20 Jan, 2014

Textured Laminates – Beautifying Spaces Naturally

Laminate floor covers are the best invention in flooring market. These covers can beautify any corner of house or offices. There are plenty of varieties of laminates available in market and one most appealing among them is textured laminates. Such laminates are ideal for those who want to have realistic appearance in their spaces. Textured […]

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Kitchen Quartz Countertops
17 Jan, 2014

The inside story of kitchen interiors – What are the factors to be considered

As the saying goes “Home is where the heart is”. Home is what we make of it. Kitchen is one small however the most important part of our house and it is very important to ensure that kitchen looks clean and dazzlingly because kitchen is what creates a brand image of our house to the […]

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16 Jan, 2014

Gorgeous Stained-glass Ideas for Your Home

There is something very vintage about a stain-glass. Maybe the idea comes from the fact that Stain-Glass is usually seen only in churches or old homes. Stain-Glass has been used in artistic expressions since the early 17th century. You can use this beautiful piece of adornment in your own house, no matter how small or […]

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Master bedroom Design
15 Jan, 2014

Everything About Sliding Wardrobes

In the last few years, the storage requirement of an average home has gone up by almost 100%, but the floor space of new homes has reduced significantly. This change has had a dramatic effect on the way we design our homes. Careful usages of previously overlooked spaces like the alcoves, under the stairs, sloped ceilings, […]

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Kitchen Design type
14 Jan, 2014

5 Different Types of Kitchen

A well designed kitchen is an everyday celebration and joyful meal on an occasion. Kitchen is considered to be the heart of home and a place to bring the family together. This is the place where people experience the feeling of joy, sorrow, entertainment and the essence of having a family. So while building a […]

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10 Jan, 2014

9 Ways to Design Your Home Office

Internet has bought a lot of change in the working mechanism. Working from home by sitting on a favorite couch or in a favorite corner is no more a dream for the right candidate. It is a fun and cool way to complete the tasks. It offers the comfort to work with your own timings […]

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6 Jan, 2014

Role of Mirrors in Enhancing Decor

Mirrors are the best way to reflect the beauty of a home Mirrors are the versatile decorative ailments that polish the look and feel of a room. Mirrors play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of a house. Mirrors of different sizes, shapes and designs are available in the market to cope up with […]

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3 Jan, 2014

Types of Laminates to Style Your Spaces

If you are planning to style up your house or office flooring with a material that is not only impressive in appearance but is also easy to clean and maintain then there is nothing equivalent to Laminates. With a stunning finish that can add great dimensions to your space and make it look elegant; the […]

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30 Dec, 2013

4 Fantastic Flooring Solutions

A floor is an extremely imperative aspect of a house. It not only adds to its décor but also provides it with defined personality. So, if you are renovating your old flooring or constructing a new one, you must make sure to install such flooring in your house that can provide balanced and appealing interior […]

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26 Dec, 2013

Importance of Right Color Selection

So you want to color your home and have all the right ideas inside of your head but don’t really know how it will look blown up on the walls? Or are you simply tired of mixing and matching colors and can’t find the right fit? Interior designers frequently use the color wheel trick to […]

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