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The craft of interior design themes is all about creating a space that communicates our aesthetic sensibilities. It is an everlasting journey that we plan, ponder, and execute meticulously. 

Interior design styles in 2023 reflect a greater emphasis on sustainability, well-being, and personalization. Whether it’s through the use of eco-friendly materials, bringing nature indoors, or creating versatile spaces, homeowners are seeking designs that align with their values and enhance their overall quality of life. 

At Bonito Designs, we understand the significance of personalisation and the art of creating a cohesive design concept that truly speaks to you. Get ready to be inspired as we unveil the secrets to creating a space that is truly your own, a testament to your unique taste and style. 

15 Home Design Trends That Will Astound You! 

1. Mosaic and Terrazzo 

Mosaic and Terrazzo design style

Mosaic, originating from ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece, has a rich history dating back thousands of years. It involves arranging small coloured pieces, typically glass, stone, or ceramic, to create intricate patterns and designs. 

Terrazzo, with its roots in ancient Venetian architecture, has gained popularity for its versatility and striking appearance.

The resurgence of mosaic and terrazzo in 2023 can be attributed to their ability to add depth, character, and a touch of luxury to any space. These materials effortlessly blend with various interior design styles, whether it’s adding a traditional charm or a contemporary twist.

Pro-Tip: With endless possibilities to use terrazzo and mosaic, they go best in wet areas such as kitchen counter tops, bathroom backsplashes, and flooring. They are highly durable and resistant to stains, water damage, and scratches, making them suitable choices for these areas. 

2. Banquet Seating in Kitchen  

Banquet Seating in Kitchen  for home interiors

Banquet seating, often referred to as built-in or breakfast nook seating, is becoming a sought-after feature in kitchen areas. This unique seating arrangement offers a distinctive charm and functionality that is gaining popularity in interior design styles for 2023. 

One of the main driving forces behind the popularity of banquet seating in 2023 is its incredible versatility. It offers a flexible seating solution that can accommodate varying numbers of people, making it ideal for both intimate family meals and entertaining guests. 

If we assume that each person requires about 2 feet of space to comfortably sit, this banquet seating arrangement can comfortably accommodate 8 individuals. This is double the seating capacity compared to the traditional dining set. 

Pro Tip: You can incorporate additional storage options underneath the seats, making it a practical choice for kitchens with limited space. 

3. Infusing Earthy & Neutral Tones 

Infusing Earthy & Neutral Tones for home interiors

Earthy and neutral tones have long been revered for their ability to create a harmonious and soothing atmosphere through interior design themes.  The influence of earthy and neutral tones in space is profound.

A few combinations that you can consider trying in interior design for 2023 are as follows: 



  1. Warm Terracotta and Soft Beige 

Combine the warmth of terracotta with the softness of beige for a cosy and inviting atmosphere. 

  1. Olive Green and Warm Grey 

Use olive green as the dominant colour for walls or large furniture pieces and complement it with warm grey upholstery and decor for a serene and nature-inspired palette. 

  1. Rustic Brown and Creamy White 

Brown walls or wooden elements combined with white furniture and accessories induce an enticing ambience. 

These colours, inspired by nature’s palette, evoke a sense of tranquillity, warmth, and balance. They
provide a neutral backdrop that allows other elements, such as textures, patterns, and furnishings, to shine.

4. Accent Lighting: Paper and Fabric

Accent Lighting: Paper and Fabric for home interiors

Paper and fabric accent lighting are emerging as popular interior design styles for 2023. They add a touch of uniqueness that captivates both homeowners and designers. 

One of the distinctive features of paper and fabric accent lighting is their ability to create a soft and diffused glow. 

Consider using pendant lights that diffuse the light, creating a soft and warm ambience. Place them above dining tables, kitchen islands, or living room areas for a striking visual impact. Wall sconce fixtures can be mounted at eye level or higher, casting a gentle and indirect glow. Floor lamps can be positioned in corners or near seating areas to create a warm and inviting glow.

Pro Tip: Use fabric or paper accent lighting to highlight specific architectural features, artwork, or decorative elements in the room. For instance, angling a spotlight with a fabric shade to highlight a sculptural artwork on a wall will create a captivating and dynamic lighting effect.

5. Neo-Traditional Styles

Neo-Traditional Styles for home interiors

Incorporating classic elements with contemporary touches, this interior design style exudes comfort and elegance at the same time.

One of the key characteristics of neo-traditional interior design is its focus on craftsmanship. This style incorporates intricate mouldings, ornate woodwork, and rich textures, showcasing the artistry and skill of traditional craftsmanship.  

These exquisite details add a sense of refinement and sophistication to the space, creating an ambience that feels both inviting and luxurious.

Pro Tip: Infuse a colour palette inspired by traditional design, featuring hues such as warm neutrals, soft pastels, and deep jewel tones to evoke a sense of eternal character. 

6. Re imagining Old Furniture 

Reimagining Old Furniture

Vintage or antique pieces carry a story and a sense of charm that cannot be replicated with new furniture. By repurposing and updating these pieces, homeowners can create a captivating juxtaposition between old and new, resulting in a truly personalised and curated global interior design style.  

Through refinishing, reupholstering, or repainting old pieces can be transformed to align with current design trends or reflect personal preferences.  

One of the most common methods is reupholstering furniture with new fabric. Choose a durable fabric that can be implemented, including linen, cotton, velvet, leather, or even eco-friendly options like recycled fabrics or sustainable textiles. 

Another way to repurpose furniture is by painting or staining it to give it a fresh look. This method works well for wooden furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, or dressers. Instead of completely reupholstering a piece of furniture, you can add upholstered accents to complement the existing upholstery or decor of the room. 

7. Textured Tiles 

Textured Tiles for home interiors

With their unique characteristics and ability to transform spaces, textured tiles are the latest interior design trend for 2023. Textured tiles are getting noticed for their ability to create a dynamic and engaging visual effect. 

Transform your kitchen with a textured tile backsplash. Opt for tiles with raised patterns, embossed designs, or natural textures like stone or brick. Make a grand first impression by installing textured tiles in the entryway. Textured tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic while adding a sense of style and sophistication.  

Extend the use of textured tiles to outdoor spaces, such as patios, balconies, or poolside areas. Consider tiles with slip-resistant textures or natural stone finishes to create a visually pleasing and safe outdoor environment. 

8. Mirror in Interior Design Style 

Mirror in Interior Design Style 

There’s nothing like a gorgeous mirror to spruce up a room! Whether you prefer a sleek and modern frame less design or an ornate vintage style, there’s something out there to perfectly complement your decor.

By reflecting both natural and artificial light, mirrors brighten up a space, making it feel more open and airy. They can be customised to match any interior design theme.

For a minimalist interior, opt for a clean and simple mirror design. Choose frame less mirrors or mirrors with sleek and understated frames. In a Scandinavian-inspired interior, choose mirrors with light-coloured frames made of natural materials like light wood or bamboo.

If you are looking for a traditional Indian theme, look for mirrors with carved wooden frames and brass or silver filigree work with traditional motifs like peacocks or floral patterns.

Pro Tip: Position a mirror to capture and reflect a scenic view, artwork, or any other visually appealing element in the room. This can create a sense of depth and bring the outdoor beauty indoors. 

9. Bold & Brutalist Style 

Bold & Brutalist Style 

Rooted in the architectural movement of the mid-20th century, Brutalism embraces raw materials, geometric forms, and a sense of rawness that sets it apart from other interior design styles.

Concrete, steel, and other industrial materials take centre stage, showcasing their natural textures and structural qualities. Rather than concealing these materials, Brutalism celebrates them, allowing their inherent beauty to shine through. 

10. Hidden Treasure – Pantry 

Hidden Treasure - Pantry for home interiors

Concealed behind cabinet doors or hidden pantries, they offer a stylish and practical solution for storing food items and kitchen essentials.

By hiding pantry items behind closed doors, the kitchen maintains a streamlined and organised appearance. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also promotes a sense of calm and order, making it easier to navigate and work within the kitchen environment.

Pro Tip: Pantry doors can contribute to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Select materials based on the style and colour scheme of your kitchen. 

11. Plaster Walls

Plaster Walls for home interior designs

Plaster walls offer a timeless and eco-friendly solution that adds a touch of elegance to any type of theme in interior design. 

They also stand out for their sustainable highlights. Unlike synthetic materials, plaster is made from natural components such as gypsum, sand, and lime. This composition makes it an eco-friendly choice, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing process. 

12. Trending Sofas 

Trending Sofas for home interior designs

The modular sofa designed by Mario Bellini in 1970 continues to attract homeowners and designers in 2023, making a strong comeback in interior design themes.

The distinctive aesthetic of the Camaleonda sofa lies in its organic and sculptural form. With its generous proportions and rounded shapes, the sofa exudes a sense of comfort and relaxation. Its revival in popularity can be attributed to the growing appreciation for mid-century modern aesthetics and the nostalgia it evokes.

13. Go Chic & Eclectic

Go Chic & Eclectic for home interiors

The eclectic interior design style is known for its ability to seamlessly blend elements from different eras and design movements.

It embraces a mix of traditional and contemporary furnishings, incorporating vintage and antique pieces alongside modern accents. Fabrics such as luxurious velvets, intricate jacquards, and elegant damasks are often used to add depth and visual interest to the space.

Pro Tip: When designing an eclectic interior style, it’s important to find a unifying element that ties the diverse elements together. For instance, here, the designer has used metal accents as a unifying element. 

14. Hydraulic Kitchen Tiles 

Hydraulic Kitchen Tiles for home interiors

Hydraulic tiles have emerged as a prominent trend in modern theme interior design, particularly in kitchen spaces.

These tiles are crafted using a technique that combines coloured cement and hydraulic presses, resulting in intricate and vibrant patterns. The resurgence of interest in artisanal and handmade products has contributed to the popularity of hydraulic tiles.

Pro Tip: When selecting cabinet materials to complement hydraulic tiles, natural wood is an excellent choice. The warmth and organic texture of the wood provide a beautiful contrast to the vibrant patterns of the tiles. 

15. Caned/ Weaved Furniture (Modern Farmhouse)

Caned/ Weaved Furniture for home interiors

Derived from the flexible stems of rattan palms and woven into intricate patterns, these materials exude a timeless charm that instantly adds warmth and texture to any space. 

The natural variations in colour and texture make each piece unique, creating an authentic and artisanal feel that cannot be replicated by synthetic alternatives. Their lightweight nature allows for easy manoeuvrability, enabling you to effortlessly rearrange and transform your space as desired. 

Pro Tip: Rattan and wicker can be sturdy, but avoid placing heavy objects or sitting on delicate areas that may weaken the structure. 

Set Forth a New Journey 

Your home is an extension of yourselfa sanctuary where you can truly be yourself and find unmatched comfort. It is a canvas on which you can express your passions, inspirations, and individuality.

At Bonito Designs, we believe that your space should tell your story, showcasing your journey and aspirations. Our journey through the latest interior design trends of 2023 has revealed the endless possibilities that lie in merging cultural influences with personal preferences.

Take the next step towards transforming your space into a haven of beauty and functionality. Contact Bonito Designs today and let us create a home that exceeds your expectations. 

Discover Your Signature Style with Bonito Designs! 

What is the best way to incorporate the latest interior design trends without overwhelming my home?

When incorporating global interior themes, it’s essential to strike a balance and avoid overwhelming your space. Start by choosing one theme or style as your primary inspiration, and then add subtle accents or elements from other styles. 

Can I mix different global interior design styles in one room?

Yes, it is possible to mix different global interior themes in one room, but it requires careful consideration and planning. To achieve a successful fusion, identify common elements or design principles that connect the themes you want to incorporate. 

Are there any specific colour palettes associated with the themes of Bonito's designs?

Yes, each interior design theme is often associated with specific colour palettes that help create the desired atmosphere. For instance, Moroccan design tends to feature rich jewel tones, such as deep blues, emerald greens, and vibrant oranges. 

How can I personalise contemporary theme interior design to reflect my style?

While embracing a specific theme, add personal touches such as family photographs, artwork you love, or souvenirs from your travels. Consider incorporating elements that have sentimental value or resonate with your cultural background.