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Painting your home walls is the most convenient way to offer a makeover to the interiors. But does that mean you can use any random paint options for the purpose? Of course, not! You should make the right selection so that you can have not just an attractive interior but also it does not cause much trouble for you in different aspects.
While selecting a single shade for your walls can seem like a daunting task, you should keep in mind all the reasons for you to choose the best paints for your home interior. The following factors can be your next reason for a renovation:
Choose a paint that matches well with the flooring, ceiling, and other interior elements.
Selecting the right paint helps in either offering a warm touch or also offering enough illumination in the room.
Many people select the paint type depending upon the ease of cleanliness.
Some people wish to have a subtle look while there are some others who wish to have a glossy finish on the walls.
Hence, there can be dozens of factors depending upon which the best paints for walls can be selected.
So, what are the best options actually available when you are looking for the best interior paints for walls? Here are some of them to look for.

House Painting Designs and Colors #1: Distemper

Distemper Paint’s primary ingredients are chalk, lime, and water. Cement paint is another name for it because this can be put directly to cement walls without the necessity of a primer. They are a less expensive choice that will last for more than 3 to 4 years. Painters in Bangalore utilize Distemper Paints on both interior and external walls. They normally require two coats. Currently, it is available in two forms so that the user can choose the right one depending upon their usage.
The dry distemper has a water base and is great for rental properties. If you do not wish to indulge in whitewashing every year, you can always make use of dry distemper that offers a smooth finish. Though it may not be much durable, it is definitely cost-effective and better than whitewashing. Also, as it is quite a budget-friendly option, it is not an issue for most homeowners to paint their properties with distemper paint every year.
The oil-based distemper is the second option that one can choose to get a much more durable result. The only problem with the oil-based distemper is that it has an unpleasant smell that makes it not so popular for home interiors. This paint is mostly for industrial uses only, but some big properties such as a bungalow or so may choose to paint the house interiors with oil-based distemper paint.

House Painting Designs and Colors #2: Emulsion

Recently, the emulsion has turned out to be high in demand paint for house interiors. If you are painting your own house, this can be a much better choice than distemper in terms of durability and design. If you do not wish to paint your house every 2-3 years, choosing a distemper paint will be a bad decision. In such a case, selecting the emulsion paint is the best option that stays durable for a long time.
Also, as it is water-based paint, you will not face the trouble of odor that oil-based distempers offer. This can also be one of the best options to choose from among waterproof paints for walls. Apart from being highly durable and waterproof, the enamel paint also comes within the budget of the homeowners.
The list of benefits of using emulsion paint does not just end here. You have a range of finishes to choose from such as smooth texture, matte texture, eggshell texture, and others that suit your taste and your house interiors.

House Painting Designs and Colors #3: Lustre

If you are looking for a gleaming look on your walls, lustre paint is going to be the best pick in such a case. The solvent base of the paint makes it highly durable and you can choose stain-resistant paint too. While initially, just the solvent-based lustre paints were available that had a bad odor that took some time to go away, now you can make use of the water-based options that are durable as well as are also odor-free.
This paint option can be a great pick if you are ready to spend a little higher cost on paint and are willing to get a smooth and shiny coat on your walls. This paint also offers a stain-free interior but along with one downside. Lustre paints are not eco-friendly and also may not look as natural on the walls as other paint options available. But if you are not adding up any other accessories such as paintings, portraits, or any artifacts, then having a wall painted in lustre paint can always look perfect in the room.

House Painting Designs and Colors #4: Enamel

Many homeowners make use of the enamel paint to highlight a particular section of the room. It offers a hard and opaque finish and works great on metal surfaces. Many interior designers use the trick of applying enamel paint on walls such as in the kitchen that is prone to extreme heat and oil splashes. These oil splashes can be easily cleaned out using a wet cloth.
Similarly, bathrooms and balconies are the perfect places where the walls and railings can be painted in enamel paint. This paint is durable and can tolerate elements such as moisture and sun for a pretty long time. Also, they are easy to clean by rubbing the wet cloth on the walls.
Do not be mistaken to think this paint to be an expensive one due to the benefits it offers. Enamel paint is available at a much affordable cost so that you can apply it to all the possible walls that are exposed to any kind of tough environment. These are available in different shades and offer a glossy finish. Now, the enamel is also available in water-based options for people who wish to have a subtle finish.

House Painting Designs and Colors #5: Textured

Texture paint, as opposed to flat paint, has a slightly rough and gritty appearance that adds character and a rustic appeal to walls far better than wallpaper or any other type of paint finish. To achieve this look, swap out the simple paint swatches for a focal wall with gorgeous textures for a captivating result. Textured focal walls can add beautiful and unique shadow, depth, and structure to any room.
Texture paint designs can range from subtle and artistic to unpretentious and intricate, with the end result being a focal wall that looks like a work of art. Brick texture, Marble texture, Wood texture, and many other textures can be used to elevate your textured accent walls! With so many options available it is best to take the help of the experts in this field to elevate the look of a room and grab your guest’s attention!

House Painting Designs and Colors: A Summary/h3>

Choosing the right option from the different types of paints for walls can get really baffling at times. Hence, you should be sure of the few basic questions that can help you in this.
Do you want durable paint or do you wish to change your paint every 2-3 years?
What is your budget?
Do you wish to have a glossy texture or a rustic one?
Do you just wish to have just a subtle dab of shade on your walls or you wish to highlight one of your walls in the room?
When you have answers to these questions, half of your hitch is sorted out. For example, if you wish to get a rustic finish, you can get this at the lowest price using distemper paint. But if you are looking for something durable enough to last you long, you should go for emulsion paint.
For functionality such as on your kitchen walls or balcony railings, you can make use of the enamel paint that is stain-resistant and also is available at a much affordable cost. Also, today this paint is available in different colors and patterns to add style too.
Now if you are ready to offer a luxurious touch to your interiors, you can step up the ladder to pick a slightly expensive option that is lustre paint. As the name goes by, these are gleamy and add a highlighting touch to the wall. But many homeowners do not use this paint as it does not look natural on the walls. Instead, these homeowners prefer to make use of textured paint that offers an alluring texture to the wall. It is due to their immense potentiality of bringing out the beauty on the wall that it is the most expensive paint option on this list.


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