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by Sravani Padmanabhuni February 16, 2015 In Blog DIY home decor ideas Uncategorized

Playing with colorful buttons in the childhood could be the fondest of memories for many of us. Buttons fascinate the grown-ups as much as they do the kids. Did you know you could use buttons creatively to decorate your old stuff and make a lot of new things? The décor items made of colorful buttons are capable to liven up the ambiance of any place.

In fact, if you have recently shifted to a new place or wish to revamp some areas of your home, then read on to find out how can you do it. Here are some cool and interesting DIY projects to create awesome stuff!

Chic Bracelet:

Use some matching colored buttons to decorate your old bracelet or just spice up your new one. Fit your cute buttons into small metal rings then attach them in a string and your button bracelet is ready. This is one of the best bracelet DIY ideas for bracelet lovers.

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Match them up your funky bracelet with casual outfits.

Trendy Shoes:

You can revamp your old shoes and make them as good as new. Just pick your sandals and stick colorful buttons of variable sizes. Try to put on some glitzy kind of buttons to make your footwear party wear.

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For funky and casual style choose different pastel colored buttons. Not just that! You can even stick some buttons onto the straps of your slippers and make them look hipper.

Cool Clock:

A nice wall clock can always enhance the look of the place. If you are an adventure geek, try giving a new face for your boring wall clock.  Stick some colorful and stylish bunch of buttons on the outer lining of the clock and make it look trendier.

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You can choose to buttons in contrast to the color of the wall that you would want to put it up on.

Multi-Colored DIY button Belt:

A stylish belt could really help you get the kind of look you want to adorn. Here is how you can get one. Use your old belt to deck it up with buttons of different sizes and make it modish.

buttonbelt (1)

You can team up this with your regular jeans or even with a chic dress to set a style statement.

Framed Initials:

A personalized framed buttoned initial could just be the perfect décor for your bedroom or your living area. Arrange the buttons in a way to form a particular letter or the initial of your name. Get this framed according to your own preference. Buttons can be put in various other arrangements as well.

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From a rainbow to some randomly arranged buttons, let your imagination drive you through this.

Colorful Coasters:

The colorful coasters made of assorted buttons can make your coffee table look attractive. Put together some equal sized colorful buttons and stick them in a circular or rectangular form.

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You can even use other accessories like beads, stones to make your coasters more beautiful.

Stylish Pen Holder:

Return back to your childhood and make some creative stuff out of the unused cans or jars. Use your imagination to décor them with a bunch of multi -colored buttons.

DIY pencil holder stands

You can just sew the buttons onto a ribbon and tie it around the neck of the jar or the can that you use. Your kids would love such a crafted item for their study table.

Button Art:

Are you fond of making handmade cards? Using buttons to make cards and other artistic stuff could a really innovative way to do so.

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Try using some interesting designs while putting cute buttons on it. It adds a lot of cuteness to the stuff that you create.

Exquisite Napkin Rings:

You can take a big sized button and string a ribbon to it in a way that both the loose ends of the ribbon are attached to the button. This makes a napkin ring. Use same colored rings as that of the napkins you put in them while you arrange the dinner table.

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A lot of these ideas can come in handy not just to decorate your home but also to make your kid’s craft projects. In fact your children would love to use these ideas and create something by themselves. The best part of all this is that it wouldn’t even hurt your pocket to get through with these ideas.


So get hold of a handful of buttons and use your creativity while you get started with any of these ideas.