Ugadi – The marking of a new beginning


Ugadi is celebrated across different regions in India under different names. In South India it is known as Ugadi while in Maharashtra it is known as Gudipadava.

It is actually the first day of Hindu Lunar Calendar. There is a great excitement all-round and people generally resort to buying new clothes.  It is believed that Lord Brahma started creation on this day. Ugadi is also the most auspicious time to start new ventures. Ugadi celebrations are often marked by literary discussions, poetry recitations and recognition of authors of literary works.It is a festival of joy and liveliness.

If you are staying in an apartment, here are some general ways to celebrate Ugadi

  1. Cleaning and Decorating: In Ugadi we worship the goddess of wealth, health, prosperity and success. Cleaning the house starts early in the morning with various items and it brings in a festive mood. Mango leaves are one of the major element of decoration. A personal touch can be given to the lighting arrangements.

            mango leaves


        2.Floral Decoration: You can decorate your house with flowers and garlands. Temples and apartments don a different look altogether when ornamented with beautiful  flowers of different colors and varieties.


floral decoration


       3.Rangoli: Rangolis are creative designs made out of flowers and colors to welcome the Goddess of health and prosperity. Rangolis are the mark of any festivals as they give a refreshing look to the entire environment.It is believed that Rangolis are drawn on the doors of homes so that evil forces attempting to enter are repelled.



       4.Home Décor Diyas or may be even candles: Candles produce that special effect and make the house beautiful, romantic and lovely. There are special candles available for decoration in various sizes, shapes, colors and scents.





     5.Worship of God: Worship of God is a very important part of any ritual. Offering puja ,distributing Prasad among peers  together with seeking blessings and hoping for prosperity on the eve of Ugadi.





     6.Ugadi Sweets: Sweets have a special place in the celebration of Ugadi. Common sweets used on the occasion of Ugadi are generally made of Jaggery and Neem. Jaggery signifies sweet things while Neem signifies bitter part of life. In a way the combination of Jaggery and Neem portrays the actual ups and downs in a life-cycle for the coming year. Kheer and Holige are two very important dishes that are relished across Karnataka during Ugadi. While Kheer as you know is a normal sweet porridge that signifies any festival, Holige is a famous stuffed paratha, prepared using two different kinds of stuffings, one using dal and another using coconut. It is soft and tasty and without Holige it is difficult to imagine Ugadi.


sweets in ugadi



    7.Community Events: Community events are a good opportunity to know each other and have a memorable time. Several apartments conduct their own festival and community events wherein all the residents get a chance to come across each other. Various cultural and social activities are often conducted for the general welfare of the residents.


community events



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