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by Sravani Padmanabhuni August 13, 2014 In Blog Home decoration ideas & Tips Uncategorized

Different types of lighting for different rooms

As designer’s say..
“The mood and tone of your home too can be defined by the lighting in your home.”

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Lighting is such an important aspect of a home that it should be given prior importance. Lights are not just functional but different types of lights also add to the design element of a home.
There are many who think that just one type of lighting is enough for the whole home but it is not so. When the functions of each room are different, how can lights be the same for all rooms? Thus it is important to understand different types and functions of lighting and then use them accordingly in different rooms.


Thankfully, today, various types of lighting are available, be it in functionality or design. All you have to do is understand about lighting and then choose the ones apt for your home.
There can be different kinds of lighting, ambient, warm, elegant and rich. Let us look into these kinds of lighting and how they can be used to better your homes and living.

1. Ambient lighting in Interior design

Ambient lighting is perhaps the most common type of lighting used in households. It is the kind of a ‘one point’ light that is expected to light up the entire space or the entire room. Hence it is also referred to as general lighting.


The main purpose of ambient lighting is to provide a uniform lighting to a room or space. When putting on a single light with a switch and the whole room gets illuminated, then that is ambient lighting.
Having an ambient lighting in interiors does not mean that one cannot have any special lights in the room. Ambient lighting can be fixed on the ceiling or even recessed fixtures can give out ambient lighting. Wall sconces are another features that can provide ambient lighting.
Where to use ambient lighting in interior designing?
The Kitchen: Kitchen is a place where ambient lighting will work well.


It is important that kitchen has the necessary and adequate lighting so that the cooking processes of cutting, chopping and food preparation are visible clearly.
Ambient lighting in kitchen can be an LED light or on the ceiling light. In addition to the ambient lighting in kitchen, there also can be spot lighting.
Bedroom: The ambient lighting in bedroom can be in the form of wall sconces right above the headboard of the bed.


In addition to it you can also have table lamps to facilitate night time reading.
Ambient lighting home office: The perfect light for a home office is ambient lighting. Having such ambient lighting for home office means there is no need to fix special lights for your economy home office. It also gives minimum strain to your eyes.
Ambient Bathroom lighting ideas: A bathroom can also be fine with ambient lighting. It is not necessary to have cabinet lights or tap lights inside a bathroom and it is not even feasible. Have an ambient lighting in the bathroom and you are done with it.

2. Warm lighting

Warm lightings are those lights that help us relax. They are the dim lights preferred in the evenings. As opposite to warm lighting, cool lighting are the ones that push us to wake up and go about performing the duties. So, if one is the energizer, then the other is the soothing one.


The term ‘warm lighting’ refers to warmth in light, and does not refer to the temperature of the light. Such lightings are generally at a lower temperature. Warm lights are preferred in the mornings and late evenings when all that one wants to do is relax and soothe the muscles a bit.

Where to use warm lighting interior design?
The choice actually depends on individual users. Some might just want to have warm light in a space while some might prefer a mixture of both warm and cool light. Warm light interior is apt for any cozy space of yours, it can be your backyard space or a balcony or any corner of a room, where you would like to relax and have a chill-out time.


Warm light for living rooms is a great idea; where you want to meet your guests or have a quiet quality time with family. Even dining room can be apt for warm lighting.

3. Elegant lighting

Elegance is a word that differs from person to person, space to space. What might seem like elegant to one might not seem the same for the other. So it all depends on your personality and likes as to have an elegant lighting for your home.


Elegant interiors lighting can be achieved by a mix of ambience and warm lighting. Any room can have elegant lighting as long as the lights used in it are functional.
Where to have elegant lighting?
Let the living room have all kinds of showy and luxurious lights, but other rooms like the bedroom, the guest room or the study room can have elegant lighting.

4. Rich lighting for a home

A rich lighting for a home can be accomplished by installing some great lights. These lights not only enhance the overall attractiveness of the room but also provide the much required lighting to illuminate the space.
Chandeliers: There is no rich lighting than what the chandeliers can provide. Chandeliers are always in style and hence its popularity has been the same since years. Put on a chandelier to a room and see how rich the room and the lighting of it transform in a second.
Attractive table lamps: Table lamps can change the look of a room. Add a couple in your bedroom and you will know how the soothing light from the lamps offer a rich lighting feel to the entire space.
Arc floor lamps: Arc floor lamps are getting very popular with home owners today. It is easier to install this lamp and is attractive at the same time.
Where to have rich lighting?
Rich lighting can be done in the living room for it is the main entry point to your home and also it is where you entertain guests. This room is best to have rich lights.


Lighting can make a room look brighter or duller. It is necessary to choose lights as per its function. Reading in dull light is harmful for the eyes, hence bright lights are required for a library or a study room. Similarly, if you want to close your eyes and relax and then go off to sleep, choose subtle lights or warm lights.
Hence, next time, you go for lighting shopping, select the lights as per your rooms. Allow the lights to light up not only the external surface but also the interiors of yourself.