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Our mothers’ homes are our favorite place on earth. It is a place where once we go, we never want to leave. A haven of the right balance between tranquility and comfortable design. We have always wondered how did our mothers’ mismatched decors and their eclectic decor selections still make our childhood homes look harmonious and set them apart from other homes. We went back to our childhood homes and picked out 5 things that make our mom’s home our favorite home.

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1. The smell of home-cooked food

As soon as we step through the door, this all too familiar smell of delicious home-cooked food hung heavy in the air. We never might have taken notice of it before – but we realised what we were missing out on once we decided to move out. Our mothers did not use artificial air fresheners but had a pleasant fragrance in the home at all times.

2. Mom’s love for all things antique

Remember the plethora of items kept on the showcase? It never had a certain theme to the decor and some of the antique items didn’t even make much sense to us, but the sentiments our mothers held for each show-piece are what made our house, a home. Somehow, this has also been passed onto us and where ever we go we collect knick-knacks and souvenirs to decorate our own home as well. If you have inherited some of her antiques or a beautiful piece caught your eye recently, here are 15 engaging decor ideas that can make your home seem classically vintage.

3. Her carefully nurtured spice garden

Fresh herbs and spices from the garden were a routine thing when our mothers made us meals.
From the spicy green chilies to the fresh springs of curry and coriander leaves, the flavor in our mother’s cooking could never be replicated elsewhere. The amount of love and care she gave her garden sometimes made us think that every seed that was sown and sapling that sprouted were new additions to our family. If not a spice garden, make your own space full of greens by reading up on How To Decorate Small Balconies.

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4. Her collection of travel souvenirs

Every family trip always came to an end with souvenir shopping. Mothers have always been the best at choosing the prettiest trinkets to bring back home, a special place already thought of for each piece. From magnets gracing the fridge door, handcrafted wall hangings, and even pretty pebbles and seashells from the shore, mothers always knew how to make the most of every souvenir they gathered during their travel. 

5. The sweet takeaways when you return

Having heavier bags every time we return back to your place after visiting your mother is something all of have experienced multiple times in our lives. Although we crib about it being an inconvenience, all of us secretly wait for the pickles and sweets carefully packed into our bags. Mothers always have the norm that food is always more important than clothes and well, we couldn’t agree more!
The finer details our mothers look into while turning the house into a family home is what sets it apart from every other home in the world, be it even our own. No matter how much we try to replicate the decor and styling elements we’ve grown up seeing, it’s always missing the irreplaceable spark our mothers hold.
We at Bonito celebrate motherhood in all its glory and are grateful for our first design mentors since childhood. While we won’t be able to replicate your mother’s home in the essence, we will definitely strive to replicate it in design. Talk to our Design Experts today and let’s start creating your bespoke home together.