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byBonito Designs February 10, 2024 In Interior Design


The day you receive possession of your new home can be a delightful affair. All those years of hard work seem like they’ve finally paid off, and you find yourself dreaming of your perfect home interiors. Transforming spaces from bare walls to homes that define opulence, personality, and comfort requires the culmination of a lot of different elements and stakeholders.  

living room interiors with white sofa

From your own imagination and references, countless vendors, materials, finishes, furnishings, art, and so on, achieving the perfect home interiors can be time-consuming. However, it doesn’t need to be this way. With an interior designer, you can make this process a whole lot easier, while being able to relish every little development in the journey of transforming your living space.  

In this guide, we take you through some unique ways in which you can design your full home interiors to transform your life.   

Pain Point   

Looking around at a brand-new home that’s empty can be intimidating. What furniture to choose, the theme for each space, the lighting, furnishings, and art – there’s so much to think about.   


Hiring an experienced interior designer is the best way forward. A skilled designer is one who’s empathetic, understands your needs, preferences, and personality, and is aware of the best ways to ensure your home’s interiors reflect these qualities.   

Focus on the Layout of Each Space

Focus on the Layout of Each Space  

The first step to designing your home interiors is to take note of the layout of each room and account for how much space it offers. The shape of each room also plays a key role and will dictate how you place your furniture in it.   

So, for example, a sizeable rectangular living room can be the ideal place to use a sectional that faces a TV, with an accent chair or two dotted around it. On the other hand, if you want your space to offer a more conversational setting, you can place your sofas and chairs such that they face each other. 

Similarly, your bedroom’s layout will dictate how much space you have for a wardrobe, for example, and whether or not your dressing table can be a standalone unit or if it’ll have to be integrated with your wardrobe 

In this manner, you should take a close look at each space and think about how you’d like to design it to create the perfect balance between elegance and functionality.

Choosing the Right Colours for Each Space

Choosing the Right Colours for Each Space   

Colour plays a key role in transforming spaces and making them come to life. Every shade of every colour plays a key role in setting a certain mood and affecting your emotions. As a result, choosing the right colour palette for each space is crucial, and must reflect your tastes and personality.   

One of the latest trends in the world of interior design is the resurgence of the browns after the dominance of the greys. For the longest time, greys were the go-to colour for furniture like sofas, beds, and even paints, but this colour is now giving way to warmer alternatives like oranges, browns, and other earthy tones.   

If you’re someone who loves keeping up with the latest trends in interior design, you should incorporate warmer tones in your home decor.   

Colours also play a key role in layering the various elements in your living space. For example, if your living room or bedroom is predominantly neutral, you could add a dash of colour in the form of a rug or a set of curtains. These furnishings can be the ideal focal points in your room, breaking the monotony of a neutral colour palette.   

On the contrary, if your furnishings and walls are dotted with colours, you could balance these tones with rugs or curtains in more neutral shades.

Add a Dash of Greenery to Your Space   

Add a Dash of Greenery to Your Space   

Ask any interior designer about some of the best ways to make your home interiors more opulent, and the use of indoor plants will certainly make it to their list. Indoor plants can add a touch of calm and colour when transforming spaces and make for a luxurious addition to them.  

Be it your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or even dining room, indoor plants can be a great addition. While offering aesthetic benefits, some indoor plants like snake plants, for instance, can also help purify the air in your home.   

If you want to ditch the ordinary, you can even place a small citrus tree in your home. This can be a great way of adding a fresh, zesty fragrance to your home, and once the tree starts bearing fruit, you can benefit from some fresh product and a dash of colour as well.  

However, keep in mind that plants like a citrus tree will outgrow your space in a few years, so you should ideally buy one only if you have a backyard or a garden where you can shift the tree once it reaches maturity.  

False Ceilings design for luxury 

False Ceilings for a Sense of Luxury

False ceilings are a popular element in homes across the country and are truly one of the best ways of transforming spaces from ordinary and bland to extraordinary. A well-designed false ceiling can help hide any unsightly wiring and pipes while giving you the space to incorporate some ambient light as well.   

Additionally, it can make your space cosier and help regulate its temperature during the hot, summer months. The benefits don’t just end there – a false ceiling can also be a great way of increasing your property’s value, which can be beneficial should you need to sell your home.

Mirrors on the Wall   for interior designs   

Mirrors on the Wall   

Your walls don’t just need to be decorated with art – mirrors can be a great addition when transforming spaces as they add an immense amount of character to any space. Be it in your living room, on a wall behind your dining table, or any other space in your home, mirrors can help create the illusion of space and help reflect light.   

A mirror on a mantle or a wall is one of the most prominent interior design trends, and you’ll see it in the homes of everyone from celebrities to actors, among several others. Their timeless elegance and ability to make spaces look bigger and brighter makes them a winner.   

In Conclusion   

Transforming spaces involves a variety of different considerations and elements. Every space in your house must strike the perfect balance between style and practicality, making your everyday lives easier in complete luxury.   

If you’ve just received possession of your new home and have a vision for your dream home’s interiors, reach out to us at Bonito Designs. We’re India’s only ISO-certified full home interior brand and are the best suited to making your dream home interiors a reality in every sense of the word.   

Give us a call and join us on a journey of transforming spaces, one home at a time.