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While many people today prefer to have modern multi-functional designs, there are many others who still love to get the traditional decor ideas for their home. Though the traditional decorating ideas suit your living room the most, you can also try it out for other areas too such as your bedroom and dining area.
Some of the common traditional living room ideas that one can have are colourful upholstery, antique accents, heavy furniture, statement lights, textured rugs, and others.
If you have been recently thinking of offering a slight traditional essence to your home interiors, here some of the traditional home interior and traditional living room decor ideas that you can try out.

Bright and Airy Traditional Living Room

An elongated sofa with matching accent chairs at two ends offers a perfectly elegant look that is comfortable as well as traditional to look at. To cover the space, install a coffee table in between that matches the colour and pattern of the seating set up. Install table lamps on the table to beautify the area. For storage purposes, you can also install small side tables beside the elongated sofa that you can decorate with planters. A huge portrait just above the elongated sofa completes the look of a truly traditional living room.
Bright and Airy Traditional Living Room
But if you are looking for traditional living room designs that can offer some open and airy space, you may have to make some changes here and there. For a spacious look, get a coffee table that is comparatively smaller in size. Also, getting a glass tabletop with thin metallic legs will make the area even spacious. Even for the side tables too, you can make use of the same design. Also, in place of the accent chairs at the ends of the elongated sofa, make use of small wing chairs to make the area more open up.
Make use of smaller portraits and small accessories in place of the huge items. Replace the candle stands with small brass sculptures on the table. The use of live plants at the corners will also make the area look fresh and quite breathable.

Symmetrical Interior Design

If you wish to keep it simple and yet wish to offer a traditional touch, one of the best ways is to get a symmetrical interior design. This is one of the best ideas for a traditional living room if you have a small space or if you wish to get the seating area at a special place such as by the fireplace.
Symmetrical Living Room Interior Design
Symmetrical design basically denotes a design that is arranged with proper balance. This may look dull to some people but they offer to make the area look quite spacious. The easiest way to get this design is by installing a small coffee table at the centre and then start designing around it. One thing that you need to understand here is that whatever you do should be in balance such as if you install a club chair at one side of the table, you have to install the exact replica of the chair at the same place at the other side of the table.
If you have a fireplace near which you are arranging the seating, you can also arrange things at the sides of the fireplace too. For example, you can arrange end tables with drawers of a similar pattern at the two ends of the fireplace. Similarly, you can install other items such as live plants on the tables, and others. To merge this state of balance, you can put up a portrait just above the fireplace.
Symmetrical Interior Look for Your Living Room
Usually, neutral shades suit the most in the case if you are offering the symmetrical interior look to a room. To complement the neutral shade, you can add up some metallic colours here and there such as the mirror edges. You can also make use of the wooden texture such as a wooden floor or the wooden table to introduce some texture to the place.

This Foyer Makes a Stellar First Impression

If you have a foyer, it will be a sin in the world of interior designing if you leave it undecorated. Even if the foyer is a small space, you can always introduce some stunning designs to offer it a glamorous look. While you are selecting the traditional living room furniture, you can always extend one of the chairs from the set for the foyer.
Stunning Designs for Foyer
But if you have got a spacious foyer, there are so many experiments that you can run here. You can get a POP false wall and then install a huge antique mirror on this wall. When you are trying to get a traditional design, the very first rule is to keep the colours of the wall subtle and neutral. Getting an off-white shade is the best thing in the case of a foyer. To fill in space, install a cabinet again of a subtle but different shade keeping the false wall as the background.
But while you are arranging everything in a neutral shade, this does not mean that you are not allowed to infuse colours in the area. You can always splash some colours here and there such as installing a small wing chair of a darker shade. Again set up a side table near the chair that can be of the same shade or texture as that of the cabinet. This side table can be a place to play with some more colours. You can place a vase in which you can put some flowers of bright colours such as yellow or pink.
Having a wooden flooring with a neutral shade rug on it is another great trick to invoke a sense of comfort in the people who ever enter this place.
So, here are some of the tricks and ideas that you can definitely make use of while offering a traditional touch to your home. It is quite obvious that when you think of revamping the look of your house, the living room is the very first area that you think about. The thought of how to decorate the living room may keep you puzzled in different designs. Try out the traditional designs in your living room and extend these designs in the other areas of your house too to offer a complete makeover of your interiors in a convenient way.
While you are refurbishing your living room, why should your dining or bedroom be an exception? Here are some quirky ideas to turn these spaces magical as well!
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Traditional Dining Room That Feels Modern

Do you want a dining room that is functional and has the characters of a traditional look? Yes, this is very much possible with some signature element incorporated. You can start by setting up a formal dining setup with a wooden round dining table matched up exquisitely with wooden chairs. You can cover the chairs with velvet covers or can have a plush seating cushion on them too. To give the table a fresh look, install a planter at the centre with either a bushy plant or flowers. To offer an even more traditional look, hang a chandelier just above the dining table.
Traditional Dining Room That Feels Modern
Now when the seating area is all set, it is time to look out for other elements in the room. If you have got storage areas anywhere in the room, it is better to have them in the same shade as that of the chairs and the table. You can install a few planters on these storage areas too. If you have got a spare wall that is wide enough, you can utilise this for a good portrait or art.
Additionally, getting a bar cart is another element that can offer a look of a traditional design to the room. Ideally, when you have wooden dining set up, try to get a wooden bar cart too, otherwise, a steel one can also work great in such a decor.

Beautiful White Bedroom with Walnut Furniture

The shade white absolutely makes a room look pious and relaxing. When you are looking for a traditional design to decorate your bedroom, white is the instant colour that will strike your mind. Maximum hotels still continue the traditional look when you check out the beds of their rooms. But just getting a white bed is not going to complete the look. Having a bed with a cushioned headboard is something that offers a luxurious as well as a comfortable approach. Install super fluffy pillows and blankets to complete the decor of the bed.
White Bedroom with Walnut Furniture
To offer a contrast to the white bedroom, installing walnut furniture such as side tables beside the beds can be a great addition. If there is space available in the room, installing a wardrobe or a cabinet of walnut wood is also a great idea. Decorate the side tables again with white options such as table lamps with white sheds.
Apart from the dark brown shade of the furniture, you can add up more colour to the bedroom by installing green plants in colourful vases on the tables and the cabinets. Combining one or two coloured pillows with white pillows, blankets, and sheets is another great trick to introduce some sudden colours to the entire white decor.
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