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by Sanchari B October 30, 2015 In 3BHK Home Designs | 3BHK Flat Designs Blog Uncategorized

A spacious 3 BHK measuring 1950 sq.ft was recently converted into a beautiful home by Bonito Designs. Although the space was just the right size, there were certain challenges that we faced. Mr. and Mrs. Singh were very keen on preserving some of their old things and then including them into this newly designed flat at Hennur Bade.

Moreover, their son, who lives in Mumbai with his wife, often had suggestions according to which the designs had to be changed. So our long distance communication skills were put to test as well. But as always, Bonito Designs passed the bar in full glory and brought happy smiles to its customers once again.

Bonito’s living room interiors

The open living room is unique in the sense that we haven’t provided any TV cabinet in it. Surprised? Well, we believe in following every requirement of our clients to the last detail. And the Singh’s did not require a TV unit in the living room. But keeping in mind the future requirements, we have kept a provision for the TV unit on the wall which is bordered by our signature style ledges on one side and pigeon holes on the other.
Living room interiors wall design
And the whole combination is set against a sophisticated textured wallpaper that adds elegance to the room. The rafters that run on the top are fitted with spotlights that light up the textured wall to create a magical impact. On the other side of the living room, we have also placed a partition with rafters on the top and bottom part and fused glass in the center.

Interiors in apartment modular kitchen

The kitchen is U-shaped with a tall cabinet on one side. We have also installed magic corners in the bottom storages in order to optimize the usage of storage space. We have also put in the usual cutlery unit, bottle pull-out and of course, tandem boxes. And you know the best part?
We have also provided a breakfast counter inside the kitchen space that has storage on one side. Mr. Singh loved the idea. In fact, in the feedback session, the Singh family confessed that they liked the kitchen interiors the most.

Master bedroom Interiors

The master bedroom has a warm and cozy look. The king size storage bed looks all the more amazing because of the leather work back rest which gives a touch of opulence to the overall interiors of this particular room.
Master bedroom headboard design
There are two cute little side stands as well that act both as bedside tables and mini storage units. Here too, we have used an elegant, textured wallpaper that gets beautifully highlighted by the spotlights attached to the rafters.
The four door slider wardrobe stands tall on one side of the room and is covered by a combination of textured laminate and a very unusual copper coloured laminate that makes it look all the more regal.
This wardrobe can be opened easily with the help of bronze concealed handles.
The TV unit is a concealed one as well hidden behind one of the doors of the wardrobe. This makes the room look less crowded despite the installation of a TV unit within this limited space.
Right beside the TV unit is a full length mirror attached to the last door of the slider wardrobe. But we have extended the features of the dresser to the immediately adjacent wall where there are small wall mount storage units for storing cosmetics alongside with the open storages meant for displaying artefacts.

Kids bedroom interiors

The other bedroom is provided with a queen sized cot that has storage facility underneath and two side stands on either side. The headboard of the cot has been given the look of a photo-frame holder where you can hang paintings of your choice. The dresser of this room is a simple one with storage space at the bottom.

Interiors in Guest bedroom

In the guest bedroom we have converted a niche into a beautiful wardrobe. On the shutter of the wardrobe we have installed a mirror. Right above the wardrobe is the loft beneath which we have attached spotlights to add a little glamour to the bedroom interiors.
Needless to say, Mrs. Singh and her family were quite satisfied with our work. And we, the Bonito family thank them for being such an awesome customer who came all prepared with their requirements.

They were very specific about what they wanted which helped our designer visualize the design better. Of course there came some hurdles on the way. But we are proud to say that we overcame them with our tireless effort and dedication.

While handing over the site to the client, Mr. Singh told us that what he liked best about Bonito Designs is our ability to handle the situation irrespective of hindrances.

What a compliment!

If you have a house that needs some grooming as well, call us, email us, text us. We, Bonito Designs will always be ready with a response.