20 Mar, 2014

Simple Toy Storage Solution Ideas for Kids

Managing Your Child’s Toys is Not a Child’s Play.. So you are finally moving into your dream house. Congratulations! You’ve dreamt of this day for years and it’s here, but as soon as start working on the house decor you realize that storage is nightmare here too. Source Decorating huge and fluffy toys is not […]

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16 Mar, 2014

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Decorating The Home Office

Home office – the term itself says it all. It should have the comfort factor of a home and the professionalism of an office. Too much of either factor shouldn’t be welcome. A modern home office should be a practical place and allow a person to do his or her work comfortably but with all […]

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15 Mar, 2014

Importance of Shoe Cabinets

As is rightly said by someone, ‘Cleanliness is not a habit, but a nature.’ And, home is the reflection of our being, for which we, ourselves need to take care. It’s easy to manage the knick-knacks of our house by following a day-to-day routine and the use of some basic things we are able to […]

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13 Mar, 2014

Various Types of Hinges and Where to Use Them?

Let’s hinge them together! What do we mean when we use this phrase? We may say, human body comprises of hinges in the form of body Joints! Hinge is an external joint which holds two elements or facades together, permitting limited rotational movement. In Interior Design when joined by a typical hinge, the objects rotate […]

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11 Mar, 2014

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles: Handy tips and tricks to choose and maintain them By making the right choices, and adopting the accurate techniques of maintenance, you can make your bathroom tiles stay attractive forever. Did you ever see a tiled bathroom design in a magazine and say “Wow! This is what I want when I refashion my […]

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7 Mar, 2014

Picking Proper Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom floors, think over the right materials before picking them Vintage, hardwood, or plain mosaic, think through before choosing your bathroom floors. It is a place in your home you want to feel relaxed and calm. It shouldn’t be intimidation, that the heavy bucks you spent were just not right!!! The step into your own […]

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4 Mar, 2014

How the Wooden Flooring Is Done?

Let’s make wooden floors…! Why wooden, because of the wonderful properties of wood as a building material. Using wood for interiors bring you closer to nature and creates a warm, comfortable environment. These days when the temperatures are dropping drastically in continents far and near, wood becomes an ideal choice as a mode of construction. […]

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28 Feb, 2014

Particle Board/Mdf/Plywood

Any thoughts on revamping or redecorating a house means either to replace or remake furniture. Other accessories such as upholstery, curtains, decorative items, wall papers etc. only get a secondary consideration. Furniture today, come in all shapes and innovative designs. Earlier, hard wood was the only option to make furniture but today technology has brought […]

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26 Feb, 2014

2BHK Flat of Mrs. Bhavana at Parimala Trinity

A house becomes a home when you decorate it ornately with love and care and your aspirations reflect on its interiors as well. Mrs.Bhavana’s new abode in Bangalore’s Parimala Trinity reflects her liking for simple, and dainty interiors. She was in hunt of interior designers in Bangalore, and approached usBonito Designs to decorate her house. […]

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26 Feb, 2014

Dream House of Mr. Amit Gupta

One glimpse at any home gives an impression about its owner’s lifestyle, taste and aspirations. Avisit to Mr Amit Gupta’s newly done up house at Bangalore’s Salarpuria Greenage showcases his fondness for classy yet cozy lifestyle. He gave a free hand to interior designers in Bangalore based Bonito Designs and the team sure did come […]

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