A Brief About the Work Done at Mr. Neelesh’s Apartment

Mr. Neelesh’s project was the first modular project done by Bonito Designs. It was a renovation project and the client was already living in the house.

The house was quite close to our factory. The requirements given by Mr. Neelesh were to renovate the TV unit, wardrobes, loft and crockery unit.

Mr. Neelesh liked the carpentry concept for the TV unit, hence the work was done at the site itself.

Since this was our first modular project, we had many unforeseen challenges:

  • People were already living at the site and majority of the work also had to be done at the site, and this situation created a bit of a hassle.
  • Working in the presence of the clients brings about a lot of additions and changes to the work being done, and this adds a lot more time to the scope of the project.
  • A last minute request for some additional work delayed the project further since a particular tool wasn’t readily available. Hence it is better to make changes during the design phase itself.

Although the project was initially planned for 45 days, it was finally completed in 70 days.

The overall outcome was very good and to the satisfaction of the client.

This project was an amazing learning experience for us and we learnt a lot from our own mistakes. We have since refrained from taking up renovation projects.

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