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byBonito Designs June 27, 2024 In BEDROOM Design Trends


There’s something undeniably charming about vintage bedroom decor. It evokes a sense of nostalgia, harking back to simpler times while adding timeless elegance to your personal space. Whether you’re enchanted by the art deco glamor of the 1920s or the bold patterns of the 1970s, retro design offers a unique way to express your personality and craft a stylish, inviting bedroom. In this blog, we’ll explore five vintage bedroom ideas that will transport you back to the golden years. 

Art Deco Elegance for bedroom interior design

Art Deco Elegance 

Step into the 1920s: 

The Art Deco movement of the 1920s epitomised glamour and sophistication. This style is characterized by bold geometric patterns, luxurious materials, and rich colors. An Art Deco bedroom can bring a sense of opulence and elegance to your home. 

Key Elements: 

  • Geometric Patterns: Use bold geometric shapes in wallpaper, bedding, and accessories to capture the essence of Art Deco design. 
  • Luxurious Materials: Incorporate materials like velvet, mirrored surfaces, and polished wood to add a touch of luxury. 
  • Rich Colors: Choose deep jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red to create a rich, inviting color palette. 

Example: Imagine a bedroom with a statement headboard upholstered in emerald green velvet, a mirrored dressing table with sleek, polished lines, and a chandelier that adds a touch of sparkle. Add geometric-patterned throw pillows and an art deco-inspired rug to complete the look. This combination of rich colors and luxurious materials will make you feel like you’ve stepped back into the roaring twenties. 

Mid-Century Modern bedroom interior design

Mid-Century Modern 

The 1950s Come Alive: 

Mid-century modern design, popularized in the 1950s and 1960s, is known for its clean lines, functional furniture, and organic shapes. This style is perfect for creating a bedroom that feels both retro and contemporary. 

Key Elements: 

  • Clean Lines: Opt for furniture with simple, straight lines and minimal ornamentation. 
  • Organic Shapes: Incorporate pieces with smooth, organic shapes, such as an egg chair or a kidney-shaped coffee table. 
  • Functional Furniture: Choose furniture that is both stylish and practical, with a focus on functionality. 

Example: A mid-century modern bedroom might feature a sleek platform bed with tapered legs, a pair of nightstands with clean lines, and a low-profile dresser. Add a sunburst mirror above the bed and a few abstract art prints on the walls. To finish the look, choose bedding in a neutral color palette with pops of mustard yellow or burnt orange. This blend of clean lines and organic shapes will give your bedroom a fresh, retro vibe. 

Bohemian bedroom interior design

Bohemian 1970s 

Embrace the Hippie Spirit: 

The 1970s were all about self-expression and individuality, and this is reflected in the eclectic, bohemian style of the era. A 1970s-inspired bedroom is cozy, colorful, and full of personality. 

Key Elements: 

  • Eclectic Decor: Mix and match different patterns, textures, and colors to create an eclectic, layered look. 
  • Natural Materials: Use materials like rattan, macramé, and wood to add a natural, earthy feel. 
  • Colorful Accents: Incorporate bold colors and vibrant patterns to bring energy and life to the room. 

Example: Picture a bedroom with a rattan bed frame, a macramé wall hanging, and a mix of colorful throw pillows and blankets. Add a shaggy rug in a vibrant color, a few houseplants, and a vintage record player for a touch of nostalgia. This combination of natural materials and bold colors will create a warm, inviting space that feels like a cozy retreat. 

Victorian Elegance in bedroom interior design

Victorian Elegance 

Timeless Sophistication: 

The Victorian era is known for its ornate, luxurious decor. A Victorian-inspired bedroom is elegant and sophisticated, with intricate details and rich fabrics. 

Key Elements: 

  • Ornate Furniture: Choose furniture with intricate carvings and rich finishes. 
  • Rich Fabrics: Use luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, and brocade to add texture and opulence. 
  • Intricate Details: Incorporate details like lace curtains, decorative moldings, and antique accessories. 

Example: Imagine a bedroom with a carved wooden bed frame, velvet drapes, and a silk bedspread. Add an antique vanity with a decorative mirror and a few Victorian-style lamps. To complete the look, choose a color palette of deep reds, golds, and purples. This combination of ornate furniture and rich fabrics will create a bedroom that feels both luxurious and timeless. 

Retro Pop Art in bedroom interior design

Retro Pop Art 

Bold and Playful: 

Inspired by the 1960s and 1970s, pop art is all about bold colors, graphic patterns, and playful decor. A pop art-inspired bedroom is fun, vibrant, and full of personality. 

Key Elements: 

  • Bold Colors: Use bright, bold colors like red, yellow, and blue to create a vibrant color palette. 
  • Graphic Patterns: Incorporate graphic patterns in wallpaper, bedding, and accessories. 
  • Playful Decor: Choose decor that is playful and whimsical, such as pop art prints, quirky sculptures, and retro accessories. 

Example: A pop art-inspired bedroom might feature a bright yellow accent wall, a bedspread with a bold graphic pattern, and a few pop art prints on the walls. Add a funky lamp, a retro clock, and a few colorful throw pillows to complete the look. This combination of bold colors and playful decor will create a bedroom that feels fun and energetic. 

Conclusion and Call to Action 

Transporting your bedroom back to the golden years with retro design is a wonderful way to create a space that is both stylish and nostalgic. Whether you prefer the glamour of the 1920s, the clean lines of the 1950s, the eclectic charm of the 1970s, the sophistication of the Victorian era, or the playful energy of pop art, there’s a vintage style to suit every taste. 

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