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byBonito Designs September 5, 2023 In Blog


Minimalism offers a brilliant solution, allowing us to design serene, clutter-free spaces that maximise functionality without compromising on style. By embracing minimalistic principles, you can transform your compact house into a sanctuary of simplicity and elegance. 

In this blog post, we will explore the art of Minimalistic design for compact houses. From understanding the core tenets of minimalism to incorporating its elements into different rooms, we’ll delve into the beauty of this style. Let’s embark on a minimalist journey that will revolutionise your compact living space. 

Understanding Minimalistic Design: 

Minimalistic Design

Minimalism, as a design philosophy, celebrates simplicity and minimal ornamentation. It centres around the idea of “less is more,” focusing on essential elements and clean lines to create a harmonious and uncluttered environment. 

Key Principles: 

Minimalistic interior Design

Simplicity: At the heart of minimalism lies simplicity. Each design element should serve a purpose and contribute to the overall functionality of the space. 

De-cluttered Spaces:

Minimalistic design insists on de-cluttering your surroundings. Removing unnecessary items brings a sense of calm and clarity to the space. 

Neutral Colour Palette:

A neutral colour scheme forms the foundation of minimalistic design. Whites, Grays, earthy tones, and pastels help create an open and airy ambience. 

Neutral Colour Palette

Spatial Awareness:

Embrace negative space to allow the room to breathe. It creates a feeling of openness and enhances the impact of key design elements. 

Quality over Quantity:

Invest in high-quality, durable pieces that stand the test of time, rather than accumulating multiple low-quality items. 


Characteristics of Minimalistic interior designs

Clean Lines and Shapes:

Minimalistic spaces feature clean, straight lines and geometric shapes, contributing to a sense of order and sophistication. 

Limited Decor:

Minimalism avoids excessive ornamentation. Instead, carefully chosen decor pieces, such as a statement artwork or a minimalist sculpture, add subtle elegance. 

Functional Furniture:

Choose furniture with a purpose. Opt for multi functional pieces that save space while providing practicality and comfort. 

Where does Urban Minimalist Interior Draw Influences From?:  

Japanese Zen Aesthetics: 

Minimalism draws inspiration from Japanese Zen philosophy, emphasising simplicity, tranquillity, and the beauty of imperfection. 

Bauhaus Movement: 

The Bauhaus movement’s focus on form follows function aligns with minimalism’s emphasis on functionality and purpose. 

Scandinavian Design: 

Scandinavian design’s love for clean lines, light colours, and functionality has greatly influenced modern minimalistic style. 

Incorporating Minimalistic Design in Compact Houses: 

Living Room: 

Minimalistic Design in living room

Begin with a neutral colour palette for walls and flooring. Choose a streamlined sofa with clean lines and complement it with a simple coffee table. Add a cozy throw and cushions for comfort, keeping decor minimal and purposeful. 


Bedroom - Minimalistic design style

Create a serene atmosphere with a neutral or pastel colour scheme. Opt for a platform bed with built-in storage to save space. Keep bedside tables clutter-free and invest in blackout curtains for a peaceful sleep environment. 


minimalist kitchen design

Select sleek, handle-less cabinets to maintain a clean look. Incorporate open shelving to display essential items and reduce visual clutter. Add pendant lighting for a touch of elegance. 

Home Office: 

A compact desk with built-in storage is perfect for a minimalist home office. Invest in an ergonomic chair for comfort during long working hours. Utilise wall-mounted shelves and organisers to keep the space tidy. 


Minimalism offers a trans formative approach to designing compact houses, allowing you to create spaces that exude simplicity and functionality. By adhering to the core principles of minimalistic design and drawing inspiration from its influences, you can achieve an uncluttered, harmonious living space that enhances your daily life. 

Embrace minimalism as a way of living and discover the immense beauty of simplicity within your compact house, only with Bonito Designs, India’s no.1 full home interior service. The journey towards a more serene and mindful living environment begins with a minimalist mindset.