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byBonito Designs October 17, 2023 In Blog


Day 3 of navratri : red

On day 3 of Navratri, we dive into the passionate realms of red, the colour chosen to honour and worship Goddess Chandraghanta. Beyond its vibrant appearance, red embodies strength, passion, and a powerful energy that resonates through both spiritual and aesthetic realms. Today, let’s explore the world of red in Navratri and learn how to infuse this fiery hue into our homes with grace and style. 

Understanding the Energy of Red: 

Red, the chosen hue to honor Goddess Chandraghanta during Navratri, is more than just a colour; it’s a vibrant embodiment of potent energies and fervent emotions. Let’s unravel the profound essence of red, understanding the depth of its energy as we dive into the celebration of this passionate Navratri day. 

Strength and Courage: 

Red, in its deepest shades, mirrors the strength within. It symbolizes unwavering courage and resilience, encouraging us to confront challenges with a bold heart. Just as Goddess Chandraghanta exhibits unyielding bravery, red infuses us with the determination to face life’s trials with vigour. 

Love and Compassion: 

Red is also the colour of love and compassion. It signifies deep, unconditional affection and empathy. In the context of Navratri, this energy resonates with the Goddess’s love for her devotees. A home touched by red radiates warmth and understanding, fostering an atmosphere of love and unity among family members. 

Incorporating Red in Home Interiors: 

Bringing the energy of red into your home interiors can be a thrilling venture. Here are some creative ways to infuse this vibrant colour within your space:

1. Red Accents:

Understanding the Energy of Red

Start small with red accents like throw pillows, rugs, or curtains. These elements add pops of colour, instantly transforming neutral spaces into lively, energetic havens. Scatter red cushions on your sofas, drape vibrant red curtains against a light backdrop, or place a bold red rug in your living room for an instant visual impact.

2. Statement Furniture:

Statement Furniture

For a bolder approach, consider investing in red statement furniture. A red sofa, a vibrant armchair, or a chic red coffee table can become the focal point of your living area. These pieces not only add a dash of drama but also exude an air of confidence, making your space unforgettable and inviting.

3. Explore Your Art Side:

Explore Your Art Side

Introduce red through art. A good red painting on a neutral wall or a collection of red-themed artwork can infuse life into your home. Artistic expressions not only reflect your taste but also evoke emotions, and in the case of red, it’s bound to stir passion and energy.

4. Kitchen Accents:

Kitchen Accents

Incorporate red into your kitchen with accessories like red cookware, utensils, or even small appliances. These lively touches not only enhance functionality but also bring a burst of enthusiasm to your culinary space, making cooking and dining experiences more vibrant. 

How Can We Help? 

As we celebrate the vibrancy of red on this auspicious day of Navratri, let’s invite its strength and passion into our homes. By incorporating red accents, statement furniture, and artistic expressions, we not only honor Goddess Chandraghanta but also infuse our new home with bold energy and a touch of drama. Let red be more than just a color; let it be a symbol of your inner strength and zeal, shaping a home that resonates with life and vitality. 

At Bonito Designs, we understand the significance of colours in creating places, corners, and spots that resonate with your soul. Our expert designers weave the essence of Navratri’s vibrant colours into your home interiors, infusing every corner with divine energy. 

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Embrace the energy of Navratri, let your home breathe with the vibrant spirit of the season. Connect with Bonito Designs today and let’s paint your home with the colors of joy, strength, and passion!