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We’ve all come across images and videos of homes on Instagram. From beautiful couches and sofa sets to plush rugs, outstanding pieces of art, elegant flooring, and statement furniture, every element of these homes is inspirational. Designing a home like this in real life might seem like a distant dream, but that’s far from the truth. It’s truly possible to create a home that’s opulent in every sense of the word and makes you want to spend endless hours relaxing in it or enjoying time with friends and family. In this guide, we take you through the most important things to keep in mind when designing an Insta-worthy home.  

Insta-worthy home 

Pain Point  

The homes that we see on Instagram often seem luxurious, opulent, and expensive to set up. This makes most homeowners wonder if it’s truly possible to design an Insta-worthy home in reality.   


It’s truly possible to design a home that emulates the qualities of the lavish homes we come across on Instagram. By paying close attention to every detail like the layout, colours, textures, furnishings, and materials, you too can design a home that’s Insta-worthy. Read on for some key tips that can help you turn your Insta dream into a reality.   

Define Your Style and Understand Your Preferences   

While there are several practical things you can do when designing an  Insta-worthy home, the first step is to understand your preferences in terms of style and decor. As an existing homeowner, you’d already have some idea of elements that you like or dislike, be they visual or functional. This can serve as a great foundation for you to understand your preferences to an extent.  

Next, do what everyone does – look for inspiration on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Going through multiple pictures and videos will give you a good idea of styles that speak to you or those that don’t resonate with your personal style.   

For example, you could have a strong preference for designs with clean, minimal lines. On the other hand, your preferences could be more European in their taste, with a few extravagant elements thrown in here and there. Creating your own gallery of inspiration can give you a good idea of where your tastes and preferences lie.   

Insta-worthy home by Bonito Designs

Your Furniture is the Protagonist in Your Story   

The key to setting a specific mood in any space is the furniture that’s used, making it the protagonist in this story. The style of furniture you choose (Colonial, contemporary, minimal, Scandinavian, etc.), and the materials used (wood, chrome, textile, suede, leather, etc.) all play a key role in setting the stage for your interiors.   

Once again, your choice of furniture will often depend on your preferences in terms of styles. For example, if you prefer a clean and minimal space, chances are you’ll gravitate more towards contemporary designs or even Scandinavian styles. On the other hand, if you prefer a more extravagant or maximalist style, you’ll probably fall in love with the options available in the colonial and art deco themes.   

The furniture you choose, however, is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s the furnishings, colours, textures, lighting, and hardware that add drama to your space and make it come to life. The next sections discuss each of these elements in more detail.   

Pay Close Attention to Lighting  

The key to making any home come to life, as you might even have seen on Instagram is lighting. One of the most popular trends on this platform, for example, is that of the big light vs small light. This trend highlights the playfulness and magic created by the use of smaller lights that are strategically placed to add a sense of depth and warmth to your home. This is in contrast to the use of a single, wall-mounted light, for example, that’s typically used to light up an entire space.   

Regardless of which approach you prefer, you must pay close attention to how the lighting you choose affects the mood of your space. The colour temperature of the lighting you choose, for instance, will vary from one room to another. Warm lighting (which typically falls below 3000K) is best suited for communal spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Warm lighting creates a space that’s inviting and calming, making it ideal for these spaces.   

Cooler lighting or those that are typically white (4000K or above) are best suited for spaces that are more functional, such as kitchens or even a study.   

Aside from the colour temperature, the kind of lighting fixtures used also play a key role in designing an Insta-worthy home. For instance, position a floor lamp or uplighter near a corner statement sofa in your living room, perfect for reading.

Similarly, a set of pendant lights suspended above your dining table can make the space seem a lot more intimate, dramatic, and inviting. Kitchens, on the other hand, are the ideal space to use LED strips that are used as part of a concealed lighting setup. This ensures even lighting across all your work surfaces and countertops while remaining out of sight.   

Bonito Designs Insta-worthy living room

Use Colours, Textures, and Furnishings to Add a Sense of Drama   

Furniture, lighting, colors, textures, and furnishings play a crucial role in designing an Insta-worthy home. The concept of colour psychology shows us that every colour has a different impact on our moods and emotions. Your feelings should drive the choices you make for every room in your home.

Living rooms, for example, must be warm and inviting. As a result, neutral or earthy colours like beiges, sage, greys, and browns make for ideal choices. On the flip side, you could even go for a theme that incorporates cooler colours like blues, greens, and whites.   

Your kitchen cabinet design, for example, must add an element of contrast between the cabinets and the countertop. For an ideal combination, choose a lighter, contrasting color for cabinets if your countertop is black granite, and vice versa.

Similarly, the textures and furnishings you incorporate can also make your space feel cosy and opulent. A plush rug, silk cushion covers, and a textured throw enhance your sofa set design, contributing to your home’s ambiance. 

Don’t forget mirrors—they magically reflect light and, in some cases, create the illusion of a larger space. Place a large mirror above your living room sofa for added drama, creating the perfect standout accessory.  

In Conclusion  

As you can see, it truly is possible to design an Insta-worthy home. Focus on furniture, lighting, colors, textures, and accessories can transform your home into a haven of luxury and opulence.  

If you’ve been dreaming of a home that never makes you want to leave, you must work with the best interior designers. At Bonito Designs, we make such dreams a reality every single day. Our experts create an Insta-worthy home by understanding your needs and tastes with precision. Reach out to us to find out how we can make this happen.