What's the deal with celebrity-designed homes in 90 Days?

What’s the deal with celebrity-designed homes in 90 Days?

Why to woo over celebrity home interiors?


Awwing the designs and obsessing over the amazing styles of celebrities’ home interiors? We’ve got your back! There is no better place to gather ideas than celebrity homes when you are just stuck for creativity or want to glamorize your dream home. Luxury interior designs have always been a part of celebrities’ lives. Distinctive, unusual and stylish- the design inspiration resonates the real aura of these personalities. If you desire a stunning home like theirs, you are not alone. It definitely features unique designs and quirky one-of-a-kind visuals that reveal the person’s true nature.


From Celine Dion’s Jupiter Island Mansion to Gauri Khan & Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat- every celebrity home collection has a little something exclusive to offer, including adorable paint colors, chic home accents, or even entertaining faux greenery. This can be just never-ending. But what about spiffing up your dream space with your favorite celebrity inspired design style? Bonito Designs have made this uncomplicated and effortless with celebrity like home designs in just 90 days! Yes, you read it right.


We have made jaw dropping interiors easily accessible for everyone as we are the only brand delivering designs inspired by celebrity homes with personalisation, backed by in-vogue trends and styles.


In what ways can Bonito Designs give you the celebrity-like dream home in just 90 days?

But what’s a big deal celebrity like home interiors in 90 days? If you want your dream house to be the epitome of extravagance and curated indulgence with celebrity-like feels, here’s to check out what essence can Bonito deliver-


  • Glamorous accents

Many celebrity homes have a touch of glamor. You can do this by adding sparkling chandeliers, mirrored furniture, or metallic accents like gold or silver. As there is no catalog approach, we understand your ideas and style and personalize spaces in a way like you want. Imagine your dream space with the aesthetics of your favorite celebrity spot!


  • Luxurious fabrics and furniture

Celebrity home interiors often feature sumptuous fabrics with rich textures. Adding throw pillows, curtains, or even a velvet headboard can help bring a sense of luxury to your space. Apart from aesthetics, urban designing exudes functionality too as its new luxury segment. Bonito’s product library offers the latest collection of furniture and furnishings like no other.


  • Playing with colors and artwork

Celebrities are not afraid to play with colors in their homes and their design inspiration is very bold. Consider incorporating a statement-making color like deep red or emerald green into your decor through a statement piece of furniture or artwork. At Bonito Designs, we promise each element to be a piece of art worth admiring. Incorporating some statement pieces of art in your living space can give you the celebrity touch you are looking for.


  • Balconies and greens

Balconies with scenic views have become increasingly popular among celebrities. Your favorite celebrity will surely have a balcony space to sit and ponder about their endeavors. Consider creating an outdoor lounge area with comfortable seating, a fire pit, and string lights for a relaxing, star-worthy space. We sincerely follow a biophilic approach to all our design styles, which is the ruling trend for home designs and decor.


  • Papped in the celeb theme

From minimalist ideas to maximalism or from vintage inspired look to nordic vibes- you name the style of your idol and we have it for you. Our 7 stage quality check process starting from drawing quality control to the final site check assures impeccable guarantee.


These are just a few ideas, and you can take design inspiration from different celebrities and their styles to create a look that is unique and reflective of your own taste. Everyone has different preferences and styles, and it’s important to make sure that your home reflects your personal taste and style. It’s also important to take into consideration the architectural elements of your home, as well as any practical needs you have.



Will the project be completed in 90 days?

Yes. Bonito Designs will complete your dream home like your favorite celebrity in 90 days from the day of booking.






Will the project be completed in 90 days?

Ans: Yes. Bonito Designs will complete your dream home like your favorite celebrity in 90 days from the day of booking.

Is it fully celebrity-like designs or we can have designs of our own too?

Ans: Absolutely. The celebrities’ homes interiors radiate the essence of glamor and luxury which we all look forward to. You can now get personalized home interiors with the touch of celebrity glam with us.

3. What are the common trends for having home interiors with celebrity designs?

Ans: All the trends which are in vogue. From themes like minimalism and traditional concepts, new color schemes and modern textures- the idea is to invigorate the essence of everything that’s contemporary and stylish in your celebrity designed home.

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