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byBonito Designs February 10, 2024 In Interior Design


For years, the walk-in wardrobe has only been associated with the rich and wealthy. In recent years, however, it’s become increasingly common across everyday homes, as more and more people realise its benefits. Beyond offering a functional space for all your clothing, shoes, and accessories, a good walk-in wardrobe design can elevate your life in more ways than one.  

walk-in wardrobe design by bonito designs 

For starters, it adds a touch of luxury to your daily routine, especially since you’re no longer restricted to storing your clothes in a standalone wardrobe. Additionally, it also offers you plenty of space to store your clothes and any other things you might have lying around in your house.   

If you’re looking to design your dream home and have decided to incorporate a walk-in wardrobe, this guide is for you. We take you through some of the best ways in which you can master your luxury walk-in wardrobe design to maximise style and efficiency.   

Pain Point  

While wanting to incorporate a walk-in wardrobe in your home is one thing, knowing how to design it in a manner that looks opulent, but also offers practical storage options to maximise space is another.   


The solution involves considering the amount of clothes and accessories you have now, along with how much you intend to have over the years based on an increase in your disposable income. After all, your home must serve you for years, so planning is key.   

Next, you must work with an experienced interior designer when designing your home’s interiors. Their expertise and knowledge of the latest trends and solutions can help create a space that perfectly optimises space and looks luxurious.  

Now, let’s look at some of the best ways you can master your walk-in wardrobe’s design.

Design a Layout Based on Your Needs   

Design a Layout Based on Your Needs   

The first step is to take all your clothes, shoes, and other accessories into account. This step is crucial, as it gives you an idea of how much space you need to create with your walk-in wardrobe design, and what sort of storage you need.   

For instance, if you own a lot of suits or dresses, chances are you’ll need ample space to hang your clothes, alongside other shelves and drawers. This requirement will influence your shelving design.   

Similarly, if you want dedicated drawers for accessories like ties, belts, watches, and so on, these will also have to be carefully integrated. These considerations become even more pronounced if you’re limited to a small walk-in wardrobe due to a general lack of space. This is where the expertise of an interior designer can come in handy, as they can offer you the best solutions to optimise storage in smaller spaces.  

Divide Spaces for Each User   

Divide Spaces for Each User   

If you’re not the only one who’d be using your walk-in wardrobe, you’ll have to design it in a manner that segregates spaces for other users as well. The benefit of doing this is that it offers you and your partner, for example, dedicated spaces to organise your clothes and other essentials.  

This makes accessing them easier whenever you need them, rather than having to deal with piles of mixed-up clothes inside a smaller, standalone wardrobe. 

Additionally, it also adds a sense of opulence to your wardrobe space as your clothes remain neatly organised, and each user is incentivised to maintain their side of the wardrobe well. 

Install an Island in a Large Walk-in Wardrobe   

Install an Island in a Large Walk-in Wardrobe   

If you’ve got the space to do so, you must consider installing an island in the middle of your closet space. Doing so offers plenty of logistical benefits, while significantly making your wardrobe space seem a lot more opulent.   

In terms of practicality, an island offers you the added room to include drawers for all your accessories, and even include shelving for your shoes. Additionally, it also negates the need to have a dressing table in your bedroom as the top of the island can double up as one.  

Last but not least, it can also serve as a great space for you to organise and sort through all your laundry, so your bedroom decor remains undisturbed.   

Use Bins and Baskets to Organise Storage   

Use Bins and Baskets to Organise Storage   

If you’ve ever come across images of luxurious walk-in wardrobes on Pinterest, one trend you’ll notice in common among most is the use of beautiful baskets to organise storage. The quintessential jute basket can be a great addition to your wardrobe, as it helps store clothing or other essentials while elevating the space’s visual appeal.   

These can come in handy for clothes that you don’t necessarily need to hang but still need to organise. It also helps keep items of the same kind in one space, making them easy to access if you’re ever in a hurry. This benefit of seamless access is one of the many aspects that add to the luxury quotient of your full home interiors.   

Aside from using bins or baskets, you can also use labels to mark each section based on what it stores. This adds to your wardrobe’s convenience, making it easy for you to locate certain items or pieces of clothing when you need them.   

Put Your Accessories Out on Display

Put Your Accessories Out on Display   

One of the best walk-in wardrobe ideas to make your space look luxurious is to put some of your accessories out on display. So, for example, if you have a collection of sunglasses or watches, you can include glass drawers or cabinets to give them pride of place in your wardrobe.   

Similarly, you can do the same for your shoes by taking them off the ground and designing a vertical cabinet to store them. You can even add integrated lighting using LED strips to add to the drama and turn the spotlight on your accessories. 

Integrate Warm, Good Quality Lighting

Integrate Warm, Good Quality Lighting   

Last but not least, the key to a luxurious walk-in wardrobe for your bedroom is to integrate good-quality lighting across the entire space. As mentioned in the previous section, spaces that display your accessories can be back lit to highlight the products you’re most proud of.   

However, don’t restrict the lighting to just the accessories you want on display. Illuminate each section of your walk-in wardrobe to ensure it lights up across the board.

For an added sense of luxury, you can even install smart lighting solutions that turn on when you open a particular door and turn off when you close it. This can help optimise your usage of electricity, ensuring there’s no wastage when a certain part of your wardrobe isn’t in use.   

In Conclusion   

Designing a luxury walk-in wardrobe for your space can truly help make it opulent and free up space in your bedroom as well. With dedicated sections for all your clothes and accessories, a well-designed walk-in wardrobe incorporates the perfect blend of visual appeal and practicality. 

However, designing the perfect walk-in wardrobe for small rooms requires the experience of a skilled interior designer. Bonito Designs has over 300 experienced interior designers who can turn your dream walk-in wardrobe into a reality. Reach out to us to find out how you can turn your brand-new home into a haven of luxury and comfort.