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Who does not wish to have a dream home? But just developing a structure with bricks and mortar is not enough. A pleasing home will require a good amount of designing to make it stunning at the interiors too. It doesn’t really matter if you have got a small apartment. But it does matter on the fact how you have decorated your house and how you have maintained it. One of the best ways to decorate your home in an appealing way is to follow the home interior design trends. 

Interior Designing – Overview

If you are someone who wishes to have an absolutely arranged interior, you should surely consider the latest interior design trends. 

While it is always a great idea to get in touch with an expert to get the task done, it is also crucial to be aware of some trends too to get the best results. When you discuss with the experts based on the research that you have done, the team may come up with some more fruitful ideas that can help in offering a much better look to your house interiors. 

Interior Design Trends 2023

Looking for the interior design trends 2021? Here are some of the options that you can check out. 

 #1 Interior Design Trends – Pantone colours 

Pantone is a famous name that releases different colours or colour combinations each year that is used in different options such as printing or in interior designing. In the year 2020, it came up with the colour classic blue that became an instant hit in different areas such as home designing, the fashion world, and many others. This year also, Pantone has come up with a unique design that has already started trending in different sectors. The combination of the colour grey with sunny yellow has become one of the interior design current trends. 

Interior Design Trends - Pantone colours

In this combination, the shade grey is a mature colour while the sunny yellow is a bright and jolly shade. The two contrasting shades come up to provide a design that surely everyone will love to have. Though different designers may use this combination in different ways, one of the best ways is to use the shade grey in the backdrop. The bright sunny yellow can be used in different areas such as the headboard or the cupboards while the background wall has a grey shade. 

#2 Interior Design Trends – Rounded Furniture

You must have noticed rectangular shapes such as squares and rectangles quite often in the case of furniture shapes lately. But the year 2021 is welcoming rounded furniture once again. Apart from the rounded shape, the year has also welcomed curves to match up with the rounded furniture. 

This is the year when you will see the trend of chairs with rounded backs and curvy legs. You will also notice the entry of rounded coffee tables or even rounded dinner tables with those heavy curvy legs once again now. 

Interior Design Trends - Rounded Furniture

If you are also going by the trend and are getting such furniture options, it is necessary that you get rugs and cushions also matching the rounded and curvy shapes. To match the interiors well, install a round rug at the center of the room or under your round coffee table that creates an appealing look. If you are getting a round-shaped bed to create a lavish bedroom interior, match it up with a huge rounded rug or carpet underneath the bed. Whether it is your bedroom or living space, do not forget to replace those square cushions with rounded ones. 

#3 Interior Design Trends – Light coloured wood 

In the past years, dark-shaded wooden textures were trending very much. People loved the idea of installing doors and cabinets made up of mahogany wood that is darker in shade. But the current year is all about a contrasting colour. It will be about the rubberwood or maple wood that has a lighter shade. 

Interior Design Trends - Light coloured wood

Using wooden options such as on the floor or on the wall generates a feeling of warmth and coziness in the room. But often the darker shade wood options also create a congested environment if it is not installed in the right place. The light coloured wood can be used also in the small space as it offers the same warmth but without making the space congested. 

#4 Interior Design Trends – Materials like rattan cane and terrazzo 

The rattan cane and the terrazzo have returned this year with a boom. These are such designs that can be used across the home for different purposes. 

We Indians always love to have a combination of traditional along with modern designs. There are so many who wish to get the latest design trends but wish to keep some of their heritage furniture or artifacts untouched. Hence, most Indians look for an interior design that offers a cozy design by maintaining the old character of the place. The rattan mattresses or the cane furniture options will offer the exact option and are soon becoming the latest interior design trends in India. 

With the terrazzo design on the walls or on the floor, you can install the soft furnishing of jute and cane that is absolutely perfect for the summers, springs, or even the onset of autumn. Moreover, such furniture options will also match up well with the light shade wooden installation that you must have done on the wall or other places. 

#5 Interior Design Trends – The grand millennial style 

In the past few years, it seemed that modern interior designs were replacing vintage designs. But the return of the grand millennial style has ultimately saved the vintage design to become extinct. It is mainly the design for those who wish to break the monotony of similar designs everywhere. This design is perfect for those individuals who love to collect artifacts and antique items from different places and arrange them as decorations in the house. 

Moreover, when you have decided to get the grand millennial style at your place, you do not have to think much about the perfections. The diverseness of the arrangements of these antiques in the interiors only brings out the beauty. You need to have a personal approach on how you wish to install the old furniture from your grandparents or arrange the artifacts that you bought from a heritage destination that you last visited. 

#6 Interior Design Trends – Sustainable and eco-friendly decor 

Scientists and nature protectors have been screaming at the top of their voices for a decade or more about preserving nature. If we keep on exploiting the environment, soon we will see the end of life on Earth. The movie 2012 was a glimpse of how Mother Nature will show her wrath if humans do not respect and care for her now. 

Quite obvious not everyone can go ahead with the activities of nature preservation. But a small act of kindness can also have a great impact on it. One such way is to make use of eco-friendly decor for your interiors. 

Interior Design Trends - Sustainable and eco-friendly decor 

Replace the items of plastic and synthetic with natural items such as wood, cane, and others that are biodegradable in nature. You can make use of wooden texture for your cupboards, cabinets, and television fixtures. Similarly, you can make use of cotton rugs in place of polypropylene. Install planters and creepers even indoors apart from the outdoors of your house. Making proper use of these items does not just contribute respect towards nature but also helps in beautifying your interiors. 

#7 Interior Design Trends – Retro elements from the 80s 

There are so many things from the past that are making a comeback in the year 2021. One such design is that of the retro elements from the 80s. The jazzy and the glossy lights or the eye-catching textures are becoming a part of the interior design current trends again after so many years. If you are thinking of transforming your current home interiors to the retro design look, go slow so that you do not overdo it. 

You can start by using wallpapers to create faux arches on the doors and the windows. If you wish to get a permanent look, you can also make use of the POP walls and ceilings to get this look on your doors and windows. For areas such as your living room or the dining area, you can install metallic lights or chandeliers to create a look from the 80s. 

Interior Design Trends - Retro elements from the 80s

Get multiple coloured cushions on your elongated sofa. The concept of the retro is to try bold designs. You can use different bold options in terms of choosing colours or fabrics for the upholstery. The fabric velvet is one of the favourite fabrics of designers who love to recreate retro design. 

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So, here comes some of the fascinating interior design trends 2021 that you can try out to give your home interiors a new look. Choose the right design based on the structure and the space that you have got. If you are confused, do not hesitate to get help from a professional interior designer to get the best results.