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by Sravani Padmanabhuni March 28, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Uncategorized

Stone in Interiors and varieties available.

Stones are one of the natural materials available in plenty and which can be used in its raw state or in a cured or polished state. Since prehistoric times, stones have been a part of various creations by humans.

At first, Stone was used just as a structural component, example, the famous Stone Henge, England and then slowly it were over-whelmed by various other artificial materials and metals.

Stone brings the built environment closer to nature!

But, there are some amazing properties of Stone which can’t be overlooked like, its robust nature, its strength to take heavy loads, the raw texture it creates, and more importantly, Stone brings the built environment closer to nature!

Though stone is a common material for construction, recently it has acquired a lot of role-play in Interiors too. Before we go further in depth on this topic, let’s first observe, what are the properties of stone which make it ideal for use in the Interiors. Below are some of these unique qualities:

• Raw and intense texture
• Earthy and a vibe of nature
• Good sound insulation
• Availability of good varieties with respect to prizes
• Low maintenance and highly durable.

Apparently, Professional interior designers started using stone only as walls and flooring in the interiors. With the advent of technologies, the horizon of using stone in the interiors has widened, giving way to limitless creativity.

Let’s get a glimpse on the various ways in which we can stylize our interiors using stones of our living abode, which is a reflection of our own being and personality.

1. Foyer interiors using stone:

Foyer of one’s home makes the first impression and having a stone cladding on the foyer presents an aesthetic appearance and brings in the coolness of nature inside.

The stone cladding adds to the texture and rawness of the interiors and the play of lights, natural or artificial make it even more interesting.

2. Natural stone wall

What better composition that created by with beautiful textures enhanced with natural skylight on the top and during the night by the lighting concealed in the ceiling.

stone-wall-5 (1)

3. Bathroom pebble tile ideas

How cool would it be to have the feel of bathing on natural pebbled shower area! Another very interesting trend which is prominent in a shower cubicle these days is having Pebble Tiled flooring under the shower.

This pebble floor gives a nice massage and acupressure on the feet while under the shower, while one need to take care that it’s not slippery and is well stuck to the flooring.

The smooth rocks to create a pebble shower floor are easy to install and only a little more slope is required on the floor for draining the water.

4. Why not replace it with a raw stone slab?

A well finished, polished and well-cut countertop of the wash basin is so much common and uninteresting. It’s a unique way of getting nature’s texture in the interiors, but in a functional manner.

These countertops can be created in varied colors and natural rock-cut forms as they are directly made of natural stone.

5. Do you have a Love for Onyx?

Love for Onyx is undivided among Interior Designers. A large onyx slab pitched across on a wall, may be in the shower area, or in the kitchen, creates wonderful designs and gives the look of a canvassed modern art.


6.Why not have something unusual here too?

Stone flooring is traditional yet contemporary. It’s been a common kind of flooring involving marble flooring, granite tiles or travertine tiles.


Why not have something unusual here too, by giving your abode a flagstone or slate flooring which creates a far more naturalistic approach and this approach can be carried ahead right up to the porch to the outside paving, when no barrier is required between the interior and exteriors.

7. Slate is a very friendly stone for design.

Slate bricks look extremely slick and stylish as a back splash, may be behind the hob in the kitchen. In order to bring forth the non-porous texture of slate tiles, a good lighting effect is necessary.


8. Ever seen the beauty of a lighted Onyx?

The glow it creates is worth a look and so a lighted onyx can be an exclusive feature on walls or as furniture or in the bar.


Make the entrees Wow.!!

One can plan something like this in the picture above for the foyer area or for the living room interiors which makes theentrees Wow..!!

The above examples are some of the most selective and unique ways of using stone in Interior designing. Though the array of incorporating stones in the interiors is wide, we have tried to narrow down some of the most stylized uses of stones in home interiors which have caught the eye invariably!