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Types of Kitchen Layouts & How to Choose One

Types of kitchen layouts – All you need to know!

Cooking is the art of serving a meal that is delicious yet healthy. For some people, cooking is a hobby through which they rejuvenate their mind from the whole week’s exhaustion. Whether it is your regular task to offer nourishment to your family or you cook out of happiness, a proper kitchen setup can make a lot of difference in your mood.

A kitchen that is well organized and is good to look at always sends positive vibes to the person who is working in the kitchen. Also, such a type of kitchen can stand out as a help to the person cooking. For example, when all the items are organized in the right way at the right place, you find it easy and less exhausting to fetch the ingredients and prepare the meal comfortably.

So, how should a kitchen be that can offer convenience as well as a pleasing look. This will depend a lot on the space of the kitchen as well as the shape of the kitchen. Here are various types of kitchen layouts that you can have for your kitchen.


Kitchen Layout Type #1: Island Modular Kitchen Design

This layout is great for kitchens that have a huge space. A huge kitchen often may look empty after having layouts of L shape or U shape incorporated in them. Thus, having an island in the centre of the kitchen can occupy some of the space and can also offer a better look to the kitchen. The countertop of this island can be of a similar look that the other kitchen areas have. This place can be an efficient place for making preparations for cooking or even it can serve as a breakfast table in many instances.


Kitchen Layout Type #2: Parallel Modular Kitchen

Often when the kitchen is small in size, one question that comes is how to design a kitchen layout. In such a case, one of the layouts that can work quite well is the parallel kitchen design layout. There are two countertops on two adjacent walls in such a way that they run parallel to each other. Usually, in such kitchen options, only one person can work at a time. Of course, if space in between both the walls is more, more people can also fit in at a single time. Today, many people prefer to have this layout in a medium-sized kitchen too.


Kitchen Layout Type #3: Straight Modular Kitchen

When talking about modular kitchen layouts for extremely small kitchens, the straight modular designs come up as a brilliant option. This design is also great for an open kitchen or a kitchen of a studio apartment. In this particular layout, the work is done only on one wall leaving the other places free. As just one wall is used for installing countertops, cabinets, drawers, and others, it is important to be tricky to use the right options at the right place to have maximum storage options.


Kitchen Layout Type #4: L Shaped Modular Kitchen

When a discussion about the types of kitchen layout is made, the L-shaped design is the most common option that comes up. Usually, this layout is a perfect option for kitchens that are rectangular in shape, but many people have this layout in square and bigger kitchens also these days.

As the name indicates, two walls are used in such a way that it forms the alphabet L. This layout is most commonly found in most Indian houses due to its efficiency. The installation of cabinets, drawers, and pull-outs beneath the countertops offers a good amount of space. The sink faucet, appliances such as the microwave oven, mixer, and others are installed on the countertop in such a way that they are all in near proximity for easy access. If the kitchen is good in size, even the bigger appliances such as the refrigerator can be easily installed on one side for convenience.


Kitchen Layout Type #5: U Shaped Modular Kitchen

If the options such as the parallel kitchen layout or the L shaped kitchen layout are not getting enough in terms of storage, another option for bigger kitchens is the U-shaped layout. The U-shaped layout uses up three walls in such a way that forms the alphabet U.

Of course, when three walls are used in place of two, there have to be more storage options to organize the kitchen in a much better way. If the kitchen is big enough, having the kitchen layout U shape is a great idea with a breakfast or island counter in the centre. This offers a much cleaner look to the kitchen and also allows you to work much efficiently with all the items stored exactly at the place and electrical appliances within proper reach.


Kitchen Layout Type #6: Open Modular Kitchen

Selecting a kitchen layout was much more convenient when the kitchens were available in the form of a room with four walls. But today, there are many people who prefer to have an open kitchen that is connected with the dining area or even at times with the living room. As per Bonito Designs, in such kitchen areas, you can have different layout options to mix and match. You can have a straight layout, the kitchen area is small, and set up a small dining table with chairs to complete the look. This is a perfect look for kitchen areas that are there in the studio apartments.

On the other hand, if it is a huge space, an L-shaped layout or a U-shaped layout can also be arranged in the kitchen. In such a case, a breakfast island counter can be also installed in the dissection of the kitchen and the living room. Place two to three tall chairs near the counter and this can offer a super trendy look to the kitchen. If somehow, you do not have a space for setting up a dining area, this setup can also act as your dining area for a small family.


Kitchen Layout Type #7: Galley Modular Kitchen

Galley modular kitchen design is the same that we call the parallel kitchen design. There are some people who may have a parallel kitchen design even when the kitchen area is not small. This may not look like an exact galley. But when the layout is incorporated in a small kitchen area, this offers a look of a narrow galley. If the kitchen is rectangular in shape, the galley layout may make it even narrower in space. Thus, the name of the layout design is also a galley modular kitchen design. Though this layout helps in offering a good amount of storage options in the kitchen, it may reduce the amount of space that is required for more than one person to be in the kitchen.


Thus, there are different types of kitchen layouts to choose from. But how to choose the right layout for the kitchen? Here are some eminent tips for kitchen design layout selection coming straight from the professionals of Bonito Designs.

  • The Size:

The very first thing to check is the size of the kitchen. If the kitchen size is huge, any kind of layout will suit it such as L-shaped, U-shaped, island modular design, and many others. But for very small kitchens, mostly parallel or straight layouts are used.

  • The Shape:

Apart from the size, it is also imminent to check out the shape of the kitchen. Usually, if the kitchen is square-shaped, again any of the layouts can work. But if the size of the kitchen is rectangular and is very narrow, the L-shaped layout is the most suitable option as the parallel or U-shaped layout may consume much space.

  • The Type:

Today, many people prefer to have an open kitchen. In such a case again, it depends upon the kitchen location and the areas around it. Moreover, a straight layout with an island counter can offer a great option.

Choosing the right design layout for the kitchen can be quite confusing. The ideal way out to choose the right option from these different types of kitchen layouts is to contact the best kitchen interior designers in Bangalore.

How Bonito Designs Can Help You in Choosing The Kitchen Layout Type?

Choosing Bonito Designs for getting the right kitchen layout design can offer you several benefits.

  • Freely customize your designs at the suggestion of the experts.
  • The experts will show you the designs in 3D to understand the final look.
    Get a perfect look at the end.
  • Experience the best service with a professional designer team and pleasing customer support.

Selecting the wrong layout can often lead to a huge transformation that is not at all pleasant. An ideal way is to take help from the experts to get the right kitchen for your comfort.



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29 Apr, 2022



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