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Have you ever felt so happy to cook? Make your kitchen a wonderful place by bringing in wonderful interiors and exclusive galley kitchen ideas. Pick your favourite tips that would fit like a glove for your kitchen to make it an extremely wonderful place to work, cook and read.

Overlaid wall units

Galley kitchen ideas - Interior designers in bangaloreSource

Galley kitchens look amazing when it has glazed wall units, as it will create a realistic feel of having a corridor.

Creating a corridor

Galley kitchen corridor ideas - Interior designers in bangaloreSource

If you are a nature lover, you can create a corridor at the end of your kitchen to rest yourself and have a sip of hot tea or coffee with lovely breeze and chirps of birds.

Extension at the end

Now, you can read and work while you cook. Wondering how?


Aye, it is possible if you allocate a space at the end of your galley kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen designs

Galley kitchen at a small space?

Galley kitchen minimalistic designs - Interior designers in bangaloreSource

Take a look at the minimalist galley kitchen designs and try this idea if you own a compact kitchen space.

Obscure runway units

How about having handle-less cabinets in your kitchen?
The beauty of having a galley kitchen is to have a obscure runway units throughout the kitchen space to make the entire space look neat and defined.

Island at galley kitchen

An island in the galley kitchen will add an appealing look to the entire space.

Galley Island kitchen design concept - Interior designers in bangaloreSource

Not just that, you can also use the island as a breakfast counter and also use it as a work station, abode to place electrical appliances, etc.

Lighting makes a difference

Do you know that lighting a kitchen can make it look so luxurious?

Galley kitchen lighting ideas - Interior designers in bangaloreSource

Light it in such a way that the galley kitchen looks all the more shimmering bright due to amazing sense of lighting.

Round edged worktops

Galley kitchen worktop designs - Interior designers in bangaloreSource

Round edged worktops at kitchen will give your galley kitchen a different appearance and avoids space constraints.

Play with shades

Different shades of cabinets and walls in your kitchen will look awesome. Make your kitchen a better place to look and cook.

Galley kitchen designs - Interior designers in bangaloreSource

Create magic using colours so that your galley kitchen look all the more attractive.

Balance in galley kitchen

Design your galley kitchen following any one of the design principles.

Galley kitchen_designs - Interior designers in bangaloreSource

When you use balance while designing the kitchen, you can save a lot of space and also improvise the look of your kitchen.

Luxury ceiling designs

Luxury ceiling can look great when used in the galley kitchen.

Interior designer bangaloreSource

Place the island cabinet right under the ceiling so that the kitchen has a symmetrical balance maintained throughout.
Pick any of your favourite ideas to adorn your galley kitchen and make your cooking space more adorable.