family get-togethers. Hence, having color-changing lights can be a great idea too. When you wish to have brighter lights, you can switch on the white lights, otherwise set a cozy mood with the dull lights.

Lamps and Lanterns:

Offer your living room a Moroccan or a traditional Indian look with the use of lamps and lanterns. These not just set the mood but also create drama in the room.

How to Choose Perfect Living Room Curtains?

When every other element is all set to go, it is time to set the right upholstery to complete the look. Choosing the right curtains for your living room from a wide range of options can be challenging. Try out these tricks to ease out your selection.
How to Choose Perfect Living Room Curtains

The Fabric:

Choose the right fabric depending upon the look of the living room. For example, if you have provided a comfortable aesthetic to the room, stick to comfortable fabrics such as cotton or linen. On the other hand, if your living room is a place where a lot of drama is unfolding, you can go for options such as silk or satin to match up with the shimmering of the room.

The Color:

After you have decided upon the fabric, it is time to check out the color of the curtains. The color of the curtains should be something that complements the living room well. Hence, it should be either something that matches the furniture or should be something that is in contrast to the wall shades of the room.

Parting Thought

The living room of any house stands out to be the statement room. It is the first place that welcomes any guest and hence has the highest pressure of looking the best. But designing the living room does not mean adorning it with whatever comes to mind. It is about planning so that the right combinations can offer the right look to one of the most important rooms of the entire house.
Living Room Interior Design


Whether you wish to have a curtain with trims, borders, or any other styling depends a lot on your taste. Of course, when you have got interior designs such as Bohemian or coastal for your living room, you can always add some similar patterns and borders to the curtains too. But overall, it can be an individual choice too.

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