22 Dec, 2013

10 Ways to Use a Wallpaper

Tired of looking at your same old bedroom years on years? Or, you may be one of those who frequently like to experiment with the bedroom design. Whatever your reasons, we have a fix or you. And it doesn’t get any simpler than this. We will talk about how to change the look of your […]

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20 Dec, 2013

Creative Headboard Bed Ideas for Kids Bedroom

  Headboards has got a rocket craze among us nowadays. Peep into this article to know how to select creative headboards for your kids. With some creative thoughts you can double the fun factor of bed room interiors besides adding a great dimension point. A headboard is a upright panel placed at the head of […]

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the foodie work from home personality
17 Dec, 2013

How to Keep the Kitchen Clean

Kitchen is a hot pot place where every one Eat.. Pray… Love..!! There is something very pure and spiritual about a clean and clutter free kitchen. Being in a clean kitchen inspires everyone to cook. A clean kitchen is a way to a healthy family. Source But do you think cleaning and maintaining a kitchen […]

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14 Dec, 2013

Living Room Color Schemes and Design Ideas

The living room forms the most important part of the house. It is where every family member gets to interact with each other often and at the same time it gives the first impression of one’s house to outsiders even if they are not taken to other rooms of the house. Thus, be it for […]

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11 Dec, 2013

Ways to Decorate Your Foyer

Who don’t want to imbibe some arts and crafts in their lovable home? Right from the foyer area to the balcony space everyone wants to make their home to have a unique look. In fact everyone of us try our best to make others greedy with our creative home designing. For those who want to […]

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10 Dec, 2013

Beautiful Home of Mr. Shreayas

Owning a beautiful home is everyone’s dream. And getting the interiors done for that home is nothing more like a living dream come true. This couple has met their dreams by having cute and elegant designs landed in their house. The entire house is designed in a minimalistic way without fading its natural beauty of […]

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24 Nov, 2013

Mr. Dsouza’s House at Salarpuria Greenage

A beautiful house is everyone’s dream. It becomes more important as this is the place where we come back and get energy to chase our dreams. If you look into this project we have done, may be you can come to conclusion that we are few among the best interior designers in Bangalore. Your need […]

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21 Nov, 2013

Mr. Amit Gupta’s 3bhk Apartment

The apartment at Salarpuria Greenage has been highly appraised by the peers of Mr. Amit Gupta. Hence here is a short account of what makes this 3BHK apartment so extra special for the couple and extra ordinary for their peers. Craze for the modern interior design is laddering up day by day. Keeping this in mind […]

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19 Nov, 2013

Mr. Ashwin’s Exotic Apartment at Hsr Layout

Home interior@Mr. Ashwin’s apartment is a masterpiece which has been designed incredibly. The couple living in the adobe have made it their heaven. Interiors design in each and every area of this house has been portrayed, keeping in mind the refined tastes of the inhabitants. The entry point is a passage which connects the living […]

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17 Nov, 2013

3bhk Apartment of Mr. Gupta at Salarpuria Sattva Greenage

Our unprecedented creation Salarpuria Sattva Greenage Apartment @ Bommanahalli was in Bangalore is considered as a paradise by Mr. and Mrs. Gupta. Their fondness for the apartment has incremented manifolds since they have made it as their adobe. Mr and Mrs. Gupta are very handy about their requirements. We are happy that they allowed us […]

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