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by Sravani Padmanabhuni October 6, 2014 In Blog Home decoration ideas & Tips KITCHEN Uncategorized

Make the utility area more stylish and functional with these Utility room design ideas

Utility rooms serve a lot of importance. They provide a space for things that are not needed daily and thus such a room helps in the organization of things and helps in making your home more attractive.


This does not mean that the utility room has to be cluttered, devoid of any character and should just lay in one corner with no one to bother about it. You can add color, character and style to your utility area in different ways. Here are some laundry room organizing ideas:

Utility Room Plan:

The first thing that you should do is make a plan as to how you want the area to look. Remove things that are no longer in use. Make the area a functional one with things that are working, but never make it a dumping ground. Then arrange those things that you need.


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Color the walls:

Just because it is a utility space and no guests would wander into this place, does not mean that the walls have to boring. Brighten up the walls with generous use of colors. After all, when you are alone working in the area, these colors will definitely lift your spirits.


Use pastel colors on the walls and to give the area a fun look, you can even give a makeover to your fridge in some funky styles.

Another laundry room design ideas is to use a combination of two colors, such as yellow and purple, or pink and white or yellow and mustard color or red and black, etc. Color the wall with one color and use the other color for accessories such as hooks, baskets, shelves, etc.

You need not have wait for seasons think which color you should paint on. Create your own spring and winter in the utility area using suitable colors.


Adequate lighting is essential. It will be great if there is natural light in the area or else ensure that the area is well lit with the good and generous use of lights.


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Perk up the room with right accessories:

Stylish glass jars or small cute flower pots gives a dashing look to the whole area that the whole space looks inviting. You can hang towels with attractive utility area design to add a color and zing to the space. Laundry bins not only help in organizing things, they also look attractive and make the space look clean and clutter free.


Another idea is to get quirky and funky accessories such as unique shaped pegs and hooks to add a fun element to the space.