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A Complete Guide on Home Interior Designing

Wherever on Earth you are, you will crave to return to your home at the end of the day. It is your home where you get the amount of comfort that you actually deserve. But does the home become comfortable on its own? Of course, not! Here comes the role of home interior design.

Just constructing a roof over your head and walls around you is not going to make your home comfortable. In order to get that warmth as you enter your home, you need to design your home interiors in the right way.

But designing your home interiors is not as easy as you are imagining it to be. It can be a daunting task to implement all that you have planned. One major problem that people face is the question, From where to start designing the home?

This guide can be helpful in acquiring answers to many such troubles while designing home interiors.

Understanding Space and the Purpose of Designing:

Before starting the designing process, the very first thing that is required is to understand a series of questions and get answers to them.

How much space do you have in the house and in each of the rooms?
What is the purpose of the design? Is it just to make your home look pretty or to make it even more efficient in terms of space.
Once you have got answers to these two major questions, much of the confusion can get cleared out. For example, if you analyze that your bedroom is comparatively smaller in size, you can plan a design for the bedroom that can make it look spacious.

It is absolutely fine if you are not sure how to make corrections in your interiors. Selecting the best interior designers in Bangalore can help you in getting the right designs on knowing your purpose and concerns for the interior designing of your home.

Set a Budget Plan:

If you keep on implementing different designs that are coming over in your mind, you may end up investing a huge amount of money without even realizing it. Hence, one of the best ideas is to establish a budget plan before starting the design work. The budget of the entire design of the home interiors depends upon a number of factors. Here are some of the factors that you can keep in mind while deciding upon your budget plan:

The individual sizes of different areas of your home such as the kitchen, the living room, and the bedrooms, and others.
The changes that you wish to make in the area.
The colour, false ceilings, and other elements.
The furniture and other accessories that you wish to install.

While planning these elements, it is crucial to have proper knowledge about them. If you install the wrong element, such as putting up the wrong colour on the walls of a room, you have to change it later on, which will cost you even more. Hence, if you are not sure of the technicalities, it is always a great idea to get in touch with the right home interior designers in Bangalore.

Design Blueprint:

Initiating any task without proper planning will lead to disaster. The same logic applies in the case of home interior design also. Similar to having floor planning before the construction of the home, it is crucial to have a plan ready to understand how exactly the home will look after the final installation is done.

One of the best ways is to get in touch with the experts of interior designing who can offer a blueprint of the design much before starting the work. The experts check out the entire house and have a detailed discussion with you about the things that you need in your home interior and the things that can make your interiors look better than the present condition. According to the entire discussion, the designer will develop a blueprint or even a virtual tour of your home in the new design. This helps you in understanding how exactly your home will look after the installation phase. Now if you have anything to change, you can ask the designer so that the changes can be done in the blueprint and you can have a look once again.

When the installation is done and then you ask for a change, this does not just waste the time and effort of the designers and the project workers but also wastes your money. Hence, when the design is finalised on the blueprint, then only the actual work of implementing the planned interior design starts with full confidence.

The Electricals and Plumbing:

If you are planning to design a new home, the very first task that you should accomplish is to set up all the plumbing and electrical elements. Whether it is in the kitchen area, the bathroom, or any other place, you should make sure to get the plumbing lines installed much before to check for any kind of leakage. The same thing is necessary for the electrical wires too. You should be completing all the electricals as well as the plumbing tasks much before starting the other tasks such as painting the walls

Also, you should complete the electrical tasks before installing the false ceilings and the false walls. If the actual scenario is known beforehand such as how many wires need to be covered, the designer can design the false ceilings and other things accordingly.

Of course, one of the major things is that when you start working on electricals and plumbing after the wall paints and other tasks, it is going to damage the look of the entire area. Hence, all such hard work tasks have to be done before starting the decorating work for the interiors.

False Ceiling and False Walls:

Now, this has become a trend in modern homes to have false ceilings. There are also many people who also prefer to get a false wall to segregate two particular areas.

The role of the false ceilings and walls has turned out to be quite vast. These textures that are installed usually one inch below the actual ceilings are there to hide the electrical wirings. Similarly, at some places, false walls are used to hide the plumbing lines or again wires.

The false ceilings and walls not only helps in hiding the electrical and plumbing exposed elements but also helps in exaggerating the beauty of the area. There are so many different types of false ceilings available now for designing purposes such as PVC false ceilings, the plastic of Paris, wooden false ceilings, and others. The designers can create different styles while designing the false ceiling according to the room such as a floating false ceiling, a false ceiling with CNG cuts, and others. Making use of different focus lights and colour changing lights has again become quite common while designing false ceilings for homes.

Of course, while a grand chandelier hung from the false ceiling of the living room offers a lavish feel, at the same time, colour-changing lights in the bedroom ceiling allow you to control the atmosphere of the room according to your mood at different times.

The Flooring:

Similar to the ceiling, it is also very important to make sure that you have the right flooring for your home. It is very much of a necessity to choose the right flooring for each and every room of your home. You can choose from a wide range of options such as laminates, tiles, marbles, and many others. While if you are planning to buy an apartment, you will get proper flooring done. But if you are constructing your own house from scrap, you will have the advantage of installing the flooring of your choice.

So, if you have got this opportunity of installing the flooring of your choice, you should make sure to check a number of factors before you get the right flooring option for your home.

Check your budget and see which flooring options are coming within your budget limit.
Check out which flooring option is complementing the ceiling, walls, and other interior elements of your room.
It will also be a great idea to check the maintenance option of the flooring. Get the one that is comfortable for you.
Selecting the right flooring brings warmth, a spacious feel, and so on depending upon the room size and other elements.

Furniture and Storage:

Do not mess up a beautifully designed home by installing the wrong furniture. It is very important to install the right furniture that matches well with the interior of the room. Apart from matching with the interior, there are also some specific reasons due to which you should consider getting the right furniture options.

Furniture can make your interior look spacious or congested.
The type of furniture you are selecting also brings in a warm or funky look to the interiors.
The choice of furniture will also depend upon the fact of how much maintenance you can offer it.
Apart from all these factors, it is also important to not forget the budget factor that plays an important role while making any kind of purchase.
Similar to the furniture, it is also important to check thoroughly while installing storage options in the home, especially in the kitchen and in the bedroom. While installing storage options, it is important to be clear on the purpose of getting the storage. This is important because installing the wrong storage at the wrong place can make the area congested. Again, installing the right one can make the place spacious and good to look at. Here are some of the tricks that the designers make use of in the case of storage options.

If the bedroom is small and you wish to create an illusion of space, then installing wardrobes with full-length mirrored doors always works.

Again when the kitchen area is small, installing hidden cabinets or over-the-head lofts also makes a huge difference.

If you have small kids at home, having hidden cabinets and drawers even in the living room helps in hiding toys on the sudden arrival of guests. These cute little cabinets under the TV unit or similarly other places also enhance the look of the interior.

Painting the Walls:

Choosing the right shades for your walls can offer a complete transformation to your interiors. There are a number of factors that rule while you are choosing a shade for your walls.

If you believe in the science of Vastu, specific colours are prescribed for different rooms of the house. The experts of Vastu suggest that painting the walls in the prescribed shades eliminates negative energies from the house and maintains positive vibes within the interiors.
Another factor that plays a major role in the transformation that the colour brings to the interior. For example, bright shades such as white make the room more spacious while the earthly shades bring warmth to the interior.
If you have already selected the furniture, flooring, and other elements, then you should obviously try to match the colour of the walls with these elements too.

Not just different shades, today you can also select different types of colour options for your walls. There are options available such as matte finish, satin finish, glossy finish, and many others that you can select depending upon the look that you wish to have and the budget that you have planned.
Again when the kitchen area is small, installing hidden cabinets or over-the-head lofts also makes a huge difference.


Home interior design does not just offer a new look to your home. It also helps in boosting up the functionality of your home. Hence, it is very much important that you research well and get good planning done before starting the design work.

It is quite obvious that it can get very confusing while selecting the right designs from so many options available today. Hence, one of the best ideas is to get help from experts such as Bonito Designs and let the professionals help you with the process. When the professionals help you in this, there are minimum chances of errors and you get a home interior that is absolutely stunning. Bonito Designs is your one-stop destination for home interior designers in Bangalore!




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