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by Subhapriya Dutta August 21, 2020 In DIY home decor ideas Home decoration ideas & Tips Interior Colour Decoration Ideas And Tips

Agreed that we have been spending endless hours staring at the same old walls these past months. And it’s high time they get a makeover. And who best to come up with creative DIY wall decoration ideas from everyday items than interior designers. We bring you ten ways to spice up your room wall decors like these experts and prevent yourself from looking at the same one more than you would like to.
Here are 10 wall decorating ideas

  1. Decor Idea Using Wallpapers
  2. Embroidery Ring Wall
  3. Gallery Wall Decor Idea
  4. Scrabble Wall Art Idea
  5. Mirror Wall Art
  6. Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas
  7. Plant Wall Decor
  8. Patterned Wall Hanging Decor
  9. Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging
  10. World Maps as Wall Decor

1. Decor Idea Using Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the easiest workaround for someone who needs a change of decor quite often. With our guide to the latest trends in Wallpapers, you will be well-versed in selecting the perfect design for your walls. In Bangalore, wallpapers from the brand Marshall are high in demand due to the full range of options they provide with superior quality at any price range.
We Recommend Idea to Wallpapers Decor
Brand: Marshall’s
Price: Rs 2,000/roll to up to Rs 8,000/roll
Cost per sqft: One individual roll of the wallpaper can cover up to 58 sqft surface area, bringing the price per sqft to Rs 35 per sqft to Rs 150 per sqft.

2. Embroidery Ring Wall
Embroidery Ring Wall - Wall Decorating Ideas For Room Decor

Photo by Swati H. Das on Unsplash
Stumbled upon Granny’s endless collection of embroidered artworks? Don’t stash them away. With the new trends of items to decorate your bare walls with, embroidered artworks are pretty popular. Get these beauties framed – in photo frames, onto canvases, or on the wooden embroidering ring themselves. Abstractly arrange them or randomly based on size to create a fun result. This quick little DIY brightens up your walls and also makes Granny proud.
What you need for the DIY Embroidery Ring Wall
Items: Wooden or plastic embroidery hoops, old embroidered cloth or stitch your own
Price: Under Rs 1,500

Memories and style all in one. Put together randomly shaped photo frames together on a wall to create a stunning collage. This adds heaps of character to your walls and catches the eye much easier. It is a brilliant way to fill your walls with easily available frames and photos that you have always wanted to showcase. It is effortless to upgrade once the frames have been arranged to your liking. Even if your wall remains simple, introduce color to the set up with vibrant frames or printing out the pictures in bold colours.
What you need for the DIY Gallery Wall
Items: Photo frames of different sizes and photos printed
Price: Upto Rs 1,000 

4. Scrabble Wall Art Idea

Intrigue your guests with a little bit of spell work. Big blocks with bold letters printed on them as if they were picked up from a giant’s board game. Spell out family member names or a sweet little message for your guests – it is for you to play around with. A perfect activity for those Sunday family activities from home – this can be entirely made by all. Plan out your words or message and assign a wooden block to every letter. Go freestyle lettering on the wooden blocks with paint (or fingers) and apply a varnish coat before leaving it to dry. Knock some nails onto the selected wall according to the arrangement and start hanging the blocks. For a more interesting setup, include framed photos and artworks related to the family or a message.
What you need for the DIY Scrabble Wall Art
Items: Wooden or MDF square blocks for the letters, paint, and nails to hang it up
Price: Upto Rs 1,000

5. Mirror Wall Art

“Mirror mirror on the wall…” Mirrors light up your room’s vibe very effortlessly and give the illusion of added space. According to Vastu, having mirrors all over the house might not be a good idea, but decors in smooth reflective finishes fill the void here. With a little bit of exploring in decor shops, you can find stunning decor items that you will want to replace all mirrors with. Artwork using fragmented or shaped mirror pieces are also widely used in homes.
What you need for the DIY Mirror Wall
Items: Antique mirrors or acrylic mirrors with adhesive
Price: Upto Rs 400 for a pack of 10 acrylic mirrors 

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6. Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas

Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas -Wall Decorating Ideas For Room Decor
Remember those old sweaters that never see the light of the day? Perfect opportunity to reuse them to make something stunning for your walls. These fiber wall hangings act as statement pieces on plain walls even if hung up alone. They bring about the warm summery feels all year round. One can customize their size according to the space available or the materials available. Use the fibers from your old sweaters or use new ones to create intricate patterns by arranging the threads or making some fancy knots. Hang up these masterpieces with pride and let them adorn your walls.
What you need for the DIY Macrame Wall Hangings
Items: Ready-made macrame from online stores or make one by buying cotton threads
Price: Rs 500 – Rs 1,000 depending on the intricacy of the design

7. Plant Wall Decor

Plant Wall Decor - Wall Decorating Ideas For Room Decor
Plant lover? But less floor space? Use your walls to hang up your favorite potted plants. Gather some Rattan hanging baskets and get potting. Include indoor plants that can survive with minimum sunlight, for they will not be getting much of that hanging from your walls. Take care to prepare the soil carefully so that even the minimum watering does not drip down. That will not be a good look for your walls. Moderate watering so that your walls are not affected by the overload of moisture. Hang up the baskets by hooks or nails secured onto the wall and watch them bring nature into your space.
What you need for the DIY Plant Wall
Items: Hanging wall planters, plants, and nails.
Price: Around Rs 2,000

8. Patterned Wall Hanging Decor

Patterned Wall Hanging Decor - Wall Decorating Ideas For Room Decor
 Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash
Art school gave kids to color in the same drawing with different colors? This could be on your wall next! Cut out the colored drawings by their outlines and stick them to a piece of thread, and you are done. To give a little bit of edge to this quick DIY – alternate between the shapes on a single thread. The same product can be made by cutting out the desired shape from various printed papers that will give this wall hanging an exciting new twist.
What you need for the DIY Patterned Wall Hanging
Items: Patterns on paper or cardstock, coloring pens, glue and yarn
Price: Basically nothing

9. Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging

Who hasn’t made those never-ending paper chains when we got bored at home? This time you can put them on display with pride. Stunning patterns and effects can be brought out of making these chains out of vibrantly colored papers. One can mix multiple colors to make an ombre effect or even make one in a single solid color. Hang these chains up using a curtain rod or a rustic tree branch. One can even make a curtain out of these chains to add quirkiness to partitions between rooms. The options for implementing this DIY is unlimited.
What you need for the DIY Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging
Items: Colored paper, scissor, and glue. And a stick to hang it all from.
Price: No cost

10. World Maps as Wall Decor

World Maps as Wall Decor - Wall Decorating Ideas For Room Decor
The cult classic choice for millennials worldwide – the world map. Available as full-scale wall decals or as scratchable posters – all to help you achieve those travel goals. These maps can also be used as console or wall decorations when framed onto something. Going for a canvas framing? Keep some push pins handy to showcase places you’ve crossed off your bucket list. Is the world too big for you? Or is your city left unexplored? Get a zoomed-in printout and continue pinning those names on the map!
What you need for the DIY World Maps Wall Decor
Items: World map drawn on on canvas or printed as a poster, or as a vinyl sticker
Price: Rs 800 for a scratch able vinyl sticker
With unlimited time to ourselves during this challenging situation, ideas are always popping up in our heads. We have told you about the top 10 ideas that we came up with this time; now, it’s your turn to tell us about all the rest that you came up with.

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