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15 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas for 2022

When you take a keen interest in making your living room look interesting and attractive, then why not the kitchen? It is quite obvious and most of the time, people settle down for a simple kitchen design with a few storage units and a countertop. But this traditional model of a kitchen is not enough if you are planning to offer an attractive look to your kitchen. Even if you do not wish to overdo the interiors of your kitchen, there are several simple kitchen design ideas that you can try out to standardize your cooking area along with other parts of your house too.
Whether you are looking for a simple kitchen design for a small house or a standard one, here are some of the best options for a simple kitchen design that you can go for.


Natural Materials for Simple Kitchen Design:

One of the best simple kitchen design ideas that most people today prefer is that of the use of natural materials. The use of natural ingredients such as granite or marble for the countertops has been there in style for a long time and it still continues to stay for more coming years. Apart from the countertops, another design option that is prevailing in recent days is the use of natural stone on the flooring as well as on the backsplash.
The use of natural wood is another great idea for the cabinets and other storage units in the kitchen. Even if you are looking for a simple kitchen design, the natural woodwork for the cabinets is something that is always a perfect idea.



Glazed Backsplash:

Getting simple kitchen design tiles is nothing new in kitchen interior design ideas. But you can get a new look when you are replacing the usual tiles with the glazed ones. Designers and experts have listed a number of benefits of using such glossy tiles for backsplash in modern kitchen interiors.
One of the most important benefits is that glazed tiles will reflect light across the room making the kitchen look brighter and spacious. The second important reason for using a glazed backsplash is that it is best for Indian kitchens. Indian recipes are mostly oil-based and fried options that lead to splashing of oil that accumulates residue on the backsplash. Having glossy tiles helps you in cleaning the oil residue much easier than the other tile options and is one of the best simple kitchen design ideas.



Bold Coloured Kitchen Interiors:

While most people go for nude or natural shades for the kitchen interiors, bold colours are now very much in trend. There are so many people who do not wish to settle down with an extremely simple kitchen design and go for colour options such as black to get a dark-themed kitchen. Apart from black, there are also some other cheerful colour options such as sunny yellow, bright orange, and even jazzy purple that can add up a new life to your kitchen interiors.


Coloured Kitchen Cabinets:

If you are not bold enough to paint your kitchen walls in bold shades and wish to have a simple kitchen design, you are always welcome to provide bold shades to your wooden cabinets. Offering colors options such as teal or mauve to the cabinets against white walls surely brings a new look to your simple-to-do kitchen. Such styling is perfect for a simple kitchen design for a small house and looks extremely great especially for the open kitchen areas or even for the kitchens of a studio apartment.


Rainbow Blasts:

Another best simple kitchen design is to add a splash of colours to your kitchen is to keep everything else simple and just add a colour bomb on certain areas such as on the glass slider or your cabinet or on a single wall that happens to become the focal area with a colour bomb styling on it. The use of several colours in combination surely offers an impressive look with a simple kitchen design.


Handle-Less Kitchen Design:

If the kitchen is small, the most essential thing is to save up space by utilizing different tricks. One of the best tricks of a simple kitchen design is to incorporate handle-less options for everything such as cabinets, drawers, and others. Often when you have handles, it makes the area look congested, and also you may land up getting hurt by them while moving around. The best way is to make use of sliders or magnetic mechanisms in place of handled options.


Statement Lighting for Simple Kitchen Design:

The use of a single tube light is now old school even for the kitchens. The lights in the kitchen should help you while you are working and also make your interiors look stunning. Start by using task lighting on the countertops where you actually work such as chopping and cooking for a simple kitchen design. One of the best simple kitchen design ideas is to offer an addition of pendant lights too to enhance the look of the area.


Breakfast Counter that Stands Out:

While most households may prefer to come together at the dining table for breakfast, small family homes also prefer to have their breakfast on the breakfast counter available in the kitchen. Getting a great breakfast counter is a great idea for a simple kitchen design for a middle-class family. Hang pendant lights or drop-down lights over the breakfast counter and add 2 or more high chairs to make this counter stand out while having a simple kitchen design.


Glass Partitions:

Glass partitions not just boost up the interiors but also help in creating an illusion of having a bigger space. If you are looking for a simple kitchen design with a dining table, having a glass partition between the cooking area and the dining area is a great idea. Now, when putting up a glass partition, there are several options that you can go for such as translucent glass or even a normal partition with mirrored glass so that your kitchen, as well as your dining area, does not look smaller. Utilizing this simple kitchen design surely helps you in enhancing the look and the spaciousness of the kitchen.


Use of Mesh:

While most kitchens have wooden cabinet doors, there are many others that may have glass doors for the wooden cabinets too. But now as per the new trend, many people are also using a simple kitchen design trick of having mesh doors for the cabinets. One of the reasons why designers offer is that the mesh material makes sure that the airflow is maintained regularly in and out of the cabinets. This does not lead to bad odour or spoiling of any food items that are stored inside the cabinets for a long time.


Bring in the Greens:

Are you a plant lover? Nothing is better than welcoming the green plants from your garden to your kitchen. If you have enough space in your kitchen and want a simple kitchen design, you can grow herbs and spices in your kitchen itself and can offer a new look.


Thinking of the Future:

One of the trickiest things is to think of the future while you are getting your kitchen designed in the present. It may happen that you do not have a number of things at present such as a microwave or so. But this does not mean that you will not have it in the future. So, it is always a cunning idea to make space for your future accessories while you are designing your kitchen in the present even if you are getting a simple kitchen design. If you are looking for a simple kitchen design for a middle-class family, you should surely have this trick in your mind.


Objects on Display:

Now, this is an individual choice of the homeowners whether they wish to have a seamless design in the kitchen or to display some items for the guests to see. If you have got an expensive set of crockeries that you wish to showcase, you can install floating shelves on which you can display these items. There can be many such things as if you are a coffee lover and you have a hobby of trying different coffee options, you can display your range and collection too. Without much effort, you can have this simple kitchen design to make your kitchen interiors impressive.


All-in-White Kitchen Interiors:

If you are still someone who does not wish to experiment much in your kitchen interiors, the best simple kitchen design is to maintain all white in the kitchen. You can have the walls painted in white, get white storage units and even white marble and tiles for the flooring, countertops, and simple kitchen design tiles for the backsplash. What extra you can add is some differences here and there such as a golden coloured sink, some green plants at one corner, and so on.

You can also read a blog on vastu tips to design your kitchen.

Smart Kitchen with Smart Accessories:

Modern kitchens are continuously getting smarter. Earlier, the motto was just to get a spacious kitchen area where easy movement was possible. But today, along with space, homeowners also wish to have a kitchen that is super-functional and smart. Install options such as an organizer that is more than just a simple storage unit. Such smart techniques also go well when you are planning to have a simple kitchen design with a dining table.

Designing an area that offers nutrition to the whole family can be a tricky task. But even if you are not taking up the challenge of implementing the trickiest elements, making use of some simple kitchen design options also helps a lot.




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29 Apr, 2022



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