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by Sravani Padmanabhuni March 25, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog KITCHEN Uncategorized

Do you love baking Cinnamon rolls on your own in your favourite oven? But, knowing the recipe is not enough, you need to place your oven in a safe and exact place that suit your needs to have a safe baking..!!

An oven has become an indispensable part of a kitchen world over. It is convenient to use and cooks food instantly, thus saving time and energy. As a majority of women are working full time, the oven comes to their rescue for cooking and heating food or baking (if you consider those kitchens where only women cook :P . ;) .

They can save much of their time; otherwise spent in cooking. Thus oven is a cook’s best friend, this can be said safely. Hence proved :)

Buying an oven is no big deal since the market is flooded with so many options that range in size and utility. It can be said that today ovens come in all prices and that will fit any pockets.

The problem crops up when the issue of finding a proper place in kitchen to place the oven comes up. Some will ask, ‘why is it a big deal?’ and that oven can be placed anywhere.

Just find a corner and dump it, this would be their version. But, beware because that should not be the idea. There should be a specific place for oven in kitchen and the place should be planned well in advance and the kitchen should be designed or made thus.

A good and ideal kitchen interiors is that which will have its own designated place for various appliances like refrigerator, oven, toaster, grinder, and so on.

Here comes two twisting factors while your mind pops up with this question – Best places for oven in kitchen? 

Two twisting factors:

Always remember these two terms – safety and convenience – while thinking of a place to keep the oven in the kitchen. 

These two factors are of prime importance because

  • One, since the oven is an electrically operated device, it is important to consider the safety factors and
  • Second, oven being a device that is used almost daily, there should be a convenient place to use it.

Finding a proper place for oven in the kitchen

Though a corner place is ideal for the oven, just ensure that the corner is visible from any corner of the kitchen. Accessibility and visibility are the key terms to focus on when thinking of the ideal place to keep the oven.

Size of the oven a prime factor in deciding its placement:

Since ovens come in different sizes from small to large, it is the size that is the deciding factor in the choice of the oven in kitchen. If you have an already made kitchen, and there is a specified place in it for the oven, then take the measurement of the shelf and buy an oven accordingly.

Measure the length and width of the oven first and see if it fits into the space you have. Or else you will have to do with some other space. That is why it is important to sit and analyze these cases before thinking of placing an oven in the kitchen.

Let us take a look at some of the best places to place oven in kitchen safely and conveniently.

The counter or the platform area:

On the counter:

Small sized microwave can easily be placed in a corner on the counter or the kitchen platform.

Never place the oven near the sink or gas stove but look for an ideal corner that might be near to the refrigerator since it is good for convenience.

In some kitchens, the wirings are done in a particular way that the electric plugs can be installed only on one side of the wall.In such a case, there is not much choice for the home owners but if the wires can be extended and concealed thereafter, then the person can have choices in placing the oven on the counter.

Below the counter:

The oven can be placed in the shelf below the counter. It is usual design seen in most kitchens today where there are shelves below the counter and a counter can be made especially for the oven.

The shelf should be designed as per the size of the oven though. Also these spaces might be like drawers, so there is enough space saving and for aesthetic purposes too, this design works well.

Wall –another ideal place for ovens:

If your kitchen is already built, and it is then you have decided to buy the oven, then walls can be the best option to place ovens. Just ensure that a good on-the-wall-shelf is custom made for the oven. If this place is near the refrigerator, all the more welcome.

Near or over the refrigerator:

If the place is near the refrigerator, as mentioned earlier, is good for convenience.

The place over the refrigerator is something which some prefer and some do not.


But, if your mind is lingering around this idea of placing oven over refrigerator, then make sure that you have a small fridge, or the height of the oven is very handy for you else you can’t enjoy your baking.!

It is up to you as to what your convenient factor is.!

At an approximate place from the dining table:

If the kitchen has a dining table in itself, then the oven can be placed on a shelf from some space away from the dining table and near the refrigerator. Thus the kids can be served directly from the oven to their plate, hot food or snacks.

Some notes to take care of – Guidelines to place oven in kitchen

No matter where you keep the oven, take care of some precautions.

There should be a convenient table space near the oven so that the cook can place the hot utensil somewhere as soon as it removed from the oven. Accidents can happen if the person takes time to locate a place to keep the hot plate.

What if a child or someone else barges into the kitchen and dashes against the person?

Aesthetics are important but more important are safety guidelines.”

Never keep the oven behind a door and never should the oven open towards door.

These are some points to consider and there will be more such places that can be avoided. Keeping this guideline in mind, look for convenient but safe places to keep the oven.

Another important point to note is to keep the oven far from the reach of the children, if possible.

A shelf at a certain height or a concealed shelf can do the work here. If that is not possible, then explain to children that oven should not be touched or opened or worked, if there are no adults at the home.

Hope this blog guide you well to make a decision in placing a oven in your kitchen..!! If you know few more creative and useful places, do comment below :)